Chevy 350 Firing Order

The engine market is one of the most popular sectors these days, and the Chevy 350 is marked as part of the most used engines in the world. Because of this, we are going to focus on the Chevy 350 Firing Order, and you will discover what is the meaning of firing order. 

Firing Order: What Does It Mean?

Cylinders can’t fire following a sequence like 1-2-3-4-5-6 due to the fact that it could provoke deformations on the crankshaft. It could also break. So, every manufacturer has to shuffle the combustion in order to create a power balance within the engine itself. 

A new sequence is born, which can make engine cylinders generate enough firepower to initiate the engine. This power is called the Firing Order. Nowadays, the manufacturers tend to designate the nearest to every single radiator in an in-line engine. 

It will depend on how many cylinders the vehicle has. Nonetheless, it could also vary when it comes from engine to engine depending on the way they were designed. 

If the engine was an inline model, the most suitable cylinder would be a designated no.1, while the cylinder behind the main one, could be a no.2. 

Chevy 350 Firing Order 

When it comes to the Chevy 350 Firing Order, the engine will ignite using the following sequence:

  • 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Besides the first number in the sequence (1) there is a spark plug wire, you are going to find the number 8, which presents a similar plug wire. After these two digits, there will be another spark plug wire, meaning that the sequence is in a clockwise rotation. 

A Chevy 350 will use a V8 engine. With the right order for this particular engine, every cylinder is going to warm up nicely, and they will sync perfectly with each other. 

Besides this, with the appropriate Chevy 350 Firing Order, your driving experience is going to improve immensely. Furthermore, your car will respond a lot better to your demands. 

On the contrary, with the wrong firing order, your vehicle will take a lot more to respond to your orders, and the driving experience is going to be uncomfortable. Even worse, an engine failure could happen. 

Importance of a Correct Firing Order

For your vehicle to work properly, the firing order has to be correct. Make sure the spark plug wires are not mixed at all. Otherwise, the engine will start malfunctioning, damaging every component inside. 

Another reason why it is important has to do with ignition crossfires. When two spark plugs fire at each other, the space between the spark that was just created, can’t be extremely wide.

If it is, the result will be a crossfire between the plugs. Also, the magnetic field that originated from the spark, can fire an extra smark way too quickly, causing a misfire within the engine.

You can prevent this by crisscrossing the remaining plug wires. Through this solution, a magnetic induction will not happen. 

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