Why Are Toyota Land Cruisers So Expensive?

The Toyota Land Cruiser is not cheap at all. Every recent model surpasses what many car owners would call “Affordable” and If you want to know the reasons why they tend to be so expensive, keep reading. 

Reasons Why The Toyota Land Cruisers Are So Expensive

Anyone who wants to upgrade a Land Cruiser needs to consider the reasons we listed below. The high purchase price has pushed plenty of car owners to choose different vehicles:

1. The looks

Toyota Land Cruisers offer luxury to clients. They have always had a distinctive design that can mix the flavor of an elegant car with nice tires. No matter the model you choose, your car will be noticed while you drive it.

2. Luxury characteristics 

People who haven’t taken a seat inside a Land Cruiser need to experience what it’s like. Whichever model you pick, you will obtain features that are 6-8 years ahead of time.

If we compare them to other full-sized SUVs, especially the ones designed in North America, Land Cruiser is undoubtedly more expensive for what it is on paper. Nonetheless, we can assure you that no other vehicle will have a bigger impact on you than the Land Cruiser.

3. Reliability  

This aspect can’t be overlooked. Due to a conflict between Chadian-Libyan, Toyota lost a lot of motorized power. Both Land Cruisers and Hiluxes tend to overheat, and they have had limited services for decades.

4. Off-road capability

These vehicles are considered as one of the best, if not the best off-road vehicles ever made. It has size and weight limitations, and it’s not a competitor with Jeep Wranglers or the famous Lada Niva, but it’s all depending on what you need.

Moreover, this full-size SUV segment can outperform any American-made SUV. The renowned G-Class offers similar features as the Land Cruiser, but it’s not as big as other vehicles.

5. Value retention

No vehicle retains its value like a Toyota Land Cruiser. Even though they are very expensive to purchase, being a luxury SUV allows the owners to have them for longer periods.

Combine this with a high demand for previous Land Cruiser models, and you will get an SUV that holds its value far better than other cars.

6. Weaknesses  

Toyota Land Cruisers are not perfect. They are highly reliable, but some components need to be repaired eventually. Because it’s a big and luxury SUV, the cost of labor and repair is among the highest of all vehicles.

Our advice is that you should never buy an older Land Cruiser. If you really want a Land Cruiser, you can always buy a new one instead of paying for repairs.

How Much Are Used Land Cruisers?

All the current values of used Land Cruisers are greatly affected by both supply and demand. You will find different prices below:

Toyota Land CruiserAverage cost
2021 Land Cruiser$94,531
2020 Land Cruiser$91,300
2019 Land Cruiser$84,267
2018 Land Cruiser$76,071
2017 Land Cruiser$69,069
2016 Land Cruiser$61,691
2015 Land Cruiser$51,251

Based on the chart, we can see that a total of six Land Cruiser generations retain roughly 50% of its original price. When it comes to older models, you will not lose too much comfort, but there are fewer features.

Some might like these options, but the costs of repairs still run high.

The Land Cruiser’s in 2021

Many drivers and car reports state that Toyota has decided to discontinue the Land Cruiser manufactory after the 2021 model was released in the U.S.

Due to a restriction in manufacturing, there will be fewer Land Cruisers to purchase, which could increase the value for the rest of Land Cruisers owners. According to Car and Driver, back in December 2020, Toyota said that the 2021 model would mark the end of the Cruisers.

However, even though Toyota said this to North Americans, the 2021 Land Cruiser was one of the most popular cars of the year. Toyota may reconsider the option to reintroduce the Land Cruisers to different markets, but it won’t happen in 2022.

Reasons Why The Toyota Land Cruisers Is Worth The Price

Even if many car drivers think that the Toyota Land Cruisers are not worth its cost, we are here to prove to you that they are worth every penny:

1. Strong engine

The most recent Toyota Land Cruisers are equipped with a 5-7 liter, i-Force V8 engine. While these engines are not highly efficient, they can pack a lot of muscle.

Thanks to its 8-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle can maximize the engine’s output. There will be enough power for you to accelerate quickly when you need to.

2. Easy to drive

All the 2020 Toyota Land Cruisers present a tough-nosed design, which helps them deliver a smooth drive on the road. Most car owners are surprised by the vehicle’s capacity to respond to every curve.

This is possible due to Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension, which offers precise steering, making the Land Cruisers very manageable on fast-moving highways.

3. Conservation

Toyota likes to keep things simple. Their car’s styling hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years. However, they have aged pretty well. Because of the Land Cruiser’s excellent design, you can expect it to keep its style for more years.

4. Comfort for every passenger

When riding a Toyota Land Cruiser, you and the rest of the passengers can relax. While the third rock doesn’t offer too much legroom, the first two rows make up for it.

Besides, the vehicles have a supportive driver’s seat that makes long trips more relaxing.

5. Technology

Like most features on the new Toyota Land Cruisers, its accident-avoidance technologies are very useful. This is certainly a big plus for drivers who want a bit of assistance while driving.

When driving in crowded areas, both a pre-collision system and pedestrian detection will give you more confidence. In case there is an imminent collision, the system will put more pressure on the brakes.

Final Thoughts On The Toyota Land Cruisers Cost

If you want a luxury car, then you have to purchase your own Toyota Land Cruiser. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend too much money on a car, you can always search for other brands that offer affordable costs.

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