All You Need To Know About Power Steering Fluid Color

Do you know what power steering is? If you don’t, this is your lucky day. We have brought you a detailed article on such an important aspect and we know you are going to love it. 

What Is Power Steering?

It’s a fluid that the vehicles need for their power steering system, and just like any other kind of hydraulic liquid, their main goal is to transmit the power from the steering wheel directly to the steering mechanism in the vehicle.

This fluid assists the steering mechanism in keeping every other component in place, meaning that if they move, they won’t affect the components. If not used, the vehicles will not function properly.

The main components that could stop working are:

  • Fuel pump.
  • Steering system.

Types Of Power Steering Fluid

There are a few types of power steering, and it is important to distinguish every single one of them.

1. Mineral steering fluids

Every mineral fluid is made of petroleum additives and fractions. They help improve the oil’s performance, and by using it, the steering system is going to have less effect on the rubber, and the longevity will increase.

Besides, it’s cheaper than other kinds.

2. Semi-synthetic  

Semi-synthetic power steering is a mix of both synthetic and mineral liquids. If you ask yourself what color the power steering presents, you need to consider the colors of both synthetic and mineral substances.

We must say that this kind of fluid is an excellent lubricant, and it is able to resist foam formation. However, it can deteriorate the rubber parts if they are used too much.

3. Synthetic power

Most of the cars use this version of power steering fluid. It is perfect to prevent the deterioration of all rubber components.

The synthetic power steering liquid increases the durability of the mechanism since it assists the steering components to function smoothly and without any kind of friction.

4. Universal fluids

Are compatible with the vast majority of power steering mechanisms All of them provide different benefits like:

  • Stiffness reduction.
  • Corrosion prevention.
  • Wear and tear reduction.

What Is The Color Of Power Steering?

A common scenario for car owners includes car leaks. If you notice that your car is leaking, you should inspect the color of the liquid in order to find out what it means.

Most car manufacturers pick red or pink for their liquid to be recognized from the rest of the fluids that travel around vehicles. The most common colors are:

1. Light brown or black

Whenever you notice a light brown or black liquid coming out of your car, it is likely that it is not coming from the steering mechanism. What could be happening is that the liquid is dripping from the car’s motor.

Generally, the color goes from light brown or deep black. It depends on the oil’s longevity and the amount of time that has been burning in the car.

2. Light yellow or dark brown

Besides light brown or black, your car can leak light yellow or dark brown fluids. Keep in mind that yellow is definitely not the color of the power steering fluid. This could be a clear sign of brake fluid leaking.

3. Red

Red will mean that there is a chance of power steering fluid leaking. Pink and red are the most common colors of these liquids leaking from your car.

4. Orange

Most of the time when you see an orange fluid dripping from your vehicle, it will mean that the transmission is failing. Many transmission fluids are orange or light orange, and if this is your case, you should take your car for inspection.

5. Clear

Moreover, if you see clear fluid dripping from your vehicle, it could be due to power steering or water leaking. Sometimes the air conditioner doesn’t work properly and over time, it could stop working, and this will lead to moisture escaping.

Final Thoughts – Power Steering Fluid Color

As a driver, you need to know that the liquid color means a lot. By identifying each liquid, you can fix any issue before they get worse over time, and you can save money to repair other aspects of the vehicle. 

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