LS vs LT engine- What Would Be Better For Your Car?

LS and LT are two different versions of the engines Commonly used in vehicles. The technical jargon may confuse people about the LT and LS engines.

The specifications of these engines make them appropriate for different functions.  Let’s get to know the key differences between the two.

LS Engine

LS Engine Has Some Good Features

  1. The LS engines have simple features and have been used for decades now. 
  2. These can be easily modified, and hence many people like the LS engines so that they can add more features. 
  3. It is a very reliable engine and has been around for a long time, and mechanics vouch for its durability. 
  4. The LS engine has been around for more than two decades, and now mechanics and experts know the engine in and out. This makes it easy for modification as well as for repairing purposes. 
  5. BLS engines are inexpensive, and people prefer to buy them because they can be modified. Some people do not mind even a second-hand engine as it is still good value for money. 

Cons of an LS engine

  1. The biggest problem with LS engines is that companies are not modifying this model anymore. So, what you get now is the same old model, and if you want to change or modify it, you must do it yourself.
  2. Companies are also not manufacturing new components compatible with the LS engine, and the models of compatible superchargers are very few.
  3. With most new-generation vehicles in engines moving on to newer versions of engines, it may be possible that sooner or later, you will find it difficult to find components compatible with the LS engines. 

LT Engine

Pros of an LT engine:

  1.  The LT engine is more powerful and has a better crankshaft and rod. It has a hypereutectic piston that helps it last longer than the previous engine models. 
  2.  Though people vouch for the strength of the LS engine and rave about it working efficiently at 800 HP, the LT engine can even work efficiently at 1000 HP without any major issues.
  3. The new models of these engines are designed so that they have variable timing for valve movement. This helps the engine to maintain torque and produce more power. 
  4. The new LT engines are more suitable for conserving fuel, leading to better mileage. 
  5. The latest generation engine has a direct fuel injection technology leading to more power while saving fuel.
  6.  With the increasing popularity of LT engines now, aftermarket support and compatible components are also easily available.

Cons of LT engines:

  1. The LT engine uses the latest technology, but it is more complex for most people to understand. People and mechanics who are modifying or working on this engine find it difficult to work with the fuel injection system, spray and pulse operations, etc. This may lead to some spring or farewell collection near the piston or the injector system, and the intake and exhaust valves may leak it to other areas. 
  2. The talk management operating system of the LT engines is very complex. Most people and even experienced mechanics trying to modify the LT engine after installing them in their vehicles find it more difficult than the previous LS engine models. Before installing the LT engine, they must have the right tuner and system in mind.
  3. Another Complex issue is that LT engines are compatible with hydraulic power steering. The LT does not have a power steering pump, and you need to find a proper solution to retain power steering.
  4. Lastly, the most common problem that most people are trying to modify their car with an LT engine is that they do not have many components to mount with this system, for example, the kits or the engine mounts. According to the model, people are known to use fabrication to create the swap headers for a place to mount the engine. 

LT vs LS Engine

We can see that the new and the latest models of LT engines offer more power to the car. If we compare the HP that these two engines can handle, LT also comes out on top.

In fact, the cutting-edge technology in the LT V8 engines can provide more horsepower compared to other engines at the same RPM. The LT engine also has a higher compression ratio than older LS models, which may lead to stress on the components.

This higher compression ratio in the LT engine also helps produce more torque and horsepower and improves fuel combustion efficiency.

The new models of LT are fuel-efficient and emit less pollution as a result than the older LS engines. 

Construction Differences Between the LS and LT

The LS and LT engines use aluminum in many of the models. The difference based on their components depends on the different models released during different years; for example, the LS3 and LT1 may have some similarities. Some of these engine models produced the same displacement and similar bore sizes.  

The first LT engines had a completely different design, including their piston, camshaft, and cylinder. This design helps the engine to pump more fuel into the cylinders using the high-pressure pump models leading to better HP. 

The LS engine is more popular because people can easily install it and modify it by adding more features. Even the Later models of the LS engines were easy to install compared to the LT model.

The market is slowly introducing new components and compatible parts that improve the car performance with the LT engines. 


General Motors both manufactures LT and LS engines. Both engines can produce more power than most older cars. Both these engines can be fitted in the cars, and you can modify and build on the basic engine.

The LS engine has been in the market for decades so almost every mechanic can repair or modify it easily. You can easily find compatible parts and techniques to modify the engine and add more power to the vehicle.

However, with modern technology E and the latest designs, more cars are coming with LT engines. You will find that soon you will find more compatible components for the same in the market easily.

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