How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last?

Just like any other vehicle, the longevity of a Ford Taurus is determined by different reasons, and if you are planning on buying one of these vehicles, you should know how long they last.

Which Factors Are Important To A Car’S Longevity?

1. Usage

The more you use your Ford Taurus the more repairs it’s going to need, but if you don’t take it to a mechanic, the car’s life span is going to reduce significantly. On the other hand, if you pay for maintenance, your car is going to last longer.

2. Amount of fuel 

Depending on how much fuel your vehicle requires, it could last less. Gas mileage is very important to determine how many years the car can last and if it demands too much fuel, you will need to replace it sooner than you think.

3. Brand

Ford is undoubtedly one of the best car brands in the world. They work non-stop and that is clear to anyone who owns a Ford. Their cars can last longer than other brands due to the excellent components they have, so you will gain a reliable vehicle.

How Many Miles Can A Ford Taurus Last?  

Ford Taurus can last more miles than the average vehicle. For example, it can last more than a Toyota car. For every 1000 Taurus, more than 16 are still driven today, and all of them can reach up to 200,000 miles before starting to malfunction.

How Many Years Can A Ford Taurus Last?

The Ford Taurus is a tough vehicle, and it presents excellent resistance to rusting. It can last well for 20 years and that’s a fact. Nonetheless, longevity can be determined through the average length of ownership when you are the first owner of a Ford Taurus.

While an average passenger car is retained by the original owner for at least 9 years, Taurus can be retained for less than 8 years. Thanks to this information, we can confirm that a Ford Taurus is trusted by the owners, and it can serve them for a long time.

Ford Taurus’s Value  

When it comes to holding its value, Ford Taurus has one of the worst depreciation ratings among other full-size cars. This happens because of discontinuation and wide availability on the market of used cars.

The only model that has been able to retain a lot of its price, is the 2019 Ford Taurus. Other models, such as 2014 have retained 35% of the original cost, while 2010 models can just keep 20% of their original value.

If you buy a 2019 Ford Taurus, you will lose at least $12,500 in residual value. However, if you are considering buying a used model, then the best choice is a 2019 model, but older models are also excellent choices.

For instance, a 2016 Ford Taurus lost 52% of its original price, but it presents decent components for a Ford vehicle.

Ford Taurus’s Maintenance

Keep in mind that if you want your Ford Taurus to last longer, it’s going to need maintenance. The average cost of annual maintenance for these vehicles is $775, which is higher than other vehicles of the same category.

Moreover, if the car needs a lot of repairs, the cost might escalate to $1,000. Besides, it depends on the parts that need replacement. Some of them can get quite expensive.

Some say that people who own a 2019 Ford Taurus need to spend more than $1,000 on repairs over the span of the first five years. The cost of components declines over time, but the number of faults can increase to the point where maintenance will become more expensive as your car ages.

Among the most expensive parts of a Ford Taurus, you have:

  •  Radiator fan motor.
  • Sunroof motor.
  • Fuel injector.
  • Oil pan gasket.
  • Brake system.

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Ford Taurus

Before buying a Ford Taurus 2019, there are things you need to know, such as:

1. Strong engine

Most Taurus buyers are going to love the V6 engine. It is tuned to produce 288 horsepower, and it will never feel sluggish during driving. Furthermore, its fuel economy tops out at 27 MPG on the highway.

2. Excellent SHO model

Although the 2019 Taurus is a heavy vehicle, the extra muscle under the hood helps deliver a lighter ride. When accelerating from a stop, you can hit 60 MPG in less than 6 seconds and you have to thank the powerful SHO model, which can push the engine to 365 horsepower.

3. Smooth rides

Due to standard suspension, the car does an excellent job at eliminating road vibrations. You won’t even distinguish when you are driving your car over rough roads.

Keep in mind that some of the older Taurus is a bit stiffer, but not the 2019 model.

4. Styling enhancements

Ford has not redesigned the Taurus models in nearly a decade, but the vehicle’s exterior styling has aged well over the years. A rear spoiler will help give the car a more athletic design.

Furthermore, Ford also allows drivers to opt for a set of 20-inch wheels, meaning you can decorate your car a little bit more.

5. Trunk

It offers a class-leading amount of trunk capacity. If you want to take your car on a weekend getaway, the extra space will enable you to pack more luggage. One thing you must know is that these cars have rear seats that can be folded to expand the sedan’s storage capacity.

6. Automated parking system

Parking in a busy downtown area is often a difficult task. The optional automated parking system is going to be the best tool for you. This system will automatically guide you to the best suitable parking spot.

7. Option to equip the all-wheel-drive

Not many full-size family sedans can offer this. You can equip your 2019 Ford Taurus with all-wheel drive. Fortunately, Ford designed the AWD system to automatically respond to road conditions.

All the sensors will detect a loss of traction, and drivers will feel safer traveling in bad weather. 

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