Can I Install Apple CarPlay In My Car?

Everyone loves some good music when they are on the roads. Many enjoy the drive only because of the music. Gone are the days when you had to create your own playlist and burn those tracks on a disc. USB flash drives were easier to transfer tracks too. You could plug it into any car you are in and play your songs.

Today, you can take out a smartphone, connect it to your car’s infotainment system via Bluetooth and enjoy your music in your car, just as you would on your phone. Since it is streamed from other Apps, you need not download it onto any device either. Then comes CarPlay, bringing a whole new dimension to using your iPhone in your car, with your vehicle.

What Exactly Is CarPlay?

CarPlay is one of Apple’s interesting and very useful applications, which allows you to integrate a car’s infotainment system with your iPhone.

Once you integrate it, you can start using most of the phone’s features on your car’s system. This is not exactly like the Bluetooth connectivity feature all cars offer today.

Are you wondering if you may install Apple CarPlay in your car?

Installing Apple CarPlay in your car is a very easy process as long as the car supports it. Today, only the top car manufacturers like BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, and others support Apple CarPlay. The other manufacturers are expected to join the bandwagon soon.

Benefits Of Apple CarPlay

Using CarPlay can be very useful while driving, you can use almost all functions of your phone. Apple’s infotainment system allows you to pull up your favorite tracks, make calls, send messages, and even get your directions, turn by turn. It is a very smart and safe way to use your iPhone and its features in your car.

When using CarPlay, you need not look at your phone to check messages or directions. Yes, Bluetooth can provide you with directions via audio too. But sometimes, you need to see the roads before you can drive through them, and looking down into your phone is not safe.

CarPlay will display everything on the infotainment system just like it would be displayed on your iPhone. So, using and navigating through it is easy. You can even use the infamous Siri via CarPlay. Now, what more can we ask for when it comes to a car infotainment system?

How To Install CarPlay In Your Car?

As you know, not all car manufacturers support CarPlay yet. If your car supports it, you can install it in your car in no time.

  1. Switch on your car engine, and the system
  2. Turn your phone and Siri on
  3. Next, connect you phone to your car infotainment system
  4. Now let Siri do the rest

Different cars have different controls. A few cars, have a voice command control button right on the steering wheel, for you to use without looking away from the roads. You may have to hold the app button on the touch screen in some cars.

Just follow the steps one by one, to connect Apple CarPlay to your car’s infotainment system. Once you finish the set-up, you can start enjoying the instinctive built-in controls and never get distracted while you drive.

Wire/ Wireless

The new cars have a wireless option in them. They allow you to use CarPlay without any wires. The older cars will require you to connect your phone to the car system with a wire. Well, don’t get panicked imaging how complicated this might be. It is just like plugging in your phone in your car for charging. 

Yes, some people find this wire to be a disturbance while driving. You need to get the right wire length and place it strategically so that it does not come in the way while you drive.

What If My Car Is Old And Does Not Support CarPlay?

New cars and high-end cars support CarPlay. Not everyone can buy a new car or a high-end car. Just because you are still using your old car or have bought a second-hand car due to your requirements and constraints does not mean you need to compromise on this exciting option from Apple.

You can use Apple CarPlay in the following ways in your car:

Car Head Unit Replacement

The Head unit plays a major role in any music system. You can replace your car’s old head unit with a newer version compatible with CarPlay. 

Now, with this replacement, you can enjoy added benefits as well. The newer head units have many other features to make your drive more enjoyable and comfortable. It can include a newer or better reverse camera and integrated multimedia systems.

The only catch here is not all car systems are compatible with new head units. You may want to fit it in yourself, but it may not be that simple. It is advisable to get assistance from a professional who has experience fitting such head units in older cars.

Adding CarPlay With A Retrofit

Now, if you want to use CarPlay without all of the above set-ups or additions, your system needs to be compatible with CarPlay. Don’t worry, you don’t have to change the entire car infotainment system.

Some manufacturers provide systems that have the option for a retrofit. Check with your manufacturer if the car you own is suitable for a retrofit. When you add CarPlay with a retrofit, you can enjoy all the benefits of CarPlay with just a little expense. With a Retrofit, you can avoid spending too much on the system.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Some cars may be too old for retrofit or a new head unit. In such cars, check for Bluetooth connectivity. If the car model has or allows you to upgrade to a system with Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy most of the features CarPlay has to offer.

However, you can enjoy the basic features like answering or making calls, getting audio directions, or playing music. You cannot do much with an old system, but you can still enjoy a hands-free experience with limited access to your phone features.


You can still enjoy CarPlay without a little change to your existing infotainment system without a new car. However, if you want the full package with a seamless set-up, it is time to consider changing your car or at least your entire infotainment system – if your car manufacturer will support it.   

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