How To Remove Studs From Tires

Due to the crisis, many motorists are looking for ways to save money on car maintenance and servicing. Some prefer to save money on tires. This can be done in several ways, such as using winter tires in summer. However, to do this, you will need to remove the extra studs. How to do this?

There are several ways to remove the lugs from tires. Let’s look at each of them separately.

How To Remove Studs From Tires [Step by Step]

Now we will show you how to remove tire studs at home. The process is quite easy and can be done with tools you already own.

Just keep one thing in mind before you do the process, you will not be able to reattach the lugs once they are removed.

Method No. 1

You can remove the spikes yourself with a screwdriver. It must be inserted into the stud at the top and pull sharply upwards. Items that are firmly installed and are not prone to fall out will not come out at once, you will have to repeat the movement several times.

The best way to carry out this process is to wear thick gloves, but even these will not always save you from blisters. As a rule, it is very difficult to remove the tips in this way, and you can hardly remove more than half of them at a time, as you get very tired.

It also increases the risk of damaging the rubber or even puncturing the tire. To make sure that no damage has occurred, you have to put the inflated tires in water and check whether they make bubbles or not. It is fair to point out that the process is very time-consuming, tedious, and inefficient.

Method No. 2

The second option is much safer and more effective. It requires pliers and special tire grease. To begin with, it is necessary to lubricate the tread and then use pliers to remove each stud. At the same time, the tires should be well inflated for comfort. The studs should point upward when removed so as not to damage the rubber.

Method 3: “Shaking” the studs during driving.

An unusual way to ensure that all studs come out of the tread on their own is to drive on dry asphalt surfaces. After a short period of use in such conditions, almost all of the elements will fall out of their seats.

To increase performance, you can gain speed sharply and resort to emergency braking. However, in such a case there will be a serious disadvantage: along with the lugs that have fallen off, the service life of the tire is significantly reduced, as the tread layer wears out in such conditions.

This method also does not guarantee complete removal of the lugs, as some of them remain in place. In addition, to remove the lugs it is necessary to travel a significant distance, and this style of driving substantially increases fuel consumption, which leads to material losses.

Method 4: Go to a car repair shop

This is the safest and quickest option. However, this will incur a financial cost. All tire shops have equipment for both inserting and removing the studs. Insertion is done with a special gun, and removal takes place with the same gun, but with the opposite effect.

Before inserting a stud, the master prepares the area where the stud is mounted, i.e. expands it. After this, the fretwork elements will be quickly removed. So everything will be done safely, and the tires will not be damaged.

As a rule, it is necessary to balance the wheels after removing the studs. It is convenient that it can be done at a service station or tire mounting shop. The only disadvantage of this method is the need to pay for the service.

Can you use winter tires in the summer?

The tire is the only element of the vehicle that is in contact with the ground. It is therefore of vital importance that they are in good condition and that they are used properly. The composition of a winter tire is a mixture of different rubbers, a material that does not harden at low temperatures.

In those areas where winter weather is constant, it is advisable to mount winter tires, but using them in the hottest season of the year may cause them to be unsafe to drive on.

The first thing you may notice when driving with winter tires in summer is a greater lack of grip. The main difference between winter and summer tires is the tread pattern. Winter tires are deeper to evacuate water and snow more easily, while summer tires are shallower. When the winter tire has reached 7°C, it needs more distance to achieve the desired braking, so imagine with summer temperatures, sometimes above 35-40 degrees.

Another symptom is higher fuel consumption and increased tire wear. Because they have a larger tread surface in contact with the ground, winter tires wear more and cause higher fuel consumption. In addition, winter tires are more expensive. Their price increases by about 10% compared to summer tires.

If you want a mixture of both, it is possible to combine the two types of tires, i.e. use tires approved for both winter and summer.

In short, it is not at all advisable to drive with winter tires in summer, mainly because they are much less safe.

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How many studs are in a tire?

A typical studded tire will have around 100 studs, but depending on the brand, the average is between 60 and 120 studs.

Is it safe to remove studs from tires?

Yes, it is safe to remove studs from tires, but always keep in mind to inspect the tires after removing studs to make sure you have not caused any damage.

How Much Does it Cost To Have Studs Removed From Tires?

Actually removing studs from tires is a relatively easy task. If you decide to take your vehicle to a shop and not remove the studs yourself, you could end up paying between $25 to $50 for a set of tires.

Final Thoughts – Remove Studs From Tires

It turned out that it is quite real to remove the spikes from a tire, but you will need either tools, strength, and time, or money and specialized equipment. However, you should keep in mind that you can try to make winter tires summer tires only as a last resort. They are designed for frost, so in warm weather, they begin to melt, so their wear occurs much faster.

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