How To Start Dodge Ram 1500 Without Key

You are probably here because you have lost the key to your Dodge Ram 1500 and do not even know how to enter your vehicle, start the engine, and get out of wherever you are.

Now you are wondering if it is even possible to start a car without a key or get into your car without the key. The good news is that with some steps, you can, of course, start your Dodge Ram 1500. Although steps are not a walk around the park, it’s a chance you should take.

How to Start the Dodge Truck with Key Fob

Following the steps below will help you get started.

Step 1

If you happen to be stuck outside your vehicle, use the key fob to unlock the door of your truck and sit down on the seat.

Step 2

Carefully look for the steering column of your truck. Once you have found it, you will need to remove the plastic covering from the column. Locate the ignition cable and keep your eyes firmly on it. All the wires connected to the headlamps and windpipes are also in the same place as the ignition cable, and they look similar. The ignition is the cable in the center.

Step 3

When you look in the center, you should find a yellow cable or brown one. When you have found that, look for a red cable. This red cable is connected to the battery of your Dodge Ram.

Step 4

Get a plier from your toolbox or wire stripper. A knife can also work. You will want to remove the insulation wires of the ignition and battery wires and then twist the two wires together. Make sure you do so properly so it does not loosen.

Step 5

Once you have twisted the two wires together, your vehicle’s engine should kick, and you should be ready to go.

Unlocking the Steering Wheel of Your Dodge Ram 1500

Having followed the steps above to the latter, you must have kicked your vehicle’s engine. That’s great. The only issue now is that you will notice that the truck’s steering is still locked. Break no sweat, and it is not hard to unlock the steering. Whether using a model before 1990 or after, you will have no problem unlocking the steering.

If Your Dodge Ram was Created before 1990

Follow the methods below.

Method 1

With all your might, turn your truck’s steering wheel in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner. If you get it right, this should break the tiny pin used to lock the steering. Remember to do it with all the strength you’ve got.

Method 2

This method might seem a little tricky to some. Anyway, what you will have to do is to damage the keyhole and the pin that locks the steering of your car.

Once you have successfully done methods one and two, it is advised that you take it to the mechanic’s when you get the truck running because you’ve damaged the car’s parts.

If your Dodge Ram was Created After 1990

If your truck happens to have been created after 1990, then you have to take a different step because the system and engineering of the vehicle are different from the versions below. Let’s get right to it.

Step 1

You will need to get a drill and put it inside the keyhole. Don’t put it all; you just need about three-quarters of the drill length in the keyhole.

Step 2

Then you can turn on the drill, and without any mercy, you will use the drill to destroy all the pins inside the keyhole. You may have to do this back and forth for some time.

Step 3

After that, take a screwdriver and insert it into the keyhole. You can use it to start the engine of your car.

This method of using a drill to unlock the steering pin should not be tried in any year below 2010. The reason is that the 2010 versions of this truck are made to have a push-to-start button. This makes it easier to unlock the pins.

How to Start the Dodge Truck Without Key Fob

Sometimes, you have lost the key to your truck, and the key fob to your truck is low or dead. Not to worry, you can still start the engine of your Dodge Ram with the methods below.

Using Your Fob Key

If the Fob Key is low, your door will likely not unlock. So to unlock the door using your fob key, you will have to remove a small silver key from the fob. This key called the “analog key” will help you unlock your door. Put the small key inside the fob, press the brake pad, and then press the start button. This should start the truck.

Using the Fob Key and Finger

You might not believe this, but you can unlock your car with your finger and the fob key. Slide your finger into the start switch, and then you will try to turn it. What you will do next is to turn your finger in the anticlockwise direction and then the clockwise direction. While turning your finger, you need to make sure your finger is close to the fob. In a matter of seconds, the lights on the dashboard and the sound should come on. After that, the engine of the truck should start running.


There are certain things you need to keep in mind when starting your Dodge engine without the key

  • After you have done any of the processes above, you will need to take your truck for repair. It would help if you did so to fix the ignition back to the way it is supposed to function.
  • You must have searched properly and ensured that your car key cannot be found before following any of the steps above.
  • If you find it difficult to follow any of the steps or methods above, make sure you call a mechanic instead.


It can be a pain when you notice that your key cannot be found, and you might feel disoriented. With the steps above, you can kick your vehicle in no time. If you’re not sure you can do it, call a mechanic.

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