Ford Focus- A Mechanism To Reset The Oil Change Light

An oil change is mandatory after a period, whether you drive the vehicle for short distances or long.

The oil becomes denser and develops a sludge with debris and contaminants. It cannot efficiently work and needs to be replaced. Every car has a system for indicating the time or need to change the oil.

The new car models have displays on the dashboard that light up whenever any part of the vehicle needs attention. For example, a tire pressure sensor or the oil change light.

If you have a Ford Focus car, then read on to find when to change the oil in the car. 

Resetting The Oil Change Light 

An oil change is usually recommended once the car has driven for 5000 or ten thousand miles. When the oil is changed at a service center, the mechanic will also reset the oil change light. You can also do it yourself if you follow these simple tips. 

Ford Focus cars come with an installed system to monitor the Oil Life. This monitor detects the number of miles the car has been used for after the previous reset of the sensor and oil change. 

The modern monitoring systems are smart and very accurate. The system needs resetting every time you change the oil in the engine, and different car models come with instruction manuals and can vary in their mechanism.

The oil change flashes a warning, and you must fill the oil as soon as possible and reset the light too. 

Learn The Steps To Reset The Light In Ford Focus – 2011 – 2018 

This is the third generation of ford focus cars and not very old or modern. The system has been around for years now, and you may be familiar with the mode of resetting the oil change light. These instructions will help you-

  1. Please turn the key on once and do not turn it again as that will start the engine. Using the start button instead, push it softly once and prevent starting the engine. The engine must stay in an off position till you rest the sensor. 
  2. The step may feel strange, but you must push both the accelerator and brake pedals with your feet. Keep in that position for 20 seconds. You may see the message being flashed on the display that the Oil life sensor reset is in progress. 
  3. Keep the pedals pushed down until the new message is displayed that the oil reset is complete. 
  4. The message on display will go away when you release the pedals and you can switch off the ignition. When you start the car next time, it will not show the warning light for an oil change, and the system will begin tracking the oil level again.  

Resetting Oil Change Light in new Ford focus- 2019 – 2021

The older cars are not being produced for the US, though those models from the third generation are still prevalent in other countries.

The oil change light mechanism differs in these cars as the technology has changed completely. 

The new models of Ford Focus come with a digital display that is used to reset the oil change light. 

  1. The first step would be to start the car, remember to push it gently and once just, so the ignition does not start. Do not press the clutch down while using the switch, which may start the engine.  
  2. You will find the controlling buttons on the side of the steering wheel and up and down arrow buttons. 
  3. Use the menu to choose ‘setting.’ 
  4. Then use the controlling buttons to choose the three lines above the menu button. You can see the submenu now. Use the button to move up and down and search for Information. 
  5. Once you find the ‘Oil Life,’ select that option. 
  6. Choose to reset the oil life and then the OK button on the control panel near the steering wheel. Wait until the reset is successfully completed. You will see Reset Successfully flashed on the display screen. 
  7. Switch off the ignition. Next time when you drive, the oil life sensor will be reset to check the new oil levels.

Important Points to Follow 

  1. Do not disregard the check engine light in your automobile. It could indicate something seriously wrong with one of the components. 
  2. Once you check all the other aspects using the error code, you will know which part needs immediate attention. 
  3. An oil change is essential, and you must change the oil after approximately 7500 miles, depending on the environment. Check the manual for instructions on oil change frequency. 
  4. You must not drive with the check engine light or the oil light signal on. The car’s engine is under some stress when these lights are on. The signals are there to attract your attention and do the needful.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Do not use any other oil. Motorcraft SAE 5w-20 engine oil can meet the specifications of the Ford Focus cars.   


Oil change light flashes when the car engine needs the oil to be changed. Once you change the recommended oil and replenish the reservoir, the light must be reset to start the mechanism again. The system tracks the miles your car travels and lets you know that the oil life is nearing the end. 

This is essential to ensure that the engine never runs without the right amount of oil. Less oil may cause damage to delicate components due to friction. The Ford Focus is a sturdy car meant for the US roads. 

Keep maintaining the oil level, and the car will run smoothly. Today’s car models are more sophisticated, and even a delay in oil change may damage some components in the engine.

Also, use the right oil and reset the sensor as soon as possible to ensure the mechanism is ready and functional for the next few thousand miles. 

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