Who makes ACHILLES Tires? [Achilles Tires Review]

ACHILLES tires are economical; they are manufactured by the company better known as “MASA”, which started as a joint venture with well-known companies such as PIRELLI before splitting off and becoming an independent company that sells its products on five continents.

This brand, created in 1994, has undergone rapid development. Today, it is a self-sufficient corporation, and its growth has propelled it to the position of a globally recognized company in the manufacture and sale of tires.

Who makes Achilles Tires?

ACHILLES tires are made by Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA), which is located in Indonesia and specializes in the production of high-performance tires. It was founded in 1991.

Its models are unique and the technology behind them makes them cutting-edge tires. The high level of expertise of this company’s human resources department ensures that its performance in the tire manufacturing sector is one of the most creative in the market.

A significant advantage over competing brands is provided by the low consumer acquisition cost of tires by the ACHILLES brand. The company has set itself the goal of manufacturing a high-quality product at a low cost in order to establish a strong global presence and rank among the top five best-selling companies in the world.

ACHILLES’ success can be attributed to the company’s debut, its technology, and the rigorous and severe tests its tires undergo, which provide unexpected results.

This allows for great variety in its models and applications, which translates into significant revenue and brand awareness for the company.

Achille is a brand that was created to help people achieve their goals while giving them security and confidence.

Where Are Achilles Tires Made?

Achilles is manufactured in Indonesia by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, founded in 1991. MASA Construction has grown and prospered in the global era, and now owns 55 hectares and 128 hectares of land in East Cikarang.

Launched in 2005 and starting in the spare parts sector, Achilles has developed a trusted relationship with affiliated companies becoming original equipment suppliers for Mitsubishi Motors, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Hino, and Proton in Indonesia.

Through quality and reliable products, also equipped with the best services, Achilles has produced passenger tires, commercial tires, truck and bus tires, racing tires, and industrial tires that are now famous and commonly used in the international market.

Are Achilles Tires Good?

Yes, ACHILLES Tires employs engineers with scientific expertise in the research of the components used in the manufacture of the tire in order to create the highest quality and with future prospects to be taken into account for the preservation of the environment.

They subject the tires to the most rigorous tests in order to eliminate any inconvenience and increase driving safety.

  • They determine whether or not there is noise from the contact of the tire with the asphalt.
  • Adhesion capacity (rolling resistance) and performance on dry and wet pavement.

Achilles Tires Review

Its deep grooves and high-tension tires offer unmatched safety and grip on any terrain.

It also features a stronger traction system, which provides a high percentage of performance and tire life, as well as significant fuel savings.

Among the most popular tire models due to their benefits in terms of fuel efficiency, wet or dry handling, and driving comfort;

It is possible to talk about some models, without neglecting the diversity of tires offered by this brand and that has propelled it to the top of world sales of high quality and low-cost tires.

The ACHILLES tires in question are the following:

1. Achilles 101 X

It is a tire that has a C rating according to European Union standards, which makes it possible to assess whether the tire has acceptable fuel economy by having adequate rolling resistance.

It is a snow tire. The test category to which this type of tire was subjected revealed that it had good grip in wet driving, receiving a C rating.

It has a sound frequency of 71dB, which is a good range to make driving more pleasant, and its emblem is a snowflake.

2. Achilles ATR-K Economist

This is a summer tire. Its traction and performance are unrivaled, making it the tire of choice for elegant and sophisticated cars.

It is very stable and comfortable to use. Its tread is ideal for minimizing aquaplaning while providing safety and vehicle control on wet roads.

It has a lower noise level that allows for greater comfort while driving, and its outer tread is designed with a greater number of channels or thicker rubber blocks for better grip and a safe ride.

3. Achilles 2233

A sport tire designed to provide excellent cornering traction at high speeds. It prevents aquaplaning and has excellent handling and performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

It is a tire that has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies to provide great performance and increased safety. It is very maneuverable and smooth, so when braking it offers excellent safety over short distances.

When it comes to speed, it is the tire of choice, so it is suggested for drivers who are passionate about speed.

4. Achilles ATR Sport 2

It is unique in the sense that in this type of tire emphasis has been placed on the importance of providing the best results for the API EcoSafe environment.

Its design has been tested on various terrains to provide great performance and improved handling, as well as excellent braking and reduced aquaplaning. As a result, fuel is saved and tire life is extended.

They are available in a wide range of designs and applications. You can choose from summer, sport SUV, van, and winter tires.

Final Thoughts – Achilles Tires Review

Achilles Tires is a brand that is rapidly gaining popularity, due to the low prices of its tires. The company gives priority to manufacturing high-quality tires to ensure customer satisfaction.

Each tire it manufactures offers unique quality performance to meet the growing demands of consumers. Achilles Tires’ exciting products include robust tread design, high-quality material, great-looking designs, and tire safety features.

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