Mevotech vs Moog Suspension Parts

When we talk about cars, we must mention suspension parts, because they are heavily overlooked by many car owners. Most car owners believe that buying a set of wheel bearings will be enough.

However, choosing the right set of suspensions parts can make the difference when it comes to a car’s performance. In today’s article, we are going to make a Mevotech vs Moog comparison.

We will discuss the wheel bearings provided by these brands. Also, we are going to discuss both pros and cons of each brand. By the end of the comparison, you will be able to make the right choice.

Mevotech vs Moog

The main differences between Mevotech and Moog are:

  • Mevotech components are usually inexpensive, whereas Moog’s tend to be expensive.
  • Mevotech suspension parts are designed in Canada, while Moog’s are made in several countries around the world.
  • Moog parts last longer, while Mevotech parts tend to last less.
  • Many of Moog’s components have a three-year warranty, while Mevotech’s parts have a limited warranty.

Features of Mevotech and Moog suspension system components  

1. Installation process

Both brands produce components that are easy to install, so you don’t have to be a mechanic or have a lot of experience in the area. Even if you are inexperienced at installing car parts, these should take a few hours at most.

2. Longevity

When you buy a new part for your vehicle, whether it’s a new suspension system or brake pads, you need to make sure they last long enough. There is no point in purchasing inferior products if you will need to replace them again in a few weeks or months.

3. Cost

You won’t find the same costs while looking for components. This is why you have to consider what your car needs to function properly. Once you determine the exact needs of your vehicle, you can make a decision.

Mevotech vs Moog Comparison

We selected a few parts to compare, and in this case, the importance of third-party testing is very noticeable. Take a look at the components:

1. Mevotech’s wheel bearing and hub assembly

The Mevotech H513263 is one of the best examples of why Mevotech is so popular across the world. It offers characteristics such as:

  • Precise orbital roll forming.
  • Excellent size and materials.
  • High-quality performance.

These components are lubricated beforehand to be able to reduce wear and tear, so you won’t have to do it by yourself. Nonetheless, just like every Mevotech product, it presents a limited lifetime warranty.

Many reports coming from Mevotech’s customers imply that there are a few issues with this particular hub assembly.

2. Moog’s wheel bearing and hub assembly

Now it’s turn to talk about Moog’s wheel bearing and hub assembly.  We chose the Moog 515058 because of its excellent features. The most relevant ones are:

  •  Easy installation.
  • Protection against corrosion.
  •  Highly resistant to damage.

Moog’s products present an extended variety of support. This model has support for more than 10 different kinds of cars, and it is easy to manage. It has been tested for quality, meaning its performance has improved.

However, Moog’s biggest drawback is related to the cost. Compared to other brands, their costs are a bit high, so not everyone can afford to buy Moog components.

3. Which wheel bearing is the best?

If we base on customer experience and quality testing, Mevotech is superior. Moog relies heavily on third-party retailers for warranty. Meanwhile, Mevotech is more open about its warranty restrictions.

Furthermore, if you need more flexibility, you might want to choose Moog. Still, both options are perfect for when you are looking for something quick to buy. They will work smoothly with your vehicle, but if you don’t want to spend too much money, you need to go with Mevotech.

4. Mevotech control arm and ball joints

For this next section, we selected the Mevotech MS251058. Just like any other Mevotech project, the company designed control arms and ball joints out of steel.

The control arm has no flex at all, having both strength and stability as its main benefits. The installation process is going to be quicker. Control arms work with rotational torque and swing torque, and if they are tested correctly, it will reveal their durability.

Another great feature of these parts is that they support multiple suspension configurations, such as:

  • Double-wishbone.
  • Multi-link.

That means they can support lower and upper control arms. Compared to Moog’s, Mevotech decided to increase the cost of its products, so it won’t be as cheap as the rest of the parts.

5. Moog control arm with ball joints

The Moog RK620888 control arm is easy to install. Thanks to its optimized bushing, the operation and resistance to wear will be superior. Also, it has ball stud shapes, which ensures fatigue life and sag compensation.

Moog really excelled with this component, and due to enhanced structural strength, it will be able to resist hits and corrosion. On the other hand, while the price is higher compared to Mevotech’s parts, the overall cost is still high.

6. Which control arm and ball joint is better?

Moog leads the category. Even though both are easy to install and similar in price,  Moog’s product is more durable. The choice comes back to how much strength your vehicle needs.

Mevotech’s Best Features

This company excels in offering affordable solutions for car owners. They never stop creating new ways to surprise auto technicians, and this has given them more than 8 patented technologies.

Unlike Moog, they also manufacture their parts solely in North America. Also, they focus a lot on customer service. All of this combined with warranties development is quite admirable.

Moog’s Best Features

Moog has been operating since 1919, and with more than 100 years around, they have established a reputation. Their impact has led them to develop their own training center where they first introduced the “gusher” bearing, a component that can reduce ball joint friction.

They also excel in performance-based efforts, so if you decide to choose Moog, you won’t regret it.

Which Company Has The Best Parts?

First, Moog offers a long list of suspension parts, but they are more expensive, in comparison to this, Mevotech manages to maintain a similar quality but at affordable prices.

Then, Mevotech provides more of a technician service, while Moog offers a problem-solving line of products. Lastly, both companies are excellent, but anyone who is looking for budget and quality needs to pick Mevotech.

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