Cheapest Way To Replace A Mercedes Key

Mercedes is one of the most important car brands out there. As expected, replacing or repairing a Mercedes part will not be cheap. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to waste money when replacing a Mercedes Benz key, you will have different options.

Ways To Replace A Mercedes Key

1. Go to Amazon 

Amazon has become a global online store, so much that today there is hardly any type of product that can’t be found on the biggest eCommerce platform. You can even purchase car accessories such as keys, tires, and many more.

You just have to access the car section called “My garage”, and once you look for the Mercedes key, you will find tons of options. In case you want to search for the specific key, just use the filter in the search bar.

Also, you might need to purchase a remote for locking and unlocking your vehicle. Some of the most modern Mercedes cars mix the remote and they turn them into a sole device. Make sure you are searching for the correct keys.

2. Contact the local mobile locksmith

If you don’t want to use Amazon, you can always get a mobile locksmith. In case you have lost all the keys to your Mercedes, then the locksmith can come to your house to work on it.

Make sure you contact a locksmith specialized in Mercedes cars, so your vehicle is ready in just a few hours. Some of the locksmiths can provide you with the keys. Mercedes is one of the few companies that decided to install electronic locks in their cars to make them more secure.

This means that it won’t be easy for a locksmith to develop a key right away, so it’s better for you to talk to the locksmith beforehand. Thanks to this, he will be able to find the right tools for the job.

3. Code your key

Not everyone can understand the technicalities of coding a key. But if we are fair, the Mercedes keys are way more complicated to program than other keys. Keep in mind the following aspects to program a Mercedes key:

  1. You can only program the oldest Flip Mercedes car keys by yourself. If the vehicle uses the modern program, then you will have to go to a Mercedes Dealer.
  2. The keys that are utilized as replacements are considered as the spare key, and the vehicle only allows you to create and program the spare key.
  3. After you program the spare key, you won’t be able to reprogram that key for a different car. What you can do is reprogram it as many times as you need until you succeed.
  4. You can’t program a master key without help, and if you lose them, contact the dealership to get a new master key.

If these methods don’t work and you can’t get in touch with a locksmith, the only thing left to do is go to a Mercedes dealership. They will provide you with a new master key.

It’s not going to be cheap, but it’s the safest option.

Other Ways To Replace A Mercedes Key

While these other methods are not the cheapest, they will help you  get a new key for your Mercedes:

1. Visit a local garage

Visit the closest garage and inquire if they can provide you with a new key for your Mercedes. It could be a little more expensive in comparison to all the previous methods, but it will work.

2. Car insurance provider

Another possible way for you to replace a Mercedes key is by using a policy for keys only. With this option, your insurer has to replace the Mercedes key when you lose it. The only issue is that you are going to have to pay for the Premium package even if you never lose your key.

3. Go to a dealership

The most expensive option, but the most reliable one. You can always have your Mercedes key handed to you by an official dealership.

Benefits Of Having A Mercedes Spare Key

Whether you need it for practical purposes or you need to replace it because you lost the original, it makes sense to have a spare Mercedes key. Here are the benefits of having an extra key:

Cost saving

Getting a spare key will help you save money.  That said, if you have to go to a dealership, you are going to have to pay for the new key.

Saves you time

Having a spare key will help you save time. If you misplace the original key, you may experience delays in getting to work or to the university. Most likely, you won’t have enough time to do your personal errands.

Besides, it could make you go out without your vehicle for a few days.


A backup key will save you the hassle of taking your car to a dealer’s garage. Also, you won’t have to wait around for a locksmith to arrive.

Car usage  

Another factor you need to consider, it’s your car’s usage. If you share your vehicle with your family, one of them could lose the keys. Now, if each driver has a spare key, there are fewer chances of misplacing the keys.

Moreover, it can save you time since you don’t have to wait for another person to give you a key.


In case your keys are stolen, your car might also be stolen from you. Car thieves can get to your car before a locksmith. If you have a spare key, you can access your car. With that in mind, you can drive your vehicle to a safe location while you wait for a locksmith to deactivate the stolen key if it was coded.

Lastly, the main reason why it is necessary to have a spare Mercedes key is that not every locksmith is going to be able to give you a new key. Mercedes is a brand that thinks about their client’s safety, and only by going to a certified dealership, you will get a new key for your car

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