Why Your Dodge Ram 1500 Won’t Start & How To Fix It

If your dodge RAM 1500 does not want to be driven, then it won’t start. But why would a vehicle not start? Is there a problem with the battery or the injector?  

In a vehicle there are so many small and large components and any of these may malfunction and stop the car. 

When A Car Does Not Start The First Though Is About The Dead Battery

When your car does not start what do you think at first? Most people assume that the battery is dead and the expense of towing and repairs.

Modern cars come with sophisticated systems and intelligent signals and panels that can immediately point us to the problem in the car.

Now if your Dodge RAM 1500 stalls or doesn’t start then check the dashboard if there is any signal flashing for an engine issue or battery or oil etc. 

Another Important Aspect Is The Sound From The Vehicle

The car will stop with clicking sounds or without any sound. If the clicks are rapid and repetitive then something may be wrong with the battery or its connections. The terminals may have become rusty and the connections shaky. The battery may have lost charge. The alternator may be damaged. 

These are some of the common battery issues that are indicated by repeated clicking sounds. But if there is a single click and the car does not start then it indicates an issue with the starter motor.  

1. Rapid clicking sounds from the car

You must be attuned to the car sounds after a long time. Any unusual sounds coming from the car should attract your attention immediately. When you can discern rapid sounds then it could be one of the following reasons for the car not to start.

2. Electrical system malfunction

The cars have an electrical system powered by a battery. The starter needs more charge, in the beginning, to start off the engine. It may not trigger if the power is inadequate. 

3. Loss of power in Battery

If the headlights or other lights remain on due to some mistake or malfunction. Then they will drain off the battery overnight or even in a few hours. The lights will be off soon, and you will realize only when you cannot start the engine next time. 

You must charge the car battery using another charged battery from another car and connect using jumper cables. 

4. Battery connectivity issues

Corrosion and rust on the terminals may cause connectivity issues. You may find that one or more wires have become disconnected from the battery due to corrosion on bumpy rides. Loose screws may also lead to connectivity issues. 

Clean up the corrosion and retighten the loose screws. Check every terminal and cable individually and tighten them to ensure connectivity. This situation can be prevented by regular servicing of the car when they check each part for corrosion and lose wires. Even a small rusty patch may grow and corrode more parts inside the car. 

5. Battery damage

It doesn’t happen often, but the battery may be damaged and discharged beyond salvation. It will stop charging after its life is over and this may happen after three years or five years, depending on the miles on the car.

You may find that even in the best car models the batteries do need to be replaced after a few years. Go to the nearest service station and ask them to change the battery. 

6. Alternator needs to be investigated

If the battery is working and the car does not start even after checking all the components, then it could be some issue with the alternator. The alternator in the car mechanism keeps recharging the car battery.

Every time a car starts then it absorbs a lot of power from the battery.  The car may not start because the alternator is not supplying enough energy while starting the car.

Try to use another battery or jumpstart your car. If it starts but stops immediately then it’s obviously a problem with the alternator. You can repair the alternator yourself or get a mechanic to repair it. Repair the alternator and reinstall it and reconnect all the wires

7. Single Clicking Sound

If your car Dodge RAM1500 stops and doesn’t restart but you do not hear any rapid clicking sounds, then it could also be a non-electrical issue. Then it could be that the car starter relay or the starter is damaged.

A starter relay is a tool in the engine which supplies power to the car’s starter. The starter relay makes a loud single-clicking sound when it supplies power to the car’s starter. You might have heard the sound when you turn on the ignition key or use a button to start the engine. 

The problem with the starter or starter relay can be identified if the battery is charged and you see the headlights working. When the starter relay connects to the starter motor then only the wheels and the engine will run in a car.

The starter may last between a few thousand miles to even up to a few lakh miles, but uneven roads and poor maintenance can reduce its lifespan.

You will have two choices. You can either repair the starter motor or replace the entire system; this will depend on the status of the starter motor and the damage it shows.

You may have to arrange for a starter and the connecting bushes, screws, and the lubricant, and fix all the new parts to make it work smoothly. 

Some other reasons for the engine not starting.

  • The alternator may be broken
  • The fuel pump is damaged or not supplying fuel to the engine
  • The electrical connectivity e in the car is damaged
  • The coils meant for ignition are damaged. 


Now we know some of the reasons that stop your Dodge Ram 1500 from starting. You can make out the reason by listening to the sounds made by the car very carefully.

Whether it is a single click or Rapid clicking sounds, it will help you understand the reason. you can repair or replace the damaged parts and the car will be driving smoothly again. 

Liam Dare

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