Where To Sell Used Tires: A Definitive Guide

Having a lot of damaged or unused tires in your garage can make a mess. It’s okay if you decide to dump it in the trash. Why do that when you can make cool side cash from selling used tires of your car? In this article, we will be giving you tips on the best places you can sell used tires for a good price. Let’s get right to it.

Sell Your Old Tires to Tire Discarding Factories

You might not have thought about it, but you can sell your old tires to some tire discarding factories that will put your old tires to good use. If it is possible, you can meet and talk with your car tire dealer and ask if they have a dealer that will be interested in your old tires.

If you have a bunch of these tires at home, you can directly contact the tire discarding company and bid for a deal. This can be a great way to get cash for yourself. You can contact one of these companies if you want to have various options.

Try Out Any of These Companies

  • Corporate tire
  • A and A tire & Wheel
  • Tire Management Inc.

E-commerce Websites

The internet, they say, is a global market. If your tires are not in so much of bad shape, you can sell them at a second-hand price. There are a lot of people who purchase used tires to make use of them shortly. If they can’t fit second-hand tires, other people may purchase them for other uses, but the internet is a great way to sell your used tires. It can also be one of the fastest ways to sell your old tires.

Other Sites You can Try out.

  • eBay
  • Marketplace for Facebook
  • SellMyTires.com

Remember that selling online is one of the best ways to sell your old tires, but it can also take time as the online market is very competitive, and you are not the only seller.

Sell to Retreading Factories

You can try selling your old tires to retreading companies. What retreading companies do is that they buy your used tires and then sell them to people who buy used tires. They sell these tires at a low price, at least lower than the price of new ones. These kinds of factories are good to sell, but you have to ensure that the tire you are selling to them can be reused. At least they must be in good condition.

Sell Other Parts of Your Tires

If you have other tire parts, not necessarily the rubber itself, because not all companies are interested in it, you can try selling other parts. This is a good part that you can sell if you have a rim still in good condition. The companies that usually buy such a part recycle the part and then sell it as another product to others. So if you have a good tire sitting at home, you can strike a good deal with these companies.

Shredding Organizations

If your old tires are not in such good condition, that is a second-hand condition, and you can sell them to shredding organizations. Such organizations shred the rubber used to make tires and produce other materials. These materials can be made with it include Rubber bands, rubber mats, roofing materials, and even roads.

If you know your tire is no longer in such good condition, consider selling it to a local shredding organization, or you can even contact the government. The car tire is used to produce road tar.

Become a Tire Dealer Yourself

You can start a company selling used tires. This is a great way to start having a steady income for yourself as a main or side business. You can start selling just from your locality. Start by informing neighbors or any local dealer you can supply them with used tires and see how it goes.

Recycle Parts of Your Tire And Sell

Another thing you can do is recycle parts of your tire. These parts can include the rim. Not all companies are interested in rubber material. If you can recycle the rim to maybe any other material, you can sell it to some companies that will be interested. The rim is an expensive part, so you can make good cash from the material you recycle. Look for local stores that will be interested in the material you recycled and try pitching a price with them.

Create Objects with The Tires

If you use your tires to make cool things like maybe a seat, this is a great avenue to make money from your art using tires. If you can do this, you can place them online for sales. There are a lot of people that will be interested in this kind of material.

Try Out These Online Sites

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Marketplace

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Sell Your Old Tires

There are several things you need to consider before selling your used tires, and there are several factors. Consider the following.


In some states, you will first need to get a license from the state before you can start selling your used tires. So before you start, make sure you get the required licenses.


In selling tires, depending on the kind of market you decide to go into, you will most probably need to consider costs such as transportation, storage, and even gas fees. Regardless of the market, it is always good to know that it may cost you.

Income Variation

The amount of profit you will make from selling your used tires will vary depending on the company you are dealing with, the condition of the tires, and the amount of the tires. So always have it in mind that the income is not static.


If you’ve got used tires lying around your garage, it is time to put them to good use. Make money from it, and you can even start your own business with them.

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