How to Siphon Gas Out Of a Newer Car

If your car breaks down with a full tank of gas or one of your vehicles is empty and the other is full, you may want to siphon the gas out of the vehicle’s tank.

This process is simple and when done correctly, does not result in getting gas in your mouth. However, remember that siphoning gas from someone else’s vehicle is illegal, so do not use this method to get gas.

Technique Of Extracting Gasoline With A Hose Works

Instead of going on and on about the hose and the physics procedure, it is much easier to watch the following short video. This video will give you a basic understanding of how and why the siphon works.

Sure, you can siphon gas with a hose without learning these things. But if you do, you’ll be better equipped to successfully siphon fuel in all kinds of unique circumstances.

Things required to siphon gas out

  • Gasoline siphon pump
  • Receptacle

How To Siphon Gas From A Car With Anti Siphon

Before you start, it is important to think about your safety first. Only pump gas from your car if you are in an emergency.

The process itself is dangerous and requires some skill to avoid accidents. So, if it’s to steal it or play a joke, don’t do it.

The preparedness movement considers a possible fuel crisis. In fact, some theories agree that these resources will run out one day.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to extract and store gasoline safely. But only in cases of emergency or extreme necessity.

Step 1: Place a five-gallon bucket on the floor to deposit the gasoline in when it starts to flow.

Cut a length of plastic hose, large enough in diameter to fit through the hole in your gas tank, and about 6 to 8 feet long.

Do not use a garden hose, as you will not be able to see the gasoline flowing unless the hose is transparent.

Step 2: Make sure your car is turned off and unscrew the gas cap. Insert one end of the hose and push it below the gas line.

If you are not sure if it is below the gas line, blow through the hose and try to hear a bubbling sound. If you don’t hear it, push the hose further.

Step 3: Lower the other end of the hose so it touches the floor, then twists it in a circular motion to create a loop.

Stand on a sturdy chair or box so that you can hold the end of the hose higher than the gas tank.

Step 4: Clean the hose to sterilize it and slowly suck on the end. Watch as the gasoline begins to flow through the loop.

As long as you hold the end of the hose well above the gas tank, the gasoline should not flow up the loop and into your mouth.

This eliminates the risk of swallowing gasoline; however, you should do it slowly for your safety. Once the gasoline has filled the loop, stop sucking on the hose.

Step 5: Place the hose in the bucket, and move it so that the loop straightens and the gasoline begins to flow into the bucket.

It should flow all the way into the bucket, and you can remove the hose and put the gas cap on.

If the gasoline stops flowing for some reason and you think there is gasoline left in the tank, do not try to remove it. You will need to flush and sterilize the hose before trying again.

Final Thoughts – How To Siphon Gas From A Car

It turns out that siphoning gasoline from modern vehicles is much more difficult than you might think.

Having the knowledge of how to do this will be essential in any SHTF scenario, as you never know when you may need to acquire more gasoline.

Keep in mind that siphoning gasoline from other people’s vehicles is illegal, and you can face significant jail time if caught. Don’t make a fool of yourself.

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