What Is Good Mileage For A Used Truck? (Explained!)

Are you looking at a used Truck and don’t know whether it will be a good deal for you in the long run or not? You don’t want to buy an expensive new truck and yet don’t want to spend too much money repairing an old one. The mileage on the truck will be a good indicator for deciding to buy a second-hand truck. 

It is simple math- the less used the truck is, the better it will be, and the truck’s condition is as important as the mileage on the meter. There are different types of engines like gasoline or diesel engines.

You must aim for less than 100000 miles on the odometer of a gas engine and less than 200000 miles on a diesel engine. The odometer is one of the indicators of the truck’s condition that you want to buy. 

The Odometer Can Be Your Guide In A Used Truck

Trucks spend long hours on roads facing rough and dusty roads. The components wear down slowly with constant driving situations and the individual styles of drivers too. The parts also get damaged over time as it is a natural process with everything else in the world. 

The mileage can tell you more about the truck than any visible sign. The odometer does not lie about the mileage and usage of the truck. The truck may look good from the outside if recently painted and cleaned.

The seller may even try to make it look bright and less used, but the mileage on the truck’s odometer will tell you the truth about the past usage. 

Truck Components Become Older With Time

You may not realize it by seeing the truck from the outside, like the engine, fuel pump, axles, brake system, and suspension. Some trucks may even have issues with their radiator or the steering system.

The muffler and alternator or fuel injections system may be on the verge of a breakdown. Some of these are easy to replace, but many parts and components are costly and hard to come by. You would not like to pay for repairs, servicing, and replacements once you have paid the value of a used truck in good faith.  

Experienced mechanics and truck drivers say that many of these components may last for 100,000 miles. New models have more modern systems, and the parts are made with better metals and alloys.

These new models are more efficient and can withstand longer use too. One drawback is that they have sensitive devices and sensors that may not last long unless they have been cared for. 

So you can check the mileage of new models and see that they may have been driven longer than most old trucks, maybe even more than 300 000 miles, and their components will still be in great shape.

So in the context of newer models, mileage is not so critical, but then the maintenance of the components is equally critical. 

The Other Aspects Related To The Mileage Of Trucks

Type Of Usage Matters

Trucks may be used in cities or on highways. People prefer using trucks if they have some business with stuff to be carried around or if they have large families and need a bigger vehicle.

Most people, though, use their trucks on the highways. Surprisingly, the trucks used on highways may actually be in better shape than those used within the cities. 

The driving process starts similarly for both kinds of uses. But short distances mean that the truck sees the same mechanism of starting and repeatedly uses buttons and sensors.

It happens more often for a truck that is being used within the city. Using the same system, a truck on the highway will perform better once the engine is warm and the pickup takes it to the optimum conditions.

Trucks within the city drive face more challenges while those on highways tend to be in better condition due to optimum and smooth driving for a long time, despite having the same mileage. 

Gas Or Diesel Engines May Also Affect The Mileage.

Diesel engines are sturdier than gas engines and may withstand difficult terrains and longer drives. But their components may be similar and face similar challenges of wear and tear.

So, if the diesel engine shows a higher mileage, it may be time to check its parts and devices before choosing it based on mileage.  

Another aspect is the gas engines in modern trucks are sturdier too. They can also withstand long mileage these days. Hence, mileage alone cannot be the criteria for choosing one engine.  

Mileage May Decide The Price Of The Truck

Mileage is also one of the critical factors that help the seller and buyers agree on a truck price. The truck may cost approximately half of its original value as a ballpark figure with 100 thousand miles on the odometer.

Apart from market factors and status of the components, this is a good estimate to keep and add another 15000 miles for every year of use. The older the truck is, the less will it fetch. 

Tips For Buying A Used Truck With Mileage 

You must check its service records and warranty documents. Inspect the truck and its components with a mechanic. Test drive to check the smoothness of the ride.

It is a pretty good idea to buy an old or used truck if they are 3 to 4 years old as these are in good condition, and most parts are under warranty. 


Many owners do not want to sell their trucks as the trucks are very expensive, and once sold, they may not be able to afford another one.

If you need a used truck, you will have to search for one with less mileage and choose the best option based on its overall condition. 

Liam Dare

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