How To Reset The Maintenance Light On A Toyota Camry

The amber-colored flashing light on your dashboard means that your Toyota Camry needs maintenance. When this indicator starts blinking, it is best to schedule a service with your nearest Toyota servicing center. Whenever your Toyota Camry requires a routine checkup for the engine oil change or battery repair, the maintenance light will start blinking.

If you want to turn off this indicator light, continue reading this article.

Why Is A Toyota Camry So Popular?

As inarguably one of the most popular choices for car buyers for decades, the Toyota Camry is seen as a durable and reliable car. The engine on a Toyota Camry is one of the best. This is probably one of the reasons why a Toyota Camry is a frequently sought-after car because of the reliability of the car engine.

Another reason is the look of the Toyota Camry which is much better than its predecessor with its sharp features on the body.

You also get more than enough equipment with this car, including adjustable seats and an excellent audio system. And finally, the comfort of this car is unmatched by any other sedans in the market for its price.

What Is The “Maintenance Required” Light?

The “maintenance required” light in your Toyota Camry is an indicator that tells you when your car may need service. The light appears in your dashboard and  is indicated by the words, “MAINT REQD.”

Thus light is constantly active from the time you start first to drive your car and calculate the mileage until it is time for the routine checks. 

When this indicator turns on, you either have to change your engine oil or check your car’s battery. Changing the engine oil in your Toyota Camry will help improve fuel efficiency, and it also enables you to run the vehicle as smoothly as possible. 

Moreover, changing the engine oil from time to time will make the other parts of the vehicle more durable. With enough lubrication, the different components of the car can also run smoothly without much wear and tear.

Therefore, the “maintenance required” light is more or less like a money-saving indicator. You may have to spend money occasionally when the blinker turns on, but it saves you much more when you think about the long run. 

However, you don’t need to go to a servicing center every time the light turns on. Sometimes, the blinker can turn on even without a defect because you cross 5000 miles. It works as a warning to check your engine oil so that the car doesn’t suddenly break down after the fact. 

You can go to a technician to turn off the maintenance required light or do or yourself manually.

What Does The “Maintenance Required Light” In My Toyota Camry Mean?

The “Maintenance Required” light on your Toyota Camry comes on every 5000 miles after you reset it.  Remember that the car doesn’t know whether your engine oil needs a change. It comes on because the mileage reaches 5000 miles, and cars typically need the change their oil after this long.

Be wary that this indicator does not indicate whether something is wrong with your car’s engine. It simply lights up every time you cover 5000 miles. On the other hand, the “check engine” light means that something is wrong with your car and you need to have it checked as soon as possible.

What Is The Difference Between The “Maintenance Required” Light And The “Check Engine” Light?

The “check engine” light is a more severe warning than the “maintenance required” light. The “check engine” light doesn’t turn on at times like the maintenance required light, and this light only turns on if something is seriously wrong with your car’s engine. It is best to visit your nearest mechanic or a Toyota servicing center when you see the check engine light turn on. 

Why Should I Reset The Maintenance Light?

The maintenance required on your Toyota Camry will not go away on its own once the light comes on, and it can also be kind of annoying and even distracting to have the light on in your dashboard every time you drive. If this is the case for you, follow the steps below to learn how to turn off the maintenance required light on your Toyota Camry.

Even if someone else was driving the car, they could worry if the maintenance required light was on because it automatically reads as a warning sign for the vehicle’s reliability.

Another reason why you should turn off or reset the maintenance required light on your Toyota Camry is to restart the mile counter. Since the light comes on every 5000 miles, when you change your engine oil or do your routine check and reset the counter, the car will automatically remind you when the next 5000 miles have been reached.

The maintenance required light turns on for 3 seconds first and then flashes for approximately 15 seconds after reaching 5000 miles. Even when you exceed the 5000 miles mark, the light will still be on unless you reset it.

How To Reset The Maintenance Light On A Toyota Camry:

  1. Turn your keys in the ignition of your Toyota Camry and flip it to the first position.
  2. Press ad holds the odometer button on your dashboard and flips your keys to the second position.
  3. Keep this position till the maintenance light starts flashing. In some models, the car may start to beep. Keep this up till the light goes out.
  4. Now you can lift your hand off the odometer button and start the car.

Another way to turn off maintenance lights is:

  1. Turn off the “engine start/stop” switch. Make sure you turn off this engine switch with the trip meter reading shown
  2. Press the trip meter reset button and turn on the “engine start stop” switch simultaneously 
  3. Keep your finger on the button and hold it till the trip meter shows 000000.
  4. Your maintenance light is now turned off.

The Toyota Camry does check all the boxes when it comes to the perfect sedan that is both reliable and good-looking. The features in this car are more than one can hope for with this model. If comfort is your goal, the Toyota Camry is the best but for you. 

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