How To Remove Scratches from Car Windows? [Quick Fixes]

Windshield scratches can come out of nowhere. A scratch is an ordinary problem that occurs on car windows, so it is important to have knowledge regarding methods of removing car scratches for good maintenance.

A scratch on the windshield is less noticeable than a dent and less problematic than a crack. They cause obstruction to the driver’s clear vision of the road through the glass. You’ll need to find ways to eliminate these scratches to avoid distractions while driving.

Here’s a short look at some of the common ways to remove scratches from cars and suggestions for how to avoid them in the future. Check it out!

Tips to Remove Scratches from Car

1. Toothpaste

You can apply toothpaste to remove scratches from car paint. When activated with a little elbow grease, the minty freshener provides a quick and cost-effective method for repairing and smoothing small scratches in the glass.

After carefully cleaning and drying the surface, dab a damp, lint-free cloth with a dot of white, non-gel toothpaste (ideally including baking soda). Rub the paste into the scrape for approximately 30 seconds using small circular strokes. With a cloth, wipe away any excess toothpaste and check for indications of improvement.

Reapply the paste as necessary to lessen the appearance of the scratch. Finally, wipe down your freshly spotless glass with a moist towel to remove any remaining paste and restore the glass’s natural lustre.

2. Nail Polish

Nail polish is a good car scratch remover. A bottle of clear nail polish contains concentrated components that can be used to conceal defects and enhance the appearance of glass without fading or hurting it.

Spread a small layer of polish over the entire scratch using the polish’s applicator brush. Clear polish fills in any grooves and conceals any dings. Before wiping away the polish, keep it for an hour to cure over the glass. Use a clean and dry cloth soaked in nail polish remover to wipe. This will dissolve any polish remaining on the window’s glass surface.

3. Metal Polish

Another approach to removing scratches from cars at home is to lightly buff the glass surfaces with a metal polish product. To begin, clean and dry the metal to remove any dust or dirt that could cause further damage to the surface.

Following that, using a cotton ball or clean cloth, carefully wipe the polish into the scratch in a circular motion. You can remove the remaining solution with a wet and clean cloth to get a smooth surface. Do not use an excessive metal polish, as its corrosive properties may cause more harm.

4. Baking Soda

You can use baking soda as a glass polishing amalgam. To begin eliminating scratches using baking soda, clean the window with a clean cloth and warm water. Ensure that you use a clean fabric to avoid introducing debris or additional scratches caused by dirt on it.

First, make a solution of water and a spoonful of baking soda. Ascertain that the container you use is clean to avoid including pollutants in the mixture, which could result in further scratches.

Mix with a spatula. Following that, attempt to remove any large pieces of baking soda that did not dissolve. When the mixture becomes a paste, you can stop mixing.

5. Cerium Oxide

The application of cerium oxide is very useful when it comes to car scratches. It’s an expensive glass polishing chemical, but it’s effective to remove a deep scratch from car, such as those on windshields. Let us examine how to use cerium oxide to remove scratches from car at home.

To begin, thoroughly clean the glass with water and a clean towel. Then thoroughly combine the cerium oxide and water until paste forms.

Following that, using a brush, rub the paste into the scrape. Consistent pressure application is necessary to avoid an undulating finish.

You should repeat this procedure until the scratch is completely filled. When finished, wipe the window with a moist towel to keep your workspace tidy. This way you can remove deep scratches from a car.

How to Differentiate a Crack from a Scratch?

If you’re unfamiliar, a windshield is normally made up of two sheets of laminated glass sandwiched together by a plastic layer. If the damage to your windshield penetrates the outer layer, it is referred to be a crack; if it does not, it is referred to as a scratch.

While a windshield repair approach may be able to minimize the look of a crack, it will not totally resolve the issue. A crack has a propensity to spread if left alone.

This will not only reduce your visibility but may also jeopardize the windshield’s integrity.

Consider a scratch as a groove etched into the surface of your glass. You can efficiently remove the scratch by filling in the groove with a clear solution and then cleaning the surface.

Suggestions For Avoiding Future Scratches

1. Keep An Eye Out for Signs of Aging Wipers

Window scratches are frequently caused by worn wipers. If you discover they’re performing less efficiently than normal, this could be a symptom of rubber blades beginning to wear.

If they are worn excessively, they may expose the metal surface, which will scrape against your windshield.

2. Maintain a Clean Windshield

While they may not leave significant scratches on your windshield, dust particles left on it can leave minor scratches as your wipers run over it.

Fortunately, if you make it a habit to maintain your windshield clear, you may significantly lessen the likelihood of this occurring.

3. Sufficient Supply of Wiper Fluid Should be Maintained

First, splash some water on your windshield. This is an excellent way to avoid scratches. Bear in mind that pollutants such as dirt and dust are basically small rocks, and using your dry wipers against the windshield is likely to cause a scratch.


Can I Remove Scratches from Car at Home?

If the scratches on your car windows are small then those can be removed at home. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies required for the removal. Before you attempt to remove scratches from car, don’t forget to wash it.


Unsightly scratches on your windows can be caused by anything from an exuberant pet’s sharp claws to trees pushing against the home. Repairing the damage does not always require the assistance of a glass technician, but scratches should be addressed soon before they develop into fractures.

By applying the above-mentioned methods, it will be quite easy for you to remove scratches from car paint at home without any professional assistance.

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