How Long Do Hyundai Accents Last?

Hyundai Accents are excellent vehicles, and they are known for having subtle designs and low costs of purchase. If you want to purchase your own Accent, you need to know how long they can last.

Everything will depend on the maintenance and mileage of the vehicle. In today’s article, we are going to explore which factors determine the Accent’s longevity.

Factors That Determine Hyundai Accent’S Longevity

1. Fuel consumption

With each generation, Hyundai has improved the vehicle’s gas mileage. Let’s take a look at the following examples:





 5TH generation 4cyl 1.6 automatic

 36 MPG

 41 MPG

 33 MPG

 4th generation 4cyl 1.6 automatic

 30 MPG

 36 MPG

 26 MPG

 3rd generation 4cyl 1.6 automatic

 30 MPG

 36 MPG

 27 MPG

 2nd generation 4cyl 1.6l automatic

 26 MPG

 32 MPG

 23 MPG

 1st generation 4cyl 1.5l automatic

 26 MPG

 31 MPG

 23 MPG

As you can see, the most recent Hyundai performs slightly worse with a 6-speed manual transmission and getting a total of 33 combined, a 39 highway, and a 29 city MPG.

This modern automatic transmission can outperform manual gearbox but that doesn’t happen with older technologies. The third generation can perform better thanks to a 5-speed manual gearbox, and the difference increases as you go down the models.

2. Usage

If you use your Hyundai Accents continuously, it might not last long. Remember,  the longer you use the car, the more maintenance is going to need to continue functioning.

3. Amount of maintenance

You should take your Hyundai Accent to a mechanic every once in a while. This will help prevent any component from damaging, and the experts will tell you if anything needs another examination.

How Long Does A Hyundai Accent Last?

On average, these vehicles can easily surpass 200,000 miles and last up to 10 or 15 years depending on the mileage and the kind of maintenance you pay for. 

For example, if you just take the vehicle to a quick check-up, the mechanic won’t be able to find the hidden problems within the car.

Are The Hyundai Accents Good Cars?

They are reliable, and they are relatively cheap to maintain. Nonetheless, you need to know the Hyundai Accents main features to determine whether or not they are the vehicles for you:

1. Performance and fuel economy

Many of the most recent models come with a 1-6 liter four-cylinder engine that provides 120 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque. As a buyer, you can choose between a 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT automatic.

All models are FWD, and the last time we tasted an Accent, the car went from 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds.

2. Safety and features

According to the NHTSA ratings, the 2020 Hyundai Accent received a 4-star rating. With 4 stars in the front crash and rollover tests, while 5 stars for the side crash test. 

However, the agency stated that in the side crash test, the interior door panel hit the torso of the rear passenger’s dummy, and there was a visible thoracic injury.

3. Interior room and cargo space

They can surpass the Nissan Versa when it comes to rear legroom, but not so much in front legroom or cargo space.


  • 42.1 – 33.5 inches.

Cargo Space

  • 13.7 cubic feet.


Technology is a big part of modern cars. Hyundai Accents come with a small 5.0-inch central touchscreen, as well as a 4-speaker sound system. Other models present a standard  7.0- inch touchscreen equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Also, they have 6 speakers and dual USB charge ports for you to charge your phone.

How Much Money Do I Have To Spend On Maintenance?

CarEdge designed a few statistical reports, which we are going to use to let you know how much money you will have to spend on maintenance. 

The maintenance of a brand new Accent over the first 10 years, won’t cost you more than $5,800, a thousand dollars less than other cars.

What you need to do to keep the cost just the way it is, is to choose the right mechanic to go to. Some individuals are going to get money from you, and if you trust the wrong person, the price could be higher.

Why Choose A Hyundai Accent?

These cars can hold their value. From 2015, 2016, to 2017 Hyundai Accents are currently the most valuable ones. On average, expect to pay only 60% of the original price with 75% of the vehicle’s lifetime remaining for a 2016 model.

You can also consider the 2017 Hyundai Accent, which is the most recent model, meaning its value is higher than the rest of the models.  Also, if you want reliability and efficiency, Hyundai Accent is the car for you.

Generally speaking, we recommend the 2019 Hyundai Accent. It’s both solid and 

stable. It will provide you with interior comfort and exterior style that combines class and elegance.

Furthermore, the vehicles are affordable. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a Hyundai Accent, and you will obtain a nice car to drive around. On the road, the Accent can get decent fuel economy and the handling is pretty effective.

Hyundai guarantees their cars longer, and they offer a 5-year and a 60,000-mile basic warranty, as well as a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty depending on the model you choose.

Final Advice On Hyundai Accents

Our short answer is that the Hyundai Accent is an excellent vehicle. There

is very little question about Hyundai’s capacity to manufacture bad cars, and you won’t find negative reports from recent years.

Looking for negative reviews will be almost impossible when we talk about Hyundai. Lastly, we can assure you that if you choose to purchase your own Hyundai Accent, you won’t regret it.

Just remember to pay for proper maintenance and your Hyundai Accent will last longer. Similarly, pay close attention to the list we made for you about how fuel consumption works. 

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