Best Nakamoto Brakes Review

Buying the right automotive parts is not always easy. It is especially true when you need to purchase a safety system, like brakes. You may have found several brands manufacturing brakes for different vehicle models. However, one of the leading manufacturers is the Taiwan-based company, Nakamoto. Nakamoto has designed state-of-the-art brake pad kits for automobile owners. The OE compliant products of this brand have become a reliable choice for several car owners. Still, you can get confused while searching for the best Nakamoto brake kits. We have selected the high-quality brakes manufactured by this brand. You can compare them and buy the right package.

Nakamoto Brakes Review – Comparison table

Nakamoto Brake Rotor MB950951   Drilled brakesMB950951 Brake Rotor Brake Drum Fits Mitsubishi Delica 1983-2004 / L300 1983-1994 / L200 1987-2007/ Pajero 1982-1990 / RAM 1987-1993
Nakamoto Brake Rotor 42431-12130 Brake DrumDrilled brakesToyota Corolla 1992-2001 / Tercel 1994-1999  
Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc   Drilled brakes Es 1998-2001 / Alphard 2003-2008 / Avensis 2001-2010 / Toyota Camry 1996-2006 / Gaia 1998-2003 / Isis 2004-2014 / Noah/Voxy 2001-2007 / Nadia 1998-2003 / Previa 2000-2006
Nakamoto Rotor & Brake Pad Kit  Drilled brakesMost vehicle models
Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-4U101Drilled brakesAlmera 2000-2017 / Maxima 1999-2003 / X-Trail 2001-2013 / Primera Estate 2002- 

Nakamoto Brake Rotors Review

1. Nakamoto Brake Rotor MB950951(Best for high durability)

We have found it to be one of the most popular brake kits that you can use with different vehicles. The top-quality materials and flawless design have made this brake rotor the best choice for automobile owners.


  • Design– Cast in high quality G3000 metallurgy, the brake rotors have a perfect design. Nakamoto has maintained OE standards while manufacturing these brake kits. The proper plating with a precisely drilled design has made the brake rotor a quality product. Manufacturers have paid attention to every detail to manufacture the rotor. The symmetric vane casting applied on the disc plate ensures a structural balance.
  • Performance– By analyzing the structural components and customer reviews, we have found that these brakes have shown incomparable performance. You will enjoy a better braking solution with this product. There is a minimum plate thickness mark ensuring your safety.
  • Compatibility– The brake rotor kit fits different models, like Mitsubishi Delica 1983-2004, L300 1983-1994, RAM 1987-1993, and L200 1987-2007.


  • No modification needed
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Quiet braking system


  • No complaint found

With the bolt-on design and non-directional surface, you can find smooth braking performance. Moreover, the thermal efficiency has added durability of these brake rotors. Check to know the price.

2. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 42431-12130 Brake Drum (Best perform in wet conditions)

Nakamoto has always used highly engineered technology to design the brake drum. Like other brake kits, this product has all the features to ensure your safety. You can replace your old brake drum with these authentic Nakamoto products. Visit to check the price.


  • Design– As Nakamoto has designed the drilled rotors, you can find the venting properties. Water can escape the rotor’s surface, and you will find the best wet-weather performance. Moreover, the innovative casting technology ensures the high durability of the brake system.
  • Performance– Due to the quiet performance, lots of automobile owners have invested in these products. Your vehicle will gain the optimal stopping capability with these brake rotors. Also, these quality brake systems deliver the best performance for several years. Thus, you will find value from buying this package.
  • Compatibility– Nakamoto42431-12130 brake rotor is the perfect choice for Tercel 1994-1999 and Toyota Corolla 1992-2001. Still, you have to check your vehicle’s technical details to fit these brakes properly.


  • Precise drilling
  • Proper plating
  • Good braking


  • Not compatible with several vehicles

When you are a DIY enthusiast, you can easily prefer these brake kits for your automobile. You do not need to go through a complicated process to install the rotor.

3. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc (Best for high compatibility)

Nakamoto brake users can raise no question in terms of the quality of every product. You can buy the right brake rotor model, install it, and drive your automobile safely. Without professional help, you can install your brake rotor.


  • Design– Nakamoto has the best engineers who have used the right amount of metal for these brakes’ casting process. You will find a proper balance of structure and strength in these brake rotors. Moreover, the non-directional detailing is another advantageous thing about the rotors. Due to this finish, the surface scratches can go in different directions. That is why you will find a minimal effect on the noise and pad vibration.
  • Performance– The simple brake rotors can add a high functional value to your automobile’s overall braking system. Nakamoto has used symmetric vane casting technology for the proper heat dissipation. Thus, we can say that these brake rotors have a thermally efficient design.
  • Compatibility– You can buy the brake kit forLexus Rx300 1999-2003, Toyota Camry 1996-2006, Es 1998-2001, Alphard 2003-2008, Previa 2000-2006, Gaia 1998-2003, and Avensis 2001-2010. 


  • Perfect plate thickness
  • Ensure safe driving
  • Modification-free installation


  • No complaint found

Overall, we have found this brake rotor package highly reliable for different vehicle owners. You can find a quality rotor design and consistent performance.

4. Nakamoto Rotor & Brake Pad Kit (Best for both front and rear brakes)

We have chosen a comprehensive brake system that includes quality pads and rotors. When you are looking for both the front and rear brake kits, you can purchase this package. Check its price from


  • Design– Manufactured with the CNC machining system, these brake rotors have no flaw in their design. Nakamoto has used advanced technology for the metal rotors. The highly tested rotors cast with G3000 metallurgy can last long. Moreover, the seamless bolt-on feature is another notable thing about the brake rotor. The drilled holes on the rotors play a role in the cooling process. The brake pads included in the package also have a quality design. These ceramic pads keep your rotor safe and maintain the braking system’s performance.
  • Performance– You can use the combo package of brake rotors and pads to find a noise-free performance. Fit the components to your front and rear brakes and notice a difference in the braking performance.
  • Compatibility– The brake kit is compatible with most trucks and SUVs.


  • No impurities due to thermal scorching
  • Make the vehicle’s braking performance better.
  • Classy look


  • Pads fading over time

Although the kit is costly, you will avail of multiple components for your braking system. Thus, with a single investment, you will get the essential brake parts for your vehicle.

5. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-4U101 (Best for rust-resistant design)

We have chosen another CNC machined brake rotor system for your car. You can make your driving safer with this brake rotor. We have found that this product is highly reliable for the most modern automobile from reviewing the brake features. Check price from


  • Design-Nakamoto 40206-4U101 brake rotor has achieved perfection in the design. The drilled rotors with properly cast designs have impressed several users. Besides, the non-directional finish enables your braking system without vibration.The plating technology and drilled holes ensure that the rotor can endure different weather conditions.
  • Performance– From the performance standpoint, these brake rotors have high stopping capability. Moreover, the thermal efficiency level is high, as there is proper heat dissipation. You will also find consistency in the weight distribution.
  • Compatibility– Compatibility is the most important factor, and you need to ensure that the chosen brake model fits your car. This Nakamoto brake rotor is a perfect choice for Primera Estate 2002, Nissan Almera 2000-2017, and some other vehicles.


  • No modifications need for installation.
  • CNC machined design
  • Smooth braking performance
  • High structural balance


  • No complaint found

The overall performance of the brake rotors has pleased us. You can try out this brake rotor kit for any of the compatible vehicles.

Guide to buying the Best Nakamoto Brakes

Before buying a brake kit for your vehicle, you must know that brake rotors are of different types.

1. Slotted rotors

Some rotors are available with slotted designs to provide a better level of friction. With the right brake pads, you can find the best performance. Slots present on the rotor surface help escape gas, which passes through the rotor and pad. This mechanism keeps up the proper friction level, and your brakes will not fade away.

2. Cross-drilled rotors

You can find better airflow through the rotor and ensure brake bite. Thus, cross-drilled rotors remain cool, as it can manage your brake gas properly. During your heavy braking, heat dissipates out of the holes on the rotor.

Cross-drilled rotors can retain their performance in wet weather conditions. Dust and water can escape easily to prevent damages to your brakes. Moreover, these cross-drilled models have a high aesthetic value. The special venting system prolongs your brake pad’s lifespan.

3. Slotted and drilled rotors

Some rotors have a combination of both drilled and slotted designs to give you the ultimate advantage. Besides, they work best under any weather conditions and dispel heat. You can avoid brake fading risks with these rotors.

Brake Kits – Some Factors

1. Stopping capability

The higher friction between the rotor and the brake can increase the stopping power. You can look for brake kits that ensure high stopping power.

2. Coating on the rotors

The best brake rotors have zinc coating on them to add durability to the product. Moreover, this special coating also reduces the corrosion risk.

3. What is included in the package?

Some brake rotor packages include brake pads. Nakamoto mostly offers ceramic brake pads of premium quality. You can choose those kits to avoid noise problems with your braking system.


Are Nakamoto brakes a reliable choice for the automobile?

Nakamoto offers premium quality braking systems, as it applies high-tech manufacturing technologies to design its products. Due to this technologically advanced design, most modern vehicles are compatible with these brake kits. Moreover, these brakes are OE complaints and eco-friendly products that can last for more than 50,000 miles.

The presence of slots and cross-drilled holes has made the installation process easier. The precisely measured and highly coordinated design ensures a custom fit for your vehicles.

Does Nakamoto offer a lifetime warranty with its brakes?

No, you will not get a lifetime warranty with Nakamoto brakes. However, Nakamoto brakes are available with a limited lifetime warranty. But, the warranty does not cover damages caused by regular wear and tear. For instance, the Brake Pad and Rotor kit have a limited 10-year lifetime warranty against artistry defects and material problems.

Are Nakamoto brakes long-lasting?

Your brakes’ lifespan may vary due to several factors. The engineering technology applied by manufacturers ensures that the brakes have a corrosion-resistant, durable design. It would be best if you avoided sharp braking, as it can cause your brakes to wear away easily. On average, the brake system has a lifespan ranging from 30,000 to 70,000 miles.

Where does Nakamoto manufacture its brakes?

Nakamoto set up its headquarters in Taiwan. The manufacturing plant in Taiwan manufactures 360 pieces every day.

How should I keep up the original condition of my brakes?

We have some maintenance tips that keep your brakes look new and perform best.

Check the brake fluid level regularly- The brake fluid must be clean, and you must keep up its proper level. When you do not know how to do it rightly, you have to check for the manufacturers’ instructions. At times, the fluid can become milky, and it indicates the access of water into the braking system. It would help if you drained the fluid to replace it with the fresh one.

Inspect your brake rotors and pads to find the signs of deterioration. While you drive your car with the damaged brakes, they will cause safety issues on the highway. That is why you must replace the defective brake system. Make your brake long-lasting with these simple steps.

Maintaining the car brakes is always important to ensure your safety. Every time you think of driving the vehicle, you have to check every brake component. A defect in any of the components can result in different safety problems.


It is now easy for you to choose the best set of Nakamoto brakes for your vehicle. Check your automobile details and invest in quality brakes. The high-performance brakes will keep you safe. Replace your old brakes at the right time to avoid any risk.

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