How To Get More Power Out Of My 4.7 Dodge

Nowadays, people need speed and control out of their vehicles. Therefore, from pickup vans to cars, fast speed has become an essential feature nowadays. The fast-paced lifestyle of the twenty-first century is managing time. But, getting precisely what you want out of your vehicle is not as easy as it seems. Ask yourself, do you want to spend a whopping thousand bucks extra to get your desired speed in your car? Most of the customers will say NO, and the sole reason for that is the economy. 

Therefore, here we are with exactly what you need. Here we will give you some tips on getting the best out of what you have to aid your needs. And, when it is about increasing the power of your vehicle that will suit both your performance and fuel economy, there is nothing better than expanding the capacity of your 4.7 dodges. Therefore, here we will get you some expert tips on improving your 4.7 dodges’ power. 

Increment of performance

As mentioned, it is not easy to increase the performance of your engine. It is a troublesome work. However, there are ways to make it right if you are willing to. To improve your engine’s power and performance, there are different ways to do that. 

Fuel economy and horsepower are some of the most critical aspects of this case, not to mention torque. These are even more relevant when it comes to the 4.7dodge. Therefore when you are using one of these, follow the rules we provide here to increase this dodge’s performance. 

Look, there are some problems you might face while using these tips, such as the horsepower and the torque increment that may cost you fuel economy. However, when you are using the 4.7dodge V8, there are ways to improve the fuel economy and torque and horsepower. With a few upgrades, you will get some incredibly efficient vehicle engines. 

Increasing engine power

Now the part you all were waiting for. Here is how to increase the efficiency of your 4.7dodge. 

Cold Air Intake

When you want to upgrade your dodge’s performance, the best thing you can do is install a cool air intake system in system. When your engine gets more cold air, it will increase its power, as we know that cold air is denser than warm air. However, it is incredible to create pressure in the cylinders of the dodge. As the cylinders get more pressure, the engine will have better ignition. Therefore, it is better to burn the fuel. So here is evident proof of better fuel economy. Also, better ignition will lead to better acceleration. 

Also, the cold air intake comes from additional air from the outside. If you compare the extra air with the fuel, you know excess air is always efficient. 

You can try the 54-11632 or the 63-1529 from different brands, and by doing that, you will unknowingly add 8 to 14 horsepower if you use these products. 

Performance Control Module

When you want to increase the power of your 4.7dodge, this is another incredible tip for that. When you can alter your engine’s fuel-to-air mixture, replace it with one of these performance control modules. This way, you can quickly get additional power. The main task of these performance control modules is to control the fuel-to-air mixture in your engine. You will get the opportunity to own the mix from the cab of your truck or any vehicle, for that matter. 

On the other hand, when you want some better fuel economy to dodge your 4.7L, you can easily rely on this process in that case. You should lessen the amount of fuel injected inside the cylinders of your engine. Also, if you are planning to get some more power, you should program the machine that way. Create a rich experience mixture by programming it. The richer the mixture, the more the horsepower will increase. 

Well, there are many great chips available in the market for your most favorite 4.7L V8. Many different brands are working on this process. Opt for these highly reputed performance control modules from very well-known brands available in the market. 

Performance exhaust

The engine expands more energy for venting exhaust gases. You should increase and improve the exhaust system to enhance the power of your engine. Look, the engine exhaust system tries to restrict the flowing of gas. Meanwhile, the engine spends much time pushing the gas from the cylinder. The more the gas flow, the higher the energy. Also, the engine needs to afford much energy to restrict the adequate gas flowing. 

Therefore, if you upgrade to a high flowing and better-performance exhaust system, it will lessen the backpressure of the engine’s gas. This is done with a little help from the high-flowing pipes. The black cat system from different brands like Magnaflow and Borla can help you improve the exhaust process’s performance. 

Now here are some faqs about this 4.7dodge v8 you may need to know


How much horsepower does a 4.7 have?

The high-output engine of the 4.7dodge has 265hp. It was first introduced in ’02. 

Is this a good engine?

According to the experts, yes. It has had some miscellaneous reviews since its launching in the market. However, it has mostly provided quality service to the users. 

How much might it cost to rebuild this?

It might cost around 2500-3000 USD to rebuild a decent quality performance 4.7dodge engine. 


In this fast-paced world, this engine is one of the best to speed up your vehicle. This engine is perfect for those looking for speed and power. But, you cannot change the engine every year. So follow these tips to upgrade your engine. 

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