How To Reset Oil Life Remaining On A Chevy Silverado

Most modern cars are equipped with fantastic monitoring systems that make our lives more convenient, and the drives are safer. 

Chevy Silverado cars come with a monitoring system for oil life too. Once the engine oil and filter are changed, you can rest the oil life, and the system will keep you updated. 

What Is The Oil Life Monitoring System?

The Chevy Silverado models need an oil change after a few thousand miles. It could be anywhere between 3000 to 7000 miles, depending on the terrain and environment of driving. After changing the oil, you must reset the readings, and the system will indicate how much life remains in the oil. 

This accurate reading of the remaining oil life is immensely helpful for the drivers to gauge the duration left till the next oil change and how the other parts will be affected by the quality of the oil.

Different models of Chevy Silverado may have slightly different methods when it comes to resetting the oil life. Still, it is relatively simple, and you don’t need any mechanic to do it for you. 

The oil life system in Chevy Silverado and many other models of cars are more advanced devices. The traditional sensors are passe now.

The modern sensors use cutting-edge technology, algorithm, and programmed codes to constantly monitor and convey the engine’s condition and fluids in it to the monitor.  

When the engine oil life starts to drop, the dashboard will illuminate with light. This warning will remain until you change the oil and reset the monitoring system. Hence it is a great boon to prevent damage to the engine due to less oil in the parts.

The computer software picks up again when you reset the readings on the sensor. The process goes on continuously. The process of resetting the monitoring systems has been slightly different in various models of the same car over the years. 

Reset Oil Life of Chevy Silverado 2019 – 2022 Models 

These are the latest cars, and you must follow these steps- 

  1. The car electronics must be enabled and remain on, but the car must not start. You must turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. With this step, the dashboard will light up.
  2. The information menu will light up on the dashboard. 
  3. There are arrow keys to go down or up on the steering wheel, and you can use them to scroll.
  4. Select the ‘i’ button on the menu that can be done using the toggle button.
  5. Use the same navigation tool to reach the Oil Life on the illuminated menu. 
  6. Press the button, and you will receive a message whether you want to reset the same. 
  7. Check the dashboard and approve resetting the oil life.
  8. Select affirmative- yes- and you can implement the oil life reset in the latest Chevy Silverado models. 
  9. As you have recently refilled the container with fresh oil, the reading will be 100% now. 

Reset Oil Life Of Chevy Silverado In Slightly Older Models But After 2014

The resetting of the oil life system depends on the models as some of the older models may not even have an information console, so you may have to choose another method. 

2014 – 2018 Model of Chevy Silverado vehicles differs from the other vehicles –

  1. Move the stem on the instrumental panel and reach ‘Oil life’ displayed on the panel. 
  2. You must press the stem and wait and you will see the message asking if you are sure you want to reset.
  3. The stem will have to be rotated until you reach ‘yes.’ Press it to select this option.  
  4. The oil life reading will be back to full and will start afresh. 

Chevy Silverado with a driver information console

The following steps must be followed in these models with the console feature:

  1. Do not turn the engine on but switch on the ignition.
  2. Highlight the information screen using the navigation buttons on the steering wheel.
  3. You must reach the ‘Oil Life’ on the screen. 
  4. Select this and then use the right arrow button. 
  5. The screen will show the rest options.
  6. Select the ✔ button on the menu options, again using the switches on the steering wheel. 
  7. The oil life will be reset in a jiffy and will be shown as 100%.

Reset The Oil Life of Older models of Chevy Silverado

The older models do not have these display screens or easy maneuver toggle sticks. But it is effortless to reset the sensor in those models too.  

  1. Do not turn the engine on. 
  2. Switch on the ignition.
  3. The car handbrakes must be in place. 
  4. Now slowly press the accelerator pedal.
  5. After five seconds press it again three times, every time waiting for five seconds.
  6. It means you press the accelerator three times with five-second intervals between each repetition. 
  7. Turn off the ignition.

When you start the engine and car next time, oil life will be reset to 100%.


An oil change is essential in every car. When the reading of oil life goes down to 15% in your Chevy Silverado, it is critical to change the oil in the engine as soon as possible.

Once you change the oil, then it is also essential to reset the button at the right time so that the software can read the oil life clearly. 

There are different models of cars, and their oil life readings sensors may be slightly different. But this is very simple, and you can follow the steps given here for different car models. 

Remember to follow the safety tips and read the display screen carefully. In every car model, it is imperative that you just turn the ignition on.

The engine and car should not be on while you rest the oil life sensors. Keep the emergency or hand brakes deployed, so the car does not start moving. 

Once the oil life sensor is reset, carefully switch off the ignition. The oil life sensor will tell you again when to change the oil. 

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