How Much Does It Cost to Repaint a Car? – Things You Should Know

The idea of repainting your car can make you happy and cheering instantly. However, when you go through the budget and expenses coming your way while planning to do so, it can force you to abort the plan for now. Repainting a car depends on various aspects. Well, there is always an option to get the job done by yourself. However, DIY car repaint might not end up being such a great idea that it sounds, especially for people who have never tried car painting ever before. When you opt for a DIY car paint job, it might not last as long as the professional’s job. Therefore here are some of the most important aspects to consider while opting for a car repaint job. 

Before we proceed further, here is a small trivia. It would help if you considered the weather around your area or the auto body shop while opting for a car repaint. The sand, the salt in the air, and even the warmth- these environmental factors will have a say in how long your paint is going to stay around. 

Now, when you want to repaint your car, a few things will affect the cost. Therefore, if you think about repainting anyway, this article is ready to get you a fair idea about the budget to paint the wheels before you reach the shop. Check them below:

How much may it cost to repaint the car?

When you have to restore only a small part of your car, you may not need to spend the money you might pay when you need a complete cover repaint job. However, there is another factor too. The quality of the exterior of your car matters too much. If the painted body’s quality is rusty and imperfect, it may cost you a lump sum to carefully repaint the whole car. 

What kind of painting does it need?

This is another important factor to determine the price of a car repaint. The cost will be lower when you want to repaint to retain the original shades of your car. However, when you want a new shade to accommodate the new customized design perfectly, you have thought it might bring a few extra guards out of your pocket. This is because a new shade on your car often invests a lot of work into it, such as the disassembling and assembling job. 

What types of paint do you use?

This is a factor where you cannot save a few bucks. Different shades, types, and quality of paints come at different prices. Now, no matter what shade or type of paint you were looking for in your car, you have to opt for the best quality available in the market. 

To whom are you handing the responsibility?

This is one of the most important aspects that can hamper the price of repaint at any time. Every second auto body shop with classic workers and higher expertise will influence the price to go higher. Some auto body shops have a decorated paint booth for the paint jobs of a car. This will ensure the car you have left there for repaint will not come in contact with dirt and debris until it is finished dying or better until you have come to pick it up. You will also have to pay a higher price for such arrangements too. 

Whereas these are some common factors affecting the cost of a repaint job for your car, here are a few things that will summarize all of these factors. 

The longer it has to stay, the higher price you have to pay:

How much does it cost to paint a car

Some stores will claim that they can finish the whole work in only three days; sometimes, even a lesser time span. However, experience has already taught us that the car will stay in the garage for at least a week. We may look at the repaint job as a simple task of putting a new coat of paint on top of the old one, but it is not that easy. The oxidations, fading, and damaged surface of your car take a lot of time to come back into its perfect shape. The workers have to invest a lot of time from removing the old coat to put a new one on your car. 

Remember that your vehicle is not ready during its arrival in the garage for a repaint. Your car needs a lot of preparation work, and that cost adds up to the cost of the total cost of your repaint job. So, always make sure you have a loose budget in hand. 

The new layer will not fix every problem:

The car repaint job is not as easy as putting on a new layer of paint on the car body. According to the auto body shop specialists in the States, new paint jobs sometimes show some adverse effects on your car. This means you should have a sensible expectation from the garage work while they will be busy repainting your car. 

There are times when a dent on your car or a scratch will not just vanish after a new coating of paint on the exterior of your car. You may opt for paint over damages, but it will not hide the issues you have in your car. At times, a new coat of paint will emphasize the damage or make it the focal point. Therefore, you should support the auto body shop in their work to get the most favorable outcome. 

Let them rip off the old layer of paint, and then let them repair the issues or damages on the exterior of your car. This way, you will get a new car without gouges, nicks, cuts, cavities, scratch, or corrosion signs when the car comes out of servicing. However, this will surely have a say in the overall cost too. 

The interior might get removed:

Many inexperienced car users do not realize how important it is to remove the interiors while doing a repaint job. This is important because there is always a chance of paints making contact with your interior cushions, if not anything else. Therefore interiors are needed to be removed before the experts start their work. And it does include the console, the dash, and the seats too. The additional services we have just mentioned will end up being some extra cost on your list of expenses. 

Now you might be thinking of doing a few things on your own that can easily cost off the service. Well, we are also going to suggest the same. Well, here is a small tip. While removing the interiors on your own, make sure you have withdrawn your belongings inside the vehicle as you don’t want anything to happen to them, like losing them or watching them being damaged. 

Can we DIY repaint the job?

Well, as we have already mentioned how hard DIY can be, especially when absolute beginners try to make their car look cool. However, there are a few things you may try to do by yourself to reduce the cost of a professional painting; such as removing the interiors on your own before sending them to the garage. Other than these, it is almost next to impossible for a car owner to carry a DIY paint project and pull it off in the end. 

Even though DIY can save you a lot of money, a car repaint takes a lot to pull it off successfully. Most of us do not possess that much skill set. Therefore, to conclude this debate once and for all, yes, an experienced person can try doing their car’s repaint job, but nothing comes close to the skilled hands when you want the best result. 

Now here are a few things you need to consider while choosing the right auto body shop:

Choosing an auto body shop is hard. Some shops deal with the problems better, whereas some have the best painting services. However, when considering a repaint for your car, you always want to opt for the one service center with better paint jobs. Here are some of the best ways to determine the right auto body shop for your car repaint. 

The reviews:

The reviews are the first and foremost thing you want to check while searching for the right auto body shop to repaint your car like new. You should always check for what other customers had to say about the auto body shop of your choice and how excellent services they have provided in the past. The testimonials from original customers about a particular auto shop play a vital role for the auto shop to become one of the finest garages one day. 

Ask your friends:

Always ask your friends and family while choosing the right auto body shop for a repaint job in the market. Your friends and family must have opted for these services at least once in their lifetime. Ask them for suggestions and your shortlist for the best garages around will keep getting bigger and better. This is another way to get hold of the best auto body shops for repaint jobs available near you. 


This is also a very important aspect you need to check while choosing the perfect auto body repair for a repaint job. Although we always need to support start-ups, experienced people should be our first choice for making your car like new. Working with different customers and their demands makes the paint crew more efficient and better with time. Living up to their expectations will boost their confidence, which will easily boast them to deliver one of the finest works on their next project, which will be your car. 

The service:

Not all auto body shops will offer you the same service you are looking for. Some shops will have specialization in some of them. They will only include those services in their list. However, others will offer other types of services. Therefore, you should always check for the services you need, and if they are enlisted in the ad of the shop. If not, ask them about it, make sure you are getting everything you have paid for. This is another important part you need to check while looking for the perfect garage to get your car repaint job done. 

The price:

Now, here comes the most important factors of them all, i.e., the price. Now, this can vary according to the service provider you are opting for. We have already provided you with the list of factors that can affect the uprising of the price of a car repaint job. Now here is the price for an average car repaint job in the States. Basic costs of a car repaint job range from 300 to 400 dollars. However, this cost can rise to 1000 to 400o dollars for a standard repaint job. 

These are some of the most important things you need to consider while choosing the right car repaint service provider in the market. 


So now, to conclude this, we have told you the ways that can severely affect the uprising of cost for a basic or standard car repaint job. However, we have also mentioned a few ways to bring that cost a bit downwards. We have found these ways by talking with people and consulting with experts on the internet, and we are sure about the efficiency of these ways. Now, this is your turn to make your wheels look like a new one. Give it the coat it was demanding for long now. Check out these tips, and try them today.

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