How To Rebuild Transmission [ Step by step]

As a car owner, you are passionate about your vehicle. You will not mind making sincere efforts to take appropriate care of your car. It is a fact that your vehicle deserves regular care and maintenance if you have to retain its functionality to the desired extent.

However, the car is likely to malfunction no matter what great care you take care of your vehicle. One of the main concerns in that regard is transmission-related problems. 

In case you are experiencing problems with the transmission system, sometimes repairing this unit becomes inevitable. But, you should approach the process only after you have some fundamental knowledge about rebuilding the transmission.

It will help you make the right decision about replacing the unit or suffice with the repair. It will be especially relevant to state that you can enhance your vehicle’s lifetime and save some significant amount of money in replacing the transmission system with rebuilding. 

Common Signs Of A Problematic Transmission System

Before delving deep into the transmission rebuilding process, you need to be aware of the common signs that suggest the transmission system’s problems. Here are the most relevant points in that regard: 

1. Transmission Will Fail To Retain The Gear

If you notice that the car is not moving, even if you have put it in the bag, it suggests a malfunction with the transmission system. Transmission fluid leakage is one of the critical factors that are likely to trigger this problem. 

2. Missing Gears And Delayed Shifts

If you notice that the shaft is taking a long time to get into the gear, you should assume that there are issues with your vehicle’s transmission system. These instances usually happen due to water intrusion or the low maintenance of the car. 

3. High-revive engine

Low maintenance, fluid leak, and water entering into the transmission system are likely to produce this outcome. It, in turn, triggers significant issues with the transmission system. 

4. Transmission Fluid Leakage

You will need to repair the transmission system if you notice the transmission fluid leak. It usually happens when you fail to take appropriate care of your car. Suppose you leave things unattended, with no other option than to replace the unit. It will compel you to shoulder the burden of extravagant expenses. 

5. Burning Smell

Another common sign of a complicated transmission system is that you will get a burning smell as you bring the car to a standstill from a running state. 

6. Lower power than desired:

Another prevalent sign of trouble with the transmission system is that the car will not get the adequate capacity to roll on as usual. 

The moment you notice one or some of these issues, you need to react to the situation immediately. Replacing the transmission system at the right time will enable you to escape the challenges related to the high expenses involved in this regard. 

How To Rebuild Transmission

Once you know the common signs and symptoms that suggest issues with car transmission, it makes sense to discuss the transmission rebuilding process. First and foremost, you must have the rebuilding kit handy. This kit will have all the necessary and crucial kits to accomplish the rebuilding process. 

One of the most relevant points in this regard is selecting the most appropriate tool kit. Thus, you need to approach this process with care and consideration. Please check that the kit includes all the resources, tools, and parts that you will need to rebuild the damaged transmission system. With the right tool kit in hand, repairing the damaged transmission system becomes a hassle-free and straightforward task to accomplish. 

The steps start with the elimination of the Transmission system from the car chassis. Usually, it involves the separation with the transmission jack. Keep in mind that it demands a lot of knowledge about the vehicle mechanism to accomplish this task. After the transmission gets separated, you will need to replace the damaged parts based on your car’s specific problems. 

While working on the rebuilding process, you will need to disassemble all the transmission parts and get these components thoroughly cleaned. Keep in mind that accumulating dust and dirt is one of the common factors to trigger the transmission system’s troubles. Therefore, the rebuilding process should focus on cleaning all the units to eliminate the fundamental hindrances. 

In the majority of instances, you might need to replace all the clutch bands and plates. As you eliminate the older parts with new ones, you significantly enhance the transmission system’s overall lifetime. The best part is that it helps you to escape the threat of burning out your pocket to replace the transmission system on the whole. 

One of the most crucial tasks to perform is to replace the damaged gaskets, seals, and sealing rings. With these minor and cost-effective replacements, you enhance the lifetime of the transmission system significantly. 

Tips And Tricks To Simplify Your Task

As a crucial tip in this context, you need to clean all the solenoids to eliminate all impurities that are likely to contaminate the transmission system. It would be best if you did not mind replacing these units if you notice that it has worn away.

It will significantly improve the car’s performance, even if you can escape the threat of massive expenses in replacing the entire transmission system. 

How Long Should it Take you to Rebuild a Transmission?

Gearbox rebuilding is not a routine maintenance procedure, as I said earlier. The procedure of changing the engine oil or tires on a vehicle is simple and can be performed by anyone, even those with little or no automotive experience.

However, when replacing the gearbox, a few more components must be included.

This is a tough job that requires a great deal of experience. It should be completed by someone knowledgeable in the field.

In the same vein,

The complexity of the problem determines how long it will take to repair the transmission.

It will also depend on who is in charge of the rebuild. If the individual has no prior experience, the procedure may take longer than it should complete.

However, if the individual is a skilled technician, the process should not take longer than expected.

The transmission overhaul usually takes 3 to 4 days. It depends on where the transmission is rebuilt.

It is critical that the transmission problem be resolved as soon as possible. Not only does it save the amount of time needed to fix the gearbox, but it also saves you money in the process.

Your gearbox will need a significant amount of time to fix if you don’t address these small problems right away. Also consider the stress and strain on your bank account, if you have one.

The procedure described above requires a transmission rebuild. However, there is something for you to consider.

How Much Does a Transmission Rebuild Cost?

The cost of rebuilding a transmission can vary depending on the shop, the extent of damage, and the components required. The rebuild cost varies from $1,428 to $3,015, depending on specifications.

Should You Hire Professional Services Or Take Up Dyi Projects?

How To Rebuild Transmission

One of the critical factors to determine the cost involved in repairing the transmission is if you are going to engage professional hands. Needless to state, their involvement will compel you should pay higher expenses. You can keep the costs within control if you decide to go for a DYI project. However, keep in mind that it is a complex task to rebuild the transmission, and you must have ample experience, knowledge, and technical skills to take up the DYI projects. 

Even if the DYI approach reduces the cost, it will require you to work for long hours. So, if you don’t possess the necessary knowledge and expertise, or you cannot invest the desired time, you should leave the task to the hands of professional rebuilders. Even if it escalates the cost, you can stand assured that you will taste the most satisfying results. 

Did you compare the quotes from providers of similar services? 

The tentative cost of rebuilding the transmission depends a lot on the selection of professional service providers. It would be best to ask for quotations from several parties before you finalize the deal with one.

You should compare the quotes and opt for the party, charging the most reasonable rates. However, it would be best if you fell into low-cost temptation with compromises with the services’ quality. It would help if you ideally stayed away from the extravagant and abnormally low price, indicating inferior grade services. As a trick in this regard, you should opt for a provider that features positive reviews in its favor. 

Last but not least, it is the extent of the rebuilding required that determines the cost involved. If the problem is still within the initial stages wherein you might need to replace lesser components, you need to incur much lesser expenses.

On the other hand, when you approach the rebuilding process later, it is yet another reason to justify your effort and endeavors to inspect the cars at regular intervals. It will help you identify the issues at an earlier stage, making the rebuilding process much more cost-effective. 

If you consider the facts stated above, the trick lies in approaching the rebuilding process at the right time. It will help you complete the process by putting in the minimum effort and time if you decide to do it on a DYI basis. This trick will do, even if you choose to engage professional service providers.

Approaching the rebuilding process at an early stage is always a better call as it ensures better recovery, consequently improving the lifetime and the performance of your car. It will be possible only when you take regular care of your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts – How To Rebuild Transmission

In conclusion, rebuilding a transmission should not be a time-consuming task. There is specific information, skills, and equipment that must be used for this procedure to be successful.

Knowing what needs to be done will allow you to complete the task in a shorter time and at a cheaper cost. Believe me when I tell you that you will be glad you did.

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