Why Are Kia Cars So Cheap? [Durability, Maintenance Cost, and Many More!]

Everyone wants their own car. New buyers are looking for an affordable, easy to maintain, and reliable vehicle. Speaking of cheap- one brand that tops the list is Kia cars.  

Found and established by a Korean group, Kia cars have a decades-long repo for cheap cars. Your search ends here if you’re wondering whether you should go for it or not! 

Why Are Kia Cars So Cheap?

Kia motors initially operated under the global Hyundai group for producing bicycles and motorcycles. In early 1944, Kia emerged as a motor manufacturer group, and ever since this automotive group has had a trail of over 3000 dealers worldwide.  

In recent years, Kia’s sales and car prices have seen a subsequent rise, but it is still the least expensive of the lot.

The primary reason is that their imports to other countries are tax-free. However, apart from being born in a tax-free region, there are still several other factors that add up to the affordability of Kia motors which we will discuss further in this article. 

How Reliable Are Kia Vehicles? 

Kia’s reliability depends on your maintenance. Its reliability is broken down into many facts. Let’s have a look at the analysis below- 

  • It usually has a hassle-free run of around seven years. This run may last for ten years if maintained properly.  
  • Kia cars give tough competition to its competitors by offering a 7-years warranty while others offer 3-5 years warranty only.  
  • They’re beating the rest in terms of warranty! It offers up to a 100,000-mile power warranty per 10 years.  
  • Kia vehicles don’t have an excellent repo with its employees, and therefore, they employ cheap labor for production. Hence, this is another reason why cars are inexpensive. 

Kia is undoubtedly one of the most reliable car manufacturers worldwide. This contributes to its global success.

Do They Last A Long Time?

We tend to invest long-term in vehicles. If the lifecycle is less, the entire investment will be a significant disappointment. Kia cars have impressive reliability, but they’re comparatively less durable. 

If you’re looking for a long-term vehicle, Kia is not for you because its average lifespan is close to 10 years only. The cars are budget-friendly but not ideal in the long run.  

What Is The Quality Of Materials Used For The Production Of Kia Cars? 

Kia industries utilize plastic materials for building passenger cars. These plastic materials are of below-average quality that does not guarantee safety. Since the cost is low, manufacturers have cut down on the material build quality of automobiles.  

Plastic materials do not assure 100% protection in case of accidents. If you compare it to other big names like Volkswagen, you will notice enhanced and smooth metallic finishing. High-end Kia cars like Kia Seltos have rigid stainless-steel bodies at a much higher price. 

What Are The Repairing And Maintenance Costs? 

Warranty plans cover most of the repair costs. As you know that Kia cars offer long-term warranty plans for up to 10 years, which is praiseworthy. However, you will have to pay for repairs after the lapse of your ongoing warranty. 

We will suggest you opt for adequate car insurance. It has an annual repair frequency of just 0.2 times. Moreover, the standard maintenance is economical and will cost you just $450 per year. The warranty will cover most of the repairing cost underneath. 

What Are The Cheapest Kia Cars Available For Budget-Oriented Buyers? 

Kia launches a chain of affordable cars starting from $17,000 and going as high as $52,000. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the cost-effective options of Kia below-  

  • Kia Soul- Kia soul is a newly launched SUV model with excellent build design and comfortable space. It starts at $17,000 and offers up to 100,000 miles.  
  • Kia Seltos- Seltos is a great choice if you’re a fan of good mileage. Models start from $17,900 and go up to $23,000. 
  • Kia K5- Kia K5 is simply value for money because of its 2.5L engine that produces 290 horsepower turbocharged. It comes with a starting price of $31,000 and is a stellar deal in this price range. 
  • Kia Sportage- Kia Sportage is inexpensive with a starting price of $30,000, but reports say that it has received ample complaints about electric, breakage system, and reliability issues. 

Almost every mid-ranger vehicle is impressive. However, some models like Forte are a disappointment for budget buyers. Why so? Because of its terrible reviews of passengers having to compromise on comfort level and poor suspension.  

What Is The Warranty Overview Of Kia Cars?

Kia comes with the most eye-catching warranties. It comes with five and 10 years mile warranty periods and ranges from mileage offered by the vehicles.  

The 5 years warranty plan comes with 60,000 miles, whereas 10 years warranty comes with 100,000 miles. Most repair costs, such as engine and manufacturer problems, are covered under these warranties.  

Which Is The Most Expensive Kia Passenger Vehicle?  

Since Kia motors are an ideal choice for budget-oriented buyers, its Telluride model is quite a luxury for its price. You get spectacular build quality and advanced safety features with this SUV at a starting price of $31,890, which goes up to $43,000 based on its features. 

Next in the line are Kia K900 and Cadenza at a starting price of $37,000, offering luxury under budget to its buyers.  


Kia has been the oldest car manufacturer in South Korea for half a century serving inexpensive or cheap cars to its customers worldwide. Now you know why Kia cars are so cheap and affordable.

Most readers would have their myths busted by now after learning that being affordable doesn’t mean the car is terrible.  

We hope that your query is resolved with this article! Like every other automotive, Kia has its share of cons similar to pros.

However, you must first understand your requirements and then begin your quest for the best Kia model according to your needs. 

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