Lifted Jeep Commander [All You Need Know]

Have you been eyeing the Jeep Commander lifted model for a while now? It has become a popular model among the crowd today.

You have two ways to lift your vehicle, and each differs as per your requirement.

Before deciding on anything, let’s take a look at what the lifted Jeep Commander is all about.

What Is A Lifted Jeep Commander?

We just stated that Jeep Commander lifted is a better version of the model preceding it. So now it’s time to explore what we mean by that.

Lifting, as a process itself, refers to increasing the height of the Jeep. Your vehicle finds more traction and control by making a raise in its height while driving in off-road conditions.

Then again, some owners lift their Jeeps for a more impressive look.

If you want your Jeep Commander lifted, you would need to add a lift kit. Once you install this kit, you will have raised the Commander right above its tires. With that comes your need to switch the usual size of tires with a bigger one.  

The entry of bigger tires is immediately followed by better control over your Jeep, especially off the roads.

The Benefits Of Getting Your Jeep Commander Lifted

So far, you have seen what sets the lifted Jeep Commander apart from the other models preceding it. But what are its implications that have led to so many people investing in it?

Let’s take a look at why the Jeep Commander lifted model is gaining such responsive popularity.

1. Appearance

The lifted look improvises and enhances the impression your Jeep Commander leaves.

The general trend of the right height lift is by a couple of inches or so. As a result, you will see how much more imposing it will look!

2. Ground Clearance

This benefit should hardly come as a surprise. With a lifted Jeep Commander, you get the addition of extra space between your vehicle and the road.

Provided that you lift according to the ride height, excellent ground clearance will be at your feet.

3. Off-Road Performance

If your lifestyle has you driving off-road more often, this vehicle is the right one for you. The lift enhances and improves the control you have.

Given the bigger tires, your suspensions will work more effectively.

Methods Of Lifting

Depending on what you are comfortable with, you have two options in how you want your Jeep Commander lifted.

You can either go with a whole-body lift or a simple suspension lift. The terms are self-explanatory, so it all comes down to your requirement.

1. Body Lift

Body lift gives you a one to three-inch extension. It incorporates bigger tires and rims and is the cheapest upgrade if you want your Jeep Commander lifted.

Although the installations are not complicated, there’s not much scope for ground clearance. It further increases the center-of-gravity too.

It will cost you about $800 to $4000 if you choose to get your Jeep Commander lifted by a professional. Further, depending on the quality of service, it could go up to $12,000.

However, if you choose to do it yourself, it might cost you from $400 to $4000.

2. Suspension Lift

Suspension lifts work on your car’s suspension system, lifting the frame by up to six inches.

You could face some issues in its stability. However, several owners overlook it. After all, the ground clearance and off-road performance it offers are much more significant.

Just like the body lift, it could cost you up to $12,000 if you go for an expert professional service. However, if you are a DIY kind of person, you could do it for much cheaper, like $400.

How To Get Your Jeep Commander Lifted?

If you are skilled and experienced at modifying your automobiles, getting your Jeep Commander lifted shouldn’t be a task. With proper tools, you should be able to sort it out.

However, you could also approach a service center to help you out. Since it is a team of professionals, the quality of work will be guaranteed and safe too.

Although it might cost you more, a suspension lift will ensure the long-term durability of your lifted Jeep Commander.

Final Thoughts – Jeep Commander Lifted

Getting your Jeep Commander lifted leaves you with one question: how do you want it done?

If you only mean to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, then go for a body lift. However, if you also want to benefit from the off-road performance, a suspension lift is the ideal kind for you!

You’ll be benefiting from the lift either way, but it all comes down to your primary intention.

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