Can’t Afford To Get My Car Out Of Impound (Do This)

We may feel embarrassed and helpless if our car is impounded and we do not have money to get it out. Maybe not having money is why we reach the state when the vehicle is taken away from us.

During such times it becomes very difficult to even pay the fines and take out the car from the impound. So, what can you do about it when you are strapped for cash, and do you know why it was impounded in the first place?

Vehicles May Be Impounded For Many Reasons

The legal seizure of the vehicle by authorities and placing them until the owner completes the formalities is called impounding. The agency taking the car has to show the legitimate reason for impounding it. 

Some people abandon cars when they do not have the means to repair them or even fuel them. This may also happen for many other reasons, and the vehicle may be found in an abandoned condition on public property. The local authorities can impound that abandoned car after a certain period. 

If the owner has not paid the previous parking charges or fines, then every state and local authority may only be lenient to a certain level. The local authorities can impound the car if many pending charges have accumulated. 

Do you realize that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is a serious traffic violation? Hence, the local authorities may also impound the vehicle apart from arresting you. 

Another reason for impounding a car is if the vehicle is a part of the evidence of any crime. This may be anything from kidnapping to murders and smuggling of drugs. The very common of all reasons could be illegal parking. If parked in the wrong place, like a fire zone or reserved handicap parking, the car may be impounded. 

What if you cannot afford it

Once you have managed to locate the car, remember that each day of delay will cost you more. So plan swiftly and try to get the car back before the payment is more than the car’s value.

Please communicate with the authorities and understand the amount you need to pay to get it out. At the same time, ask them if they will assist you with some plans that can help in staggered payment. 

The fine plus the towing charges and other minor aspects may add up to a tidy sum. If the total charges add up to a lot and you don’t have money, here are some tips. 

If you are employed, you can ask the employer for an advance and be truthful about the car. You can try to ask any family member to loan you the money needed to return slowly. If your credit card has an excellent unused limit, that can help you in this time of need. You may also seek help and get a loan from a credit card company or bank.

Some people also end up selling their valuables if they don’t have money, and it is next to impossible to work without a car. You can pawn the valuables if you can afford to repay the loan and get your items back soon. You can request a local community action committee if you are employed and have a temporary shortfall of money.  

Assistance programs may help you to get the needed amount. These may include charities, local churches, or non-profits, but they may limit their help to the well-deserving ones as they have limited resources.

They may also help with legal aspects and help you get the documents regularized if needed. Remember that they will not help if the car is impounded for any illegal activity.

Another option is to apply for a high-risk payday loan. But you have tried all the resources, and this is the only way out, then you cannot help it. Remember that Pay-day loans are costly and have strict repayment schedules with high-interest rates.

If you are completely convinced about having no other choice to get monetary help, only reach out to a loan company. Though they complete the formalities very quickly, you must be sure to repay this loan immediately. 

Then It Is Time To Get The Car Out Of Impound

Remember that vehicle insurance is essential to show at the impound. You may have to pay one more charge if you don’t have any insurance or proof. Electronic proof is alright, but the lot will not release the car until you show them proof. Try to get quotes from insurance companies and take a plan covering high-risk people, as you will be considered one now.

Don’t pay too large a premium or take the most expensive plan. Buy the cheapest policy possible that covers the basics. Now it will be possible to connect with the impound and get your car out. Find out where your car is and which impound lot has taken it.

This could be the nearest towing company or check different websites of the towing companies in your city online. You can also ask the city authorities about the location and reason for impounding if you didn’t know that already.

The impound may be crowded with many people like you and the car may take sometimes even up to 48 hours to show up in any database. Call the impound lot, confirm its location, and ask for the formalities and payments to be completed there. Now you must ensure that you have enough money to pay the fines and a little more if you can.

Take all the documents, registration, insurance, your driving license, court permission in some cases, and money for the charges to be paid. You may need to wait for some time as the documentation takes time.  


It may be a daunting experience to get your car impounded, especially if you cannot afford to get it out easily. Follow the simple process and tips given here and try to repay the loan as soon as possible to avoid another challenge to your monetary woes. 


Liam Dare

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