How to Reset Engine Oil Life Light Ford Fusion [2008 to 2020]

The Fusion is a Ford car developed concurrently with the Ford Edge. It includes a package of safety measures called Ford Co-pilot 360. Its plug-in hybrid version has been modified to provide a longer range of electric power alone.

This vehicle is a joy to drive, thanks to its high trim levels and powertrains. Additionally, the cabin is well-finished and peaceful. While it comes standard with fabric seats, you may find the optional leather seats to be more pleasant. Additionally, it features 1.5- and 2-liter turbocharged cylinders to increase its power.

However, the procedure of “Reset Engine Oil Life Light Ford Fusion” is simple and should take no more than seven minutes.

What Does it Signify When the Light of Oil Indicator Illuminates?

When the engine oil life reaches less than 10%, the Engine Oil light illuminates.

Typically, an oil light illuminates when your oil pressure lowers. The reasons for low oil pressure can be your low oil level, unclean oil which has to be replaced, or when there is oil leakage in your vehicle.

On most Ford Fusion vehicles, the oil indicator light on the instrument panel resembles a small oil canister. When these lights shine, you can see a small handle, a spout, and frequently even a drop of oil on it.

Is It Safe to Operate a Vehicle with the Oil Light Illuminated?

Do not drive, if your oil light turns on. This can result in considerable damage to your car’s engine or other parts of the vehicle – especially if the reason is low oil.

Why Does my Oil Light Continue to Illuminate Even if my Oil is Not Low?

Your oil light may illuminate for reasons other than low oil. Additionally, it indicates that your oil needs replacement or that there is a leakage.

What To Do if the Oil Indicator Flashes?

Once you reach your destination or a safe parking space, you should immediately check the oil level in your engine. This is a common reason for oil indicators to illuminate.

If your oil level is normal, you can continue driving until you reach a mechanic or can check for other problems. You may have an oil leak or simply require an oil change.

What To Know About Oil Changes and Indicators?

You may take the time to record the odometer reading of your previous oil change, as well as the date of your next vehicle service.

It’s just marginally less bothersome to bring your car or truck into a quick-lube company and disrupt your hectic schedule. And what if your oil does not require changing every 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers)?

In such instances, you may be contributing to an unwanted environmental burden by pumping, transporting, packing, and disposing of those additional quarts of oil.

However, in certain cars and trucks, there is a mechanism that eliminates the guesswork associated with determining whether your oil has reached the end of its useful life. The oil life indicator informs the driver about the time to change the oil, based not only on miles but also on exact driving conditions that affect the oil’s quality.

Oil indicators are of two fundamental forms, that depend on the vehicle manufacturer and the individual equipment used: direct measurement and algorithm-based.

Algorithm-based oil indicators collect data from a variety of sources and then feed the results into a formula. The indicator display will indicate whether the oil is in good condition, on the verge of requiring replacement, or requires immediate replacement based on the solution to this complex, continuing math problem.

Interestingly, these types of indicators lack sensors that measure the oil’s quality. Rather than that, they integrate information on the number of miles you’ve driven, the temperature variations that occurred during that time period, and the amount of labor produced by the engine.

The indicator or the monitoring system receives this information from the powertrain control module, or PCM, the vehicle’s primary onboard computer. Engineers have developed a fairly precise and dependable method for calculating the remaining oil life in this manner, without sampling the oil.

Measuring Directly Oil life indicators are used to determine the state of the oil – the polar opposite of the system outlined previously. This approach uses sensors to collect oil samples and calculate its life remaining based on any of the following:

  • Conductivity — the ease with which an electric current can flow through an oil (lower the electrical resistance, more is the presence of contaminants in the oil).
  • Mechanical Properties —the thickness of oil based on the force feedback it produces when sloshing can be determined by piezoelectric sensors.
  • Water Content –it is an impurity in oil since it reduces its efficacy and can result in corroded metal surfaces.

Reset Engine Oil Life Light Ford Fusion by Model

Models: 2008-2009

  1. To begin, you turn the key to the indicator position without turning on the engine. If the car is equipped with a push-button start, press it without initiating the engine’s start. If the ignition key is a turnkey, you must simultaneously press the brake and gas pedals for nearly fifteen seconds.
  2. “Resetting Oil” option will be visible on the screen. You must continue pressing until the indicator reads “Completed.”

Models: 2010-2012

  1. To begin, push the “Setup” button which will open the “Vehicle Settings” window.
  2. Then toggle the selection by repeatedly pressing the “Setup” button. When the phrase “Oil Life” is shown, it comes to a halt. Select the “Oil Life” option by pressing the “Reset” button.
  3. By continuously pressing “Setup,” you can scroll through the list. Manually set the percentage to 100%. Once this step is complete, press the “Reset” button to reset it.

Models: 2013-2020

  1. To begin, the ignition key must be turned on without starting the engine.
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” menu using the arrows on the steering wheel. Then, go to the “Vehicle” menu and select the appropriate sub-menu. Keep on scrolling down till you reach the option of “Oil Life Reset”.
  3. Keep the “Ok” button pressed until the indicator on the display shows 100%.
  4. Finally, turn off the ignition to restart the engine. This will determine whether the indication has been reset.


Frequent changes of oil are necessary because the oil that lubricates and cools your engine has a finite life. If it becomes overly contaminated with dirt and metal shavings, it will deteriorate the internal engine components of your vehicle.

Additionally, oil might lose viscosity or become excessively thin, resulting in a condition in which it is unable to adequately protect the engine’s components from grinding against one another. I hope you now have an overall idea of resetting engine oil lights and indicators of Ford Fusion models.

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