How To Program A Ford Key With Only One Key

If you have the correct information, you can program your Ford key easily. In this post, you will find out how can you Program A Ford Key With Only One Key? So, let’s begin.

Why Programming A Ford Key Is Needed?

Having yourself locked up in your car is one of the most embarrassing moments a car owner can face. If your new Ford comes with a key then you must have to make a duplicate one and program it.

In most of the online resources, you’ll find that programming a new key can be done by yourself. however, to do this, you’d need 2 programmed keys. And in the case of not having 2 keys, there’s another choice that most people avoid. Y’all could reach the dealer always and use some good cash on the same.

Making Your Key

Luckily, a lot of options are available in the market. Therefore, you will not have to limit yourself while searching. However, firstly you should understand what would work best for you. And after successfully understanding what is needed, you can go to online stores and get what is needed.

Most probably, a key will cost you approximately 10 bucks. It’s quite cheaper than relying on the dealer for the same. Taking 2 keys is a good idea. In this manner, you’ll have 2 spare keys for using them in any case. Purchase the keys and cut these as you gather the following things:

  1. A Bluetooth OBDII Adapter is required. ELM327 preferably
  2. A personal computer that is Bluetooth supported is required
  3. Make sure to install the FoRScan OBII on your personal computer
  4. You must have a long license for FORScan
  5. Then both the original key to your vehicle and the new set of keys you bought is required.

Let’s now look at why do you need these things.

Programming Dodge Key A Single Key Only

You will notice that the use of the FORScan has been emphasized. Before getting into this process, it’s important to describe the ideas behind the preference. For one, it can be used to monitor OBDII sensors.

Moreover, it enables you to access every car, which might not be achievable with other software. In addition to working for Ford, this software works for other vehicles too, such as Mercedes, Lincoln, and Mazda. Therefore, in the case of having these vehicles and having a problem with keys, the same process can be used to fix the problem.

The software runs for a lot of cats, it comes with available PIDs on market. Therefore, there’s no need to worry regarding the individual PIDs addition. Moreover, it won’t give a tough time and is easy to use.

It can be accessed by a tablet and phone. Also, if you got a Windows version, you’re set to PATS programming, which is what’s required during the new key programming. You now must have understood this software’s importance and why it’s emphasized too much.

The initial trial might not be very smooth and you may face some challenges. The software might say that the key isn’t compatible with this program. More likely, this situation happens where you’re using the push-button start.

In this case, reach out to the FORScan support to let them help you in fixing the issue. Also, make sure that you are working with the latest versions of the same since they’re less likely to have these kinds of problems. Now, let’s look at the procedure. We’ll use a case that you have only a single key, while the program is recognizing two. If you need to erase the key that’s lost from the memory of the program and add the new one, there’s only a single method to do it. 

You’d have to remove every known key. Therefore, you can begin by removing keys from the memory. After it, program the key that you currently have and add a new one. In the case of having only a single key, that’s possible to be your situation.

Firstly, access the program and go with the ‘ignition key remove button. Then, you choose if you want to retrieve incode from the program or would wish to do that from some external source. After getting the incode, enter that into the program. If the incode is accepted by PATS, the deletion of old keys will be done, and now you can get back to the main menu. Here, you’ll find that no known keys are present. Now, you can go onward and program 2 keys and for this, you’ll go with the ‘ignition key programming’ button.

To begin, set “off” the ignition before you use the new key in the ignition and set it to “on”. Press okay and now you can repeat the same for the 2nd key to successfully finish the process.

After looking at the main menu, the program should point that there are 2 recognized keys. Staying on the main menu is a must till you approve this. 

Key Bypass Of Ford Chip

Do you wish to learn to program the transponder key by yourself? Well, let us start. Begin with placing the key’s plastic end in the pliers and getting rid of the head. Make sure to not mess with the teeth of keys since this will have effects on the ability to ignite the engine.

Now, put the head close to the ignition and you can do it with a glue gun. Make sure that the headsets and test the ignition then with the key. The car will start when the transponder is close to the ignition.

Now, to start the vehicle, you can get a spare key. Also, you can rewire the ignition entirely if you want to bypass the transponder.


To wrap up the things: learning how to manually move a ford with only one key is not as bad as it sounds.

The money you save by taking off some minutes from your busy schedule is simply amazing. Therefore, it is worth the trade-off.

And you’ll enjoy the process since it doesn’t take much time.

So, when you want to program a transponder key next time and someone tells you that a slave and master key is needed to program a new one, prove them wrong!

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