Who Makes Motorcraft Oil? (The Answer)

MOTORCRAFT is a wing of the global automobile Giant Ford Motor. They are engaged in the business of manufacturing Automobile components, motor oil, and various other automobile accessories.

This division got incorporated in 1950 and continued seamlessly until 1961, earning a global reputation for the company to serve the best in class products.

After that, the company ceased its operation until it reopened again in the year 1973. 

Why MOTORSOFT products occupy a special place in the hearts of car Owners? 

Till the year 2014, MOTORSOFT has been producing twelve types of Automobile motor oils.

The majority of these oils are either 100% synthetic or comes blended with petroleum oils.

These oils get a better rating than the usual petroleum oils. It is for this reason that these oils generate the minimum vehicle emission, and they also endure for a longer span, without any need to change the oil.

It is for the reason of low emission that these oils get considered friendlier to the Ecology. 

The maximum of the Non-synthetic oils that MOTORSOFT produces are exclusively meant to be used in diesel-powered engines.

However, the company has oils that are intended to be used in vehicles with Gasoline Engines.

It deserves a special mention that MOTORSOFT has many oils in its portfolio that features weight between 0 and 30 W, 5 and 20 W, and 15 and 40 W. 

Besides its portfolio of Motor Oils, this company produces various automobile fluids, Greases, Chemicals, Paints, and car cleaners.

This company keeps producing different parts for the Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln-brand cars.

Also, they are authorized to manufacture parts for cars manufactured by other global car manufacturers.

You will get all these products available in all the authorized dealerships of  Ford Motors, Mercury, and Lincoln. 

Ford Motor Company manufacturing Motorcraft oils

Ford Motor Company is responsible for producing Motorcraft oils. In the 50s, it launched the inauguration program for Motorcraft Oils.

However, the production of oil was stopped in 1963. When the company reopened its business after 10 years, it started manufacturing the oil again.

Besides, they had thought of selling different automobile components from Autolite brands.

The manufacturer relies on hydrocracking technology for oil production. Hydrocrackers help in upgrading low-grade heavy oils from the vacuum distillation tower.

Under high pressure and temperature, hydrocracking plants can pass their oil onto the catalyst.

This process helps in the elimination of impurities with desulfurization, cracking, hydrogenation, and isomerization. 

However, it was not easy to find manufacturers that produce high-performance oil filters.

We used to believe that Purolator is the source of these oil filters. Some of us think that it deals with Ford air and oil filter. 

Motorcraft oil- Place where it is manufactured

Quality is the most crucial focus of Motorcraft oil manufacturers. Manufacturers try to maintain the premium quality of this automotive oil.

You may have a 15W-40 or 0W-20 diesel engine for your car. However, you will find it using Motorcraft automotive oil. This automotive oil is available in different weights.

We have not found it easy to know where Motorcraft makes its oil filters. Some sources say that ConocoPhillips has designed these oil filters.

However, other reliable sources claim that the oil’s manufacturing location is Korea (the company name is S-Oil). In the USA also, you can trace the manufacture of Motorcraft oil.

As the parent company, S-Oil has affiliated with ConocoPhillips to reach Motorcraft automotive oils in different regions of America.

The South Korea-based company S-Oil is known for producing petroleum oil and refineries. 

ConocoPhillips is also a reputable company of multinational standard, and it continues its operation in 30 countries. 


Do Motorcraft oil filters last long?

These specially designed filters have high efficiency in filtering automotive oil. Moreover, you can set them up quickly with a few steps.

Should I buy other Motorcraft products to use its oil filter?

Motorcraft oil filters have high-end systems and are compatible with any other products of the company.

Why do automobile users use Motorcraft oil?

Motorcraft has synthetic blend oil that performs better than other standard oils. That is why you can try out this oil for your automobile.

Final Thoughts – Who Makes Motorcraft Oil

We think that you have now found important details about Motorcraft oil manufacturers.

We have gathered information from reliable sources to know about its manufacturing company. You can buy this brand’s oil and oil filters to keep up the best condition of your car engines. 

Professional auto mechanics also use Motorcraft oil for different vehicles, like heavy-duty diesel engines, buses, and trucks.

Ensure that your engine works with 5W-20 and 5W-30 rated oils; you will find the Motorcraft oil useful. Thus, buy high-quality oil for your car’s engine and maintain its health.

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