How to Reset ABS Light on Dodge Grand Caravan?

If you need to reset the ABS light on your Dodge Grand Caravan, you will need all the help you can have. Luckily, we have brought you a complete guide on how to reset the ABS lights correctly.

Also, you need to know how to recognize when the system is failing.  That way, you can decide to reset it by yourself. 

What Does ABS Mean And How Does It Work?

ABS means Anti-lock Brake Skid, and it is a safety control system. Many refer to ABS as the anti-lock braking system and the lights turn on whenever there is an issue with the system.

This can let drivers know that the system has been disabled, so it’s basically a warning for car owners. The ABS can maintain the directional stability of the car in case of extreme braking scenarios.

Also, it helps control the vehicle in these situations. Commonly we see that in racing, drivers tend to lose control of their cars due to late-breaking, causing the brakes to get locked up, meaning they won’t be able to move the car in a different direction to prevent from crashing.

To put it differently, when tires start to skid, they end up losing traction, and this will result in the car losing the sense of direction. The vehicle will go in any direction it wants. Generally speaking, they end up turning 90 degrees.

The Importance Of Having ABS

A vehicle with ABS will have at least 18% less chance of an accident. By metering the brake pressure, you can control the rotational speed of each wheel. The rotational speed of the wheels is controlled and monitored by wheel speed sensors.

Each sensor is located near the wheel, and the computer signals the valve to drop the brake’s pressure if it detects that the rotational speed of one or a few wheels is inferior to the others.

Thanks to the computer, the pressure to allow the wheels to start rolling is maintained. Whenever you see the warning light, it will mean that the system is experiencing an issue.

A fault code can occur, and then the code is stored in the system’s memory. Once the problem is fixed, the light will turn off. 

Ways To Reset The ABS Lights

Follow the steps you will find below to reset ABS lights on a Dodge Grand Caravan:

  1. Start the car and put your foot on the brake.
  2. Don’t move your foot.
  3. Back the van up turning the steering wheel all the way to the right.
  4. Put the car in drive while your foot is still on the brake.
  5. Pull forward while you straighten the wheel. Ease up on the brake so that the car can pull forward.
  6. Take your foot off the brake once the car is in a straight position.
  7. If needed, repeat the steps in the parking area of your car.

Keep in mind that these steps will work if no codes were set.

Is It Safe To Drive With The Abs Lights On?

Many people wonder if it’s safe to drive with the ABS lights on. The answer is yes. However, you shouldn’t push your Dodge Grand Caravan to its limits while driving. Also, never drive while it’s raining or snowing because the chances of the tires skidding will be higher.

It’s better to drive with no faults in the system.  

Common reasons why the ABS lights fail

1. Failing wheel speed sensor

These lights rely on the information provided by the wheel speed sensors, which are placed inside each wheel’s hub. When the ABS receives the information that one wheel is moving slower than the rest, the system will release brake fluid pressure, and the wheels will start moving again.

If the wheel speed sensor is not working, or if the wiring is damaged, the ABS will not receive the wheel speed information that it needs.

2. Unresponsive hydraulic pump

When a wheel speed sensor alerts the ABS lights that the wheels are not synchronized when it comes to speed, a hydraulic valve is responsible for increasing or releasing the brake fluid to prevent the wheels from losing traction.

Like every pump or valve, the ones connected to the ABS can stop functioning. This may be due to dirty internal wear.

3. Low fluid levels

ABS lights rely heavily on fluid to help regulate pressure. If the fluid reservoir it’s not appropriate, or if there is too much air in the system, the ABS lights won’t be able to do their job.

When To Call A Professional?

Not everyone is willing to follow the steps to reset ABS lights on a Dodge Grand Caravan. Because of this, you will need professional assistance. A top-rated mobile mechanic can always come to your house or office to determine the source of the ABS issue, and they will perform a detailed inspection.

These professionals will have a scan tool, which allows them to search for the real issue within the ABS module. Also, the mechanics will check the ABS fuse, to then examine the entire ABS system for other problems.

Besides, the cost for a Dodge Grand Caravan ABS light inspection won’t be a shock. You won’t have to pay more than $100. Although, the prices may vary depending on where you are located.

Final Thoughts On ABS Lights

Anyone who has been working with cars or simply owns one is going to be able to notice one common aspect. Almost anything can be considered as something else.

An 18% of extra safety is no joke. ABS lights are necessary for driving safer, so if you have a Dodge Grand Caravan and the ABS system is failing, we suggest that you follow the steps we brought for you, or call a professional.

Something so small as the ABS light can save your life. It won’t take you too much time to reset the lights. Get it checked as soon as possible if you notice the light turning on.

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