How To Reset Car Radio Without Code

Are you wondering how and why you cannot use the radio in your car? Are you locked out of the system? Then read on to find what you can do to access the features again.

Today’s car systems come with software programs and security features that help us save our precious car and its components. Radio is also one of these factory-embedded systems coded and paired with the car. When your car gets serviced, or the system has been taken out and put back again, the car may not recognize the system. 

The manufacturers embed a security feature to prevent car radio theft, and the radio may be disabled to be used in any other vehicle. You must have the vehicle model and the radio codes to reset the car radio.

Even if you do not have the codes, it is not very difficult to enable the system again and reintroduce the car and radio.

How To Reset Car Radio Without Code

The method to reset the radio must follow certain steps, and soon you will be listening to your favorite music while driving. 

1. If you cannot find the essential code, try locating it first. 

Now the method is slightly different for car models from various companies as they may print the code in different places- 

● The code may be in the car owner’s manual if the system is pre-fitted. This manual comes with every car and is kept in the glove box to refer to while searching for instructions about the car. 

● You can read the tips given in the booklet to see if anything is mentioned about resetting the radio.

● You may also find a list of alphanumeric codes of radio and other such components in this index.   

● Some models may also have the code printed on a separate card attached to this manual. 

● If it is a used car, ask the previous car owner for the code if he knew and recorded it somewhere. 

 2. Get in touch with the manufacturer

● It is not that you have to visit the showroom. Check their website and if their database provides codes for the radios in different models of the cars.  

● You can send a mail and ask if they can send the code based on the car model, serial number, and manufacturing year. 

● This is not possible if you had replaced the stereo with your own system.  

 3. Time to meet the local dealer of the car 

● If you could not find the code yet, then try to connect with the local dealers of your car.

● You can also ask the previous owner for help as they may remember him or have his details.

● Some cars have partners for their car’s after-sales service. You will have to show the documents to prove your car ownership.

● The local dealers may also provide the security code for the radio with a valid VIN. 

4. Reach out to local service stations/ music system installers

● Visit the local service centers or the installers who sell and install these systems in vehicles. 

● The technicians at these centers are experienced enough and can help to reset the radio or guide you to the right place to find the code. 

5. No code available for the car radio

If all the other methods have failed and you have not been able to find the code, then follow these steps-

● This method will work on many different models of cars manufactured in the last ten years. 

● Switch on the car ignition to switch on the radio display. 

● It may ask for a CODE, but you don’t have it.

● Switch on the radio button and keep it pressed for a long time; you may have to do it for even an hour. 

● The radio or stereo will override the security code and may start working without it after this long waiting period. 

● In some other cars, you may have to simultaneously press two buttons- the power and the one mentioning SEEK. 

● The switch may have to be in this position even for an hour.

● The system can turn on the radio after overriding the code. 


Q. Where can I find the security code for the radio in my car?

The security code for the radio can be in the booklet or on an index card attached with it.

You can ask the manufacturer, dealer, or the previous owner in case of a used car for the code too. You can find the code by entering all the details of your car in the website database. 

Q. After car maintenance and battery change, how can I reset the radio?

The first thing to do, if you have been locked out of the radio system, is to find its code. Switch on the car and then switch on the radio too. The display will ask for a CODE.

You already have a code that can be punched, and the radio will be working again in a few moments. If you don’t have the code, you have to find it somehow or follow the steps mentioned here to gain access to and restart the radio system. 

Q: How can I get my radio’s code online?

The radio security code may be available on the car manufacturer’s website. The car’s VIN is the unique ID, and some other details like the year of manufacturing and your details as proof of ownership may help you get the required code from the data that the manufacturer may have. It may be stored in their data for all their car models and can be retrieved. 


Today’s cars do not usually need the battery or radio to be removed or changed while the car’s service takes place.

But after the maintenance is over, you may be locked out of the music system as it is a security feature created by the manufacturers to prevent theft.

Try to find the code using different means mentioned here. Finally, if you cannot find the code, you will have to follow the option ‘E’ steps. 

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