Who Makes Icon Tools?

Tools are always important to every mechanic. They will always search for the best brands, and not long ago, a new brand was released. Icon is the name of this upcoming company, and they specialize in developing the best tools. 

We compiled information about the brand, and you are going to find out every detail about their products. 

Who Makes Icon Tools?

These tools are made by a company by the name of Harbor Freight. They operate many retail stores and they have become quite popular tools due to their excellent quality. This company began in 1977, and its main goal is to guarantee client’s satisfaction. 

Also, Harbor Freight distributes Icon tools that clients can purchase online. Their products can be found in local shops or in online stores like Amazon. Among the most common icon tools, there are:

  • Screwdrivers.
  • Sockets.
  • Wrenches. 
  • Ratchets. 

Where are icon tools made? all Icon tools are made in China. These products are hand-crafted by professionals, and they are designed to provide durability and precision. Harbor Freight offers a wide catalog of tools, and every single one of them will surprise any mechanic in the world. 

Icon Tools Review

Some of the most popular tools that can provide are:

Icon screwdrivers 

The screwdriver is undoubtedly one of the most common tools out there. However, Harbor Freight’s screwdrivers present an ergonomic grip. Also, they feature mechanical grips to improve the fit of your hand, meaning you will work with no issues. 

Many models incorporate a polished S2 steel shank, which can help the user’s grip. Moreover, screwdrivers made by this company come with storage, and you can use this compartment to organize small tools.

Icon Ratchets

Ratchet’s are among the most popular Icon tools right now. The Icon special edition features a 90 tooth gear with remarkable precision. It can be used to clean the hardest surfaces, and it presents anti-corrosion features.  

They are perfect tools for professionals, and thanks to a high amount of features, you are going to work as an expert even in the tightest spaces. If you want to purchase the ratchets, you can buy the combination set.

Icon Sockets 

Icon Sockets are designed with Chrome Vanadium Steel. It’s able to clean easily and the set includes a different range of sizes. When it comes to the deep sockets, they all present a shallow hex depth to provide efficiency. 

Once you purchase Icon Sockets, you will receive them in a premium storage tray, which is going to be easy to organize. 

Icon Wrenches 

Lastly, Harbor Freight offers Icon Wrenches. Their versions are precise tools that offer a non-slip grip. Equipped with a 12 point box, the users will have faster engagement, and this will prevent the wrench from slipping from the user’s hand. 

Just like other Icon tools, they are made with Chrome Vanadium Steel, a material that is highly resistant to corrosion. Wrenches offer you a mix of secure grip and balanced design. 

You can find all of these tools at the nearest shop you have, and if you don’t want to get out of the house, all you need to do is look for them on Amazon or another online shop. 

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