Confused! Which Colour Car to Pick: White vs Black car?

If you are a lover of cars, you know that the car paint color plays a significant factor and so are the features. Do you like your car to be bright lime green, white, or suave and black? Black and white are not just mere other colors; they can make or break your style statement to a certain degree.

You need to choose a color that goes well with your personality. So do you prefer a white car or a black car? White or black cars come with their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s focus on these and other points in this post.   

At first glance, white cars rule the road because you can spot a white car everywhere you go. This color seems to be the first choice of car owners and is the most popular color. That’s why there are many cars that are white in color.

white car

However, owning a black car has its perks. Black looks quite elegant and sophisticated, and unlike a white car, a black car can hide the dirt and it is not easily visible.

Ultimately, whether you want a white or black car depends on your preference and lifestyle. A white car does have a slight lead over black cars when it comes to popularity, but there is a good reason for that.

While safety is still the number one factor that you should consider while purchasing a car, you should also think about how you want your car to look, and that’s why selecting the best car color becomes of paramount importance in this case.

So whether you like white cars or black cars depends on how you want your vehicle to look with you.

You need to go through the list of car colors available to choose the perfect one for your new car. Here we are focusing only on white and black cars.

Black or White Car- Who wins the battle?

Studies have revealed that white cars are safest, while black cars can be dangerous. The reason being white cars are the easiest to spot, even in areas that do not enjoy high visibility.

On the other hand, black cars are uncommon and cannot be spotted in the dark. This is one significant disadvantage of owning dark-colored vehicles.

Because white cars are easy to spot, especially when driving in the dark or on empty roads, they are least likely to get involved in an accident. Here, white cars score high on the safety parameter as opposed to black cars.

Black cars tend to blend in with the darkness around them and hence are difficult to spot. Pitch black paint does not help when at night.

Whether you own white or black cars, you need to ensure that your driving experience is comfortable and safe. While black cars look more stylish and sleek, white cars have proven safer on the road.

black car

Pros And Cons Of Having A White Car

A white car comes with its share of pros and cons. It is believed that people who prefer white cars and go-getters and those who do diligent research before getting into anything. People who like white cars are also believed to be go-getters who let their work speak for themselves.

Most people believe that new cars look good in white. White cars have always been reliable, and the color white is unlikely to go out of fashion ever.

Pros of owning a white car

This section will focus on the advantages of being a proud owner of a white car.

  • The color white is timeless

We all know that white cars have been in fashion forever. Unlike cars with black paint, white cars are inconspicuous and allow you to blend in.

A white car is a more practical choice if you look for everything, including safety, comfort, and style, in one car.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

While purchasing a new car, you want your experience to be smooth and long-lasting. You might not wish to purchase a car that in long run turn out to be expensive and difficult to maintain. Well, guess what?

White cars are pretty easy to maintain and come with a clean ambiance.

First, dirt, minor scratches, and dust aren’t as visible on them as on darker-colored cars. This is why it is easier to keep your white car clean.
Second, water spots and smudges are less likely to appear on white cars. Finally, white cars don’t require as much polishing as darker-colored cars. These perks definitely give an edge to the white cars and make them the number one choice of many drivers.

They are easy to find and usually have a perfect color match. That’s why the resale value of white used cars is better than most other cars of darker colors, such as red cars and black cars. This color also helps to hide swirl marks.

Easy to clean and maintain
  • White cars hide dirt

White cars are often more pristine and clean than other colors. They not only hide dirt but are also less likely to show scratches

  • White paint is cheaper

The reason behind the increasing popularity of white cars is that white paint is more affordable than black paint. So it is easy to get a paint job done on your white car as opposed to many darker cars.

Although it might be a little time-taking to find the right shade of white for your car, it will be beneficial in the long run.

Secondly, white cars tend to stay cooler in summer, which is a huge bonus in hot weather. Finally, white is an immaculate and sleek color that can make any car look great.

  • Good resale value

White cars are known for having good resale value. In the case, in the near future if you wish to purchase a new vehicle by selling your old white car, in such situations your white car will fetch more money. White cars are popular among used car buyers, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a buyer willing to pay a fair price for your vehicle in the resale market.

  • White cars are quite cool

White cars are cool for several reasons. The main one is that white reflects sunlight, so your car’s interior will remain cool. This quality of the car makes it more in demand in the market. 

On the other hand, Black cars are famous for being furnaces during summer. If you don’t want to suffer during summers especially if you live in a country that experiences hot, tropical climates, white is the perfect color for you.

You know which color to opt for if you live in South America, which becomes a furnace during summers! White is the most popular car color and one of the reasons for its popularity is that it remains cool during summers.

A white car Cons

Does the waxing produce the desired results?

While a white car can hide dust well, it also has the disadvantage of leaving all the dirt visible. The situation is somewhat reversed with black cars, which tend to show less dirt but can be more challenging to keep clean.

The owners of white cars also complain that waxing does not have the ‘amazing’ effect on white cars as it does on black cars.

When you clean and wax a black car, the effect is almost immediate and dazzling, but in the case of white cars, the effect of waxing on it is quite underwhelming.

  • The color white is too common

Because white is too popular, while purchasing a white car, you wouldn’t feel the kind of excitement you would if you purchased a black car.

True white is and will always remain in fashion, which is a good thing, making it commonplace. You will at least find five-ten vehicles of white color wherever you go.

  • Does not age well

One of the cons of owning a white car is that it can show signs of aging more easily than other colors. If your vehicle is starting to rust, you’ll be able to see it more easily on a white car. White paint does not hide scratches and imperfections as clearly. 

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Black Car

Black cars also come with their own set of pros and cons. There is no denying that a black car is sleek, stylish, and can easily grab eyeballs because of its unique shade.

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks of owning a white or a black car, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

But before going into that, let’s first establish that black, just like white, is a timeless color. Black cars will stay in fashion for as long as the color black is in fashion, which is forever.

Pros of owning a black car

Pros Of Owning A Black Car

  • Elegance and sophistication

If black cars were not sophisticated and elegant, Batman would not have chosen a black car, aka ‘batmobile’ for himself. Black vehicles look quite suave and classy on the road and grab eyeballs almost immediately. 

Let’s face it, a black car on the road is a thing of beauty. A spotless black car is the most perfect thing in the world for car lovers like us. Yes, we agree that cleaning a black car requires a lot of effort, but the result would be an almost new car with a dazzling ‘wow effect’!

If you want to look suave and classy, black is the color for you. Black sports cars look quite dazzling and intimidating at the same time.

  • Mud is not a major concern

It is not to say that black vehicles don’t get muddy, but mud is not easily visible on a black car. You can go on an adventure on a muddy road in your black car without worrying about the tedious cleaning process that might follow.

Black cars have many benefits. One benefit is that it is easier on muddy roads. When the roads are muddy, the black color of the car helps to hide dirt.

Cons Of Owning A Black Car

Like a white car, black cars also come with their share of cons. Let’s look into them individually.

  • Very Popular / In trend

While a newly cleaned black car looks almost as good as new and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, the moment you look at it again, you will see the dreaded water stains. One of the main cons of black cars is that water stains are highly visible.

If you don’t regularly wash your car or if it often rains in your area, you’ll likely find yourself constantly dealing with water spots. In addition, black cars tend to show smears and other debris more easily than lighter-colored cars.

So, if you’re someone who likes to keep a clean vehicle, you may spend more time washing and cleaning a black car than you would a white or silver one.

  • High maintenance

If you don’t want to spend hours polishing your car, then a black car is not the right choice for you. Even if you do keep up with the polishing, there’s no guarantee that your vehicle will stay looking good. Dust, bird droppings, and other debris can quickly make a black car look dull and dirty. These cars are harder to keep clean.

Everyone is attracted to a black car even notorious birds

The birds love black cars more than any other car color, and you, as a new car owner, wouldn’t want to deal with a bird dropping on your black vehicle.

Black cars are quite literally extremely hot, it gets unbearable

Yes, we know that black is the hottest paint around because black is a hot color! Yes and we mean it literally- a black car literally is hot. It gets sweltering hot during summers. While cool white surfaces are heat and light reflectors, black paint absorbs heat. A black car would be no less than a furnace in hot weather.

If you already live in a hot country, then a black car would not be the right choice for you. Black is the hottest color to use for any vehicle.

It absorbs the sun’s rays better than other neutral colors making it extremely hot inside. Black is not a forgiving color in the summers.

Final Word

When choosing a car color, black and white are both popular options. Some people prefer the clean look of a white car, while others prefer the sleek look of a black car.

Although black-colored cars are stunning, they can be difficult to keep clean and shiny. They also turn quite hot and uncomfortable during summers. Additionally, a black car is not as safe as a white car on the road.

This is because they are more difficult for other drivers to see, making it more likely that they will be involved in an accident.

A white car is more popular than its black counterpart, but it also has disadvantages. Therefore if you are planning to purchase a new car, you should go through the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Whether you should opt for a light or dark color depends on many factors, including where you stay and where you intend to drive it. 

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