How To Sleep Comfortably In The Backseat Of A Car

There may be many reasons to sleep in a car, and if you are alone, then it is a good idea to sleep in the backseat of your vehicle. It is more spacious than the front seat, and you can stretch your body and give it adequate space and rest that it needs.

Why Would One Sleep In The Car?

If you are driving a long distance and do not find a hotel nearby when you’re tired, it is better to sleep in the car than forcing yourself to drive even when you are drowsy—driving while tired and sleepy is more dangerous than sleeping in the car.

Another reason to sleep in the car may be to save money that would otherwise be spent on a hotel room. Sometimes people find that it is safer to sleep in the car than in a tent as it gives them adequate protection against rain and snow. 

How To Sleep Comfortably In The Backseat Of A Car

Plan Ahead

You must prepare well if you decide to use the back seat of your car for sleeping. You do not want to spend a night tossing and turning and then get up in the morning with a painful back. 

Unless it’s an unforeseeable incident and you didn’t know that you will use the car for sleeping, you must prepare and plan for a comfortable night in the backseat. Remember that the car must be big enough to allow you to sleep peacefully. 

You must take care of the following points to ensure that you spend a night safe and sound without getting disturbed.

Security is Paramount

The ambient and calmness are alright, but you must think about your security and the car before parking the car. The car should be parked at a secure place, and you must keep all your belongings and the car keys carefully hidden. 

You must keep some openings so that you do not face any breathing problems, but the doors and windows need to be locked securely. Even if it is winter, there must be a small gap in one of the windows to prevent suffocation and condensation. 

Park at a Place Where You Can Sleep Peacefully

A good option is to find a place to park overnight legally. The place should not have any restrictions on hours or overnight parking. It should not be too far from residential areas, but it should not be so close that they object to you parking the car in the neighborhood. 

No one should wake you up in the middle of the night to park illegally and ask to pay some fine too. Overnight parking may be allowed in the parking lots of superstores or churches.

You must ensure that the place does not charge you overnight for parking the car. Some people prefer rest stops or truck stops for sleeping for some time inside the car. Even in such public spaces, you must ensure your security and follow all the rules of the place.

Be Comfortable in the Car

The backseat is the largest area in the car, but it depends on your height and whether you can stretch your legs. It would be best if you made the space as comfortable as possible for your break.

You can buy a car air mattress and inflate it to create a proper bed either on the back seat or fold the seat and spread the mattress on the car’s boot. 

A good night’s sleep may need some other paraphernalia like a blanket and inflatable pillow. You can always have these things in the car for an overnight break.

The pillow helps support the head and neck and makes you feel better when you start driving the next day. Some special back seat weddings come with a complete set of cushions and pillows to make the backseat a comfortable place to sleep. 

If you are sleeping at a rest stop or by the road, other vehicles will keep passing you by. Some of them may honk, flashlights, or you may hear people speaking, and you must try to block these disturbances.

If you want to sleep well, you must prevent these distractions by getting a sleep mask and earplugs. Close the doors and windows to have a peaceful time and relax. But even then, you need some ventilation to prevent suffocation and restlessness. 

Ensure Uninterrupted Sleep

Cover the windows using a piece of cloth or detachable window shades. This will also prevent outsiders from looking into the car and finding out that you are alone.

The covers will also prevent other cars’ headlights and sunlight from disturbing you. You can play some music on the earphones to keep the outside sounds from disturbing you. 

Experts recommend keeping pillows in the car for such a situation when you must sleep in the backseat. If you use your arms as a pillow, rest your head on the door, or use any hard object instead, it will lead to neck and shoulder pain. The entire exercise of sleeping will be futile. You can always carry some neck pillows in the car to help you relax your neck and Shoulders.

Some cars may have an armrest in the middle of the back seat to be removed or raised easily. You can stretch out in the backseat and take a rest so that you are refreshed the next day. If you want and have enough space in the boot, you can fold the backseat completely and create a flat surface for your sleeping.

If you are resting at a truck stop or a rest stop, try to park your car in a well-lit area to ensure safety. Your car should have darkened windows, and the windshield should be darkened or covered. This will prevent people from looking at you and invading your privacy. Dark surroundings and quietness will help you rest better. 


It can be safe and comfortable to sleep in the car if you plan it well and are equipped with the right paraphernalia. Relax and recover your energy before you are back on the road. 

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