Are Round Speakers Better Than Oval?

Driving in peak traffic or covering that distance in your car is less stressful when you have good music pounding through your speakers. The car music system is one of the most important features considered by a few when they pick out their car.

Many audiophiles check out the music system and the speakers before they even learn about the latest engine the car company has to offer. Ask them what matters the most in a car, and they would mostly side with speakers. You need not “settle” for what the company gives you when it comes to speakers for your car music system. You have your options to choose from.

Round Vs Oval Speakers

No, here we are not speaking about the shapes and the designs of the speakers. We are discussing which shape speakers are better for your car audio system. Will you get better audio output with the classic round speakers? Will your music sound better if they came out of oval speakers? Come, let’s find out!

The Science Behind “Round” Speakers

The circular shape of the speaker facilitates an even distribution of the sound waves that come from the speakers. The sound that disperses from the round speakers is more synchronized and even, thus giving you a better effect overall.

If you notice, all the other components, such as the subwoofers and tweeters, are also round-shaped. These are individual round components that make up for a full round-shaped speaker. The shape helps the subwoofers handle low frequencies, while the same round shape helps the tweeters handle high frequencies to their best abilities.

So, when each component of the speaker can perform and carry out sounds to its best ability, the overall sound is very good.

Oval Shaped Speakers

These are basically 6×9 or 6×8 coaxial speakers to facilitate several speaker drivers in one unit. The oval shape, with extended sides, gives enough space to mount multiple drivers within one unit. So, a lot of space is reduced for you.

When you fit in oval speakers in a car, they occupy little space but have numerous components that fit into that one unit. Oval speakers enable you to get better sound quality even if the space is narrow. It doesn’t let you compromise on the quality of music that you would like to listen

Find Out Which One Is The Best – Round Or Oval?

Both round and oval-shaped speakers have their own pros and cons. This is why both shapes have a good market share, and many companies come up with both to satisfy customer demands.

1. Sound Quality

The round shape facilitates better communication between the various components inside the speaker. They produce separate frequencies and more accurate sound quality for each range. As a result, the final output is much better than what you would hear on an oval speaker.

2. Design

In round speakers, the symmetrical sound facilitates the better distribution of the sound. The audio signals are dispersed evenly from the round speakers. As a result, you get more synchronized sound when using round speakers in your car or other spaces.

3. Space

You must note here that round speakers do take up more space in your car when compared to oval ones. If you upgrade your car speakers, you may not have enough room for bigger round speakers.

On the other hand, oval coaxial speakers may take up less space. They are generally mounted over frames and enclosures. This shape came into use when the need to maximize space arose. The long side-to-side width and the shorter back-to-front panel helped these speakers fit into cars better than round speakers.

4. Bass

Round speakers produce better bass without any doubt. However, they occupy quite some space. If you are looking to change your speakers in your car for better bass output, you need to consider the space availability.

When you change the bass component speakers, you need to upgrade the mid-range speakers and the tweeters. Only then will your overall sound quality be better and more well-balanced. Without this, your bass might overpower the other sounds, thus compromising your overall sound effects.

Yes, you may like your bass to be higher and deeper for those pumping beats, but without a good mid-range sound, all you might hear are constant bass beats, which is not wholesome music.

5. Cost

Round speakers are more expensive than oval ones. The installation process for round speakers is not simple either. If your new ones are bigger and round, you might require more tools or professional help to change your existing car speakers. All this put together can turn a bit costly affair in the end.

How To Decide

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages both round and oval speakers offer, which is the best option for you? How can you decide? Apart from just the sound quality, many other factors decide whether round speakers are better than oval speakers for you.

Pay close attention to these points before you pick the speaker that fits your budget and needs:

1. Space

Check the space available in your car. You need to check not just the space for speakers but also for the entire system. When you upgrade your speaker, you might need more amp. So a bigger amplifier will take more space.

2. Assistance

Do you have enough help to fit in new speakers? Sometimes, the replacement can be complex and require more than just a single pair of hands. If you have professional help around, you can opt for more complex ones. If you are going to fit it yourself, find ones that have good instructions in them and are not too complicated.

3. Budget

Budget is an important deciding factor. As discussed above, round speakers can be expensive in multiple ways. If cost is not an issue and you want better quality, you can opt for one of the best rates around speakers in the market. On the other hand, if you have limited funds, you may consider oval speakers.

4. Sound Requirement

What is the sound quality you are looking for exactly? What is unsatisfactory in your current music system, which has led to this requirement to change? Do not lose track of why you decided to change those speakers in the first place. You know which shape to go for if it is a better overall sound effect.


Both round-shaped and oval-shaped speakers are used in cars and other music systems. Both have their own pros and cons added to their credit. If you are looking for superior sound quality without a budget or space restriction, then round-shaped speakers are definitely better suited for your needs. Oval speakers can step up to your rescue if you have any constraints but don’t want to compromise on your music experience.

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