Best Remanufactured Brake Calipers

The brake system constitutes the most important of every vehicle, as it ensures the safety of drivers. This system comprises several parts, like pads, rotors, and brake calipers. While hitting the pedal, hydraulic pressure passing through your brake line reaches the calipers.

The calipers have pistons, which put stress on pads until you have stopped the vehicle. Using the best quality brake calipers, you will have a safer ride and feel comfortable on the road. We have now reviewed the best-remanufactured brake calipers for your automobiles. You can read our detailed review and make your decision on buying the right caliper.

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Best remanufactured brake calipers – Comparison table

Wilwood Engineering 14011291R Brake CaliperDurable, aluminum calipersGM vehicles manufactured between 1968 and 1996
Power Stop KC6075 Z23 brake calipers with rotorsQuality calipers with silver zinc dichromate plating2016-2017 and 2009-2014 Nissan Maxima.
MAYASAF 19B3116 19B3117 Premium-quality design for the front brakeFord Escape SUV and similar other models, like Mazda Tribute and Mercury Mariner.
ACDelco 18FR745 brake calipersAluminum and cast ironEscalade, DeVille, Fleetwood, and other vehicle models
DRIVESTAR 187019 187020 brake calipersFriction-ready calipersSecond-generation and third-generation Chevrolet Corvette.

Best Remanufactured Brake Calipers Reviews

Wilwood Engineering 14011291R Brake Caliper (Best as low-maintenance calipers)

The California-based company Wilwood is known for manufacturing different brake components. We have found this product to be highly reliable for most of the vehicle models.


  • Design– By analyzing the caliper design, we have found that it has a two-piston model. You can directly replace your original brake caliper with this product. The forged aluminum billet body has made these calipers highly durable. Moreover, it includes the best quality high-temperature seals and stainless steel pistons.
  • Compatibility- Wilwood has designed this brake caliper for the front brake of GM vehicles manufactured between 1968 and 1996. However, you may also find high-grade rear brake calipers that work with these front models.


  • High longevity
  • Good look with red finish
  • Lightweight aluminum design


  • May not be compatible with some OEM wheel designs.

You do not need to make a high effort to maintain these calipers. Thus, by investing in these brake calipers, you can use them for several years. 

Power Stop KC6075 Z23 brake calipers with rotors (Best for easily cleanable surface)

You can buy this comprehensive brake kit with a little more investment, which includes calipers with rotors. Thus, you will get all the essential replacement parts with this package. The 1-click brake kit has perfect design and performance.


  • Design- The brake calipers with red powder coating on the surface are very easy to clean. Moreover, this special coating has the potential to prevent rust problems. Your calipers can be long-lasting due to the coating. Besides, the drilled and slotted rotors have silver-zinc dichromate plating to ensure protection against rust. The kit also includes ceramic brake pads, which do not produce noise.
  • Compatibility- As one of the reliable brands, Power Stop has made this caliper kit compatible with different vehicles, like 2016-2017 and 2009-2014 Nissan Maxima. Thus, when you own any of these car models, you can try out this package.


  • Highly durable calipers
  • Low-dust pads
  • Advanced plating technology


  • No complaints

At a reasonable price rate, you can avail of this brake kit, including calipers. The pads ensure noise-less performance and the calipers can last long.

MAYASAF 19B3116 19B3117 – (Best as a highly compatible model)

We have chosen this product for those who need OE-quality brake calipers. This caliper set works best with most of the vehicles available in the market. You can directly replace your original calipers with this perfectly designed model.


  • Design- We have found a thoughtful design with these calipers. These calipers have passed different tests to ensure high durability and quality. Also, they are passenger-side and drive-side caliper sets available for most modern vehicles. You can buy these calipers for your front calipers.
  • Compatibility- The calipers are compatible with Ford Escape SUV and similar other models, like Mazda Tribute and Mercury Mariner.


  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Highly durability
  • Perfect for most automobiles


  • Include no brake pads in the package.

Manufacturers have focused on every detail to design these brake calipers. These brand new calipers ensure a profit fit for your vehicles.

ACDelco 18FR745 brake calipers – (Best for high responsiveness)

The professional standard calipers with high responsiveness have become a popular choice among several automobile technicians.


  • Design- A close analysis of the design has revealed that these calipers have a highly resilient design. They have a combination of aluminum and cast iron. That is why you can raise no question about durability. Moreover, as there are no pads and additional features, the design is highly customizable. You do not need to put much pressure on your brake by installing these calipers. Some parts are made of Ethylene rubber to ensure a weather-resistant design.
  • Compatibility- You can buy the brake caliper set for Escalade, DeVille, Fleetwood, and other vehicle models


  • High-end design
  • Endure weather elements
  • Easy to install


  • No mounting hardware included.

You will find the most effective braking performance with this caliper set. We have chosen these calipers for high resistance to weather and customizable design.

DRIVESTAR 187019 187020 brake calipers (Best for easy installation)

DRIVESTAR has introduced brand new caliper models that are not remanufactured. You can make a direct fit replacement for your brake parts. With mounting hardware, like bleeder screws and slider pins, this package has become the best choice for several vehicle owners.


  • Design- You can find high durability and premium quality with these brake calipers. DRIVESTAR has offered friction-ready calipers, and thus, they do not include brake pads. Thus, based on your driving style and needs, you may purchase the right brake pads.
  • Compatibility- You can buy these calipers for the second generation and third generation Chevrolet Corvette. However, some other vehicles’ brakes also work with these calipers.


  • Trouble-free installation
  • Quality calipers
  • Friction-ready designs


  • No new mounting brackets included

One of the best things grabbing our attention is that there is a 12-month warranty. While you have faced any issue within a year, you can replace it free of cost.

Guide to Buying the Best Brake Calipers

Buying the best brake parts may not be easy. The choice of the right calipers is important to install them properly in your vehicle’s brake system.

To purchase the most reliable calipers, you have to focus on some factors.

Materials used in the calipers

The best quality brake calipers are made of durable materials that ensure a lasting value. The difference in construction can cause price variations. For instance, metallic and semi-metallic models ensure the best braking performance and high longevity. But, they can be noisy and result in brake dust problems. Ceramic calipers minimize the noise level, although they cost slightly higher.

The lifespan of your calipers

You have to look for braking calipers that can endure frequent braking. However, it is not easy to calculate the lifespan of your braking calipers. The most durable ones have thick metallic pistons with a powder-coated surface.


The squealing noise indicates that your caliper has signs of deterioration. While pressing the brake pedal, you can hear this noise. Moreover, you may find the loud performance of these calipers. The noisiest ones are semi-metallic and fully metallic designs. When calipers have a special rubberized coating, they are the quietest ones.

Types of brake calipers

The floating calipers may have more than one piston present on the rotor’s inboard side. Each of the pistons stresses the calipers while applying brakes to generate friction between the rotor and pads. Another type is the fixed caliper that does not move. You can choose it as a high-performance caliper due to the presence of several pistons.


Why should I buy brake calipers?

Brake calipers play an important role in protecting the brake pads. By surrounding these pads, they ensure the ultimate protection. They can prevent grimes, dust, and dirt buildup under your brake pads. Thus, to let other brake parts work properly, you can invest in these calipers.

Should I replace brake calipers in pairs?

In most cases, one of the calipers has defects. Still, to make the right decision, you may speak to your technicians. When the other caliper is old and has the chance of damages, you need to look for new products. Moreover, the material of the new calipers may be different from that of the old ones. In that case, you have to replace both the calipers.

How can I detect frozen caliper?

Some common signs of identifying it are-

  • You cannot press and release brakes smoothly.
  • Your vehicle is pulling sideways while driving it.
  • High heat near your wheels
  • The odd smell of some burning rubber


We have picked the best-rated calipers with a unique build and durable parts. Our chosen products have fair pricing, and you can find them without your budget. Our brake caliper buying guide will enable you to buy the right products.

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