Who Makes Hercules Tires?

It is difficult to buy a car and not change tires for many years. Hercules Rubber Company is a well-known tire manufacturer in the United States of America.

Hercules has established a strong corporate image among its consumers as a result of its wide variety of high-quality products, which has contributed to making the Hercules brand one of the best-known brands. Whether you need a tire for a passenger car, truck, or van, Hercules enjoys a solid reputation among its customers, thanks to a wide variety of high-quality products that have helped establish the Hercules brand as one of the best known in the industry.

For those who have never heard of Hercules tires and are curious about the company that manufactures them, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Makes Hercules Tires?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company began producing Hercules tires in 1960, and the two companies have maintained a long relationship to this day. It is a world leader in the replacement tire industry and supplies tires to drivers around the world.

Customer satisfaction with Hercules Tire’s extensive line of excellent products has earned the company an enviable reputation around the world. The Hercules Tire brand has become one of the most exclusive private labels in the replacement tire business as a result of this achievement.

Company’s background

The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1960. Members of the Brewer family were at the helm of the business for a long period of time. Under their leadership and guidance, they achieved tremendous growth. By 1983, the organization had risen to the position of being one of the 500 richest people in the world.

These tires have a history of reliability of over 60 years. They have not only provided resources but have maintained their position as leaders in the business. This beautifully demonstrates the consistency of the product in all aspects.

Where are Hercules Tires made?

Hercules tires are manufactured in Findlay, Ohio, by Hercules Tire and Rubber Company and Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, respectively.

Are Hercules tires any good?

Yes, according to user evaluations of the tires, the vast majority of customers who have purchased Hercules tires are very satisfied with their purchase. A significant part of this is due to the excellent 85,000-mile treadwear warranty that is included with the tire. When it comes to offering various warranties, Hercules tires go above and beyond for you, whether you drive a truck, sedan, or SUV.

Types of Hercules Tires

Vehicles are designed to perform a number of functions. They need the right tire shape to perform a certain job. Hercules offers a wide range of high-performance tires for various purposes.

Passenger car tires

Hercules passenger and minivan tires are designed to provide a quiet and comfortable ride, while their innovative designs improve tread life and perfectly combine form and function.

Ultra-high-performance tires:

Hercules Performance off-road tires are designed for the enthusiast in all of us. Designed to meet the high demands of high-end sports cars and sedans while enhancing their performance, these tires provide the ideal blend of grip, handling, and innovation to keep you in command of the road.


Tires designed to excel off-road while remaining efficient on the road let you go anywhere, anytime. Hercules SUV and light truck tires are built for optimum durability and all-season, all-weather performance. They are tough enough to conquer the earth like no other tire on the market.

Industrial & OTR tires:

At Hercules Commercial Tires, we design and manufacture industrial tires built to the last mile after mile, with the durability and long-lasting quality you can rely on to keep you on the road and your business growing.

Why Choose Hercules Tires?

When you have a lot of options, you’re going to want to see if it varies from the others. So, let’s take a look.

The reputation of a brand

Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, has been in operation since 1952 and is a division of American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD). The company’s headquarters are located in Findlay City, Ohio. As of 2014, ATD acquired Hercules Tires, and the company has been supplying high-quality tires to the North American market with consistency.

Pricing that is reasonable.

Hercules Tires, like those from Ironman (which also produces Hercules), are more economically priced compared to other popular bicycle tire brands. As a result, they provide an attractive option for vehicle owners looking for reliable tires without breaking their bank accounts.

Excellent tread design.

Evaluating tires solely on the basis of their tread design is like evaluating the merits of a new vehicle solely on the basis of its appearance. In all seriousness, there are tires that can make your car look better and more aggressive compared to other vehicles.

Hercules Tires Prices

Even after rounding up these guys, Hercules tires are still priced fairly, which is a pleasant surprise. They are one of the rare businesses that manage to keep prices low without losing efficiency in the process.

They offer a warranty that can last up to 80,000 miles, depending on the model purchased. You will be able to develop more realistic pricing assumptions after doing a hands-on study of Hercules tires.


Who are Hercules tires made by?

Cooper Tire manufactures the Hercules brand, in addition to Cooper and other joint ventures and private labels. The two companies collaborated in importing and selling millions of car and light truck tires to local tire retailers in the United States and around the world.

How long do Hercules tires last?

If the tires are well maintained, they will last a long time: 40,000 to 80,000 miles, depending on usage.

Do Hercules tires have a warranty?

We will fix any Hercules brand passenger car or light truck tire that cannot be repaired due to manufacturing or base defects during the first half of the tread.

Are Hercules tires all season?

Hercules tires for SUVs and light trucks are designed to offer optimum reliability and performance in all seasons and in all weather conditions and are heavy and durable enough to withstand other gravels.

Final Thoughts

Tires are not only a feature of a vehicle but also an essential component of it. They are one of the most important components, as they must support weight and move over the ground in all weather and terrain conditions.

The Hercules tires reviewed in this article gave me a positive impression in terms of quality, performance, and price, even though I had no prior knowledge of the brand. However, despite the fact that Hercules tires are also marketed under the Ironman brand and vice versa, both companies have managed to combine style, on-road (and off-road) characteristics, and comfort in a reasonably priced package.

Now that you know who makes Hercules tires and what they are used for, you should be able to answer most of your questions. All you have to do is figure out what shape you want your vehicle to be based on your driving patterns and the car itself.

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