Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy

My intention in this article is to talk about a part of the car that we take for granted but actually works well in the background. This type of timing system is often used for point ignition because of its flexibility, high performance, and inexpensive cost, among other reasons.

When it comes to chevy 350 engines, we can help you find the best product for your car. Avoid skipping a step by selecting the best HEI distributor for your Chevy 350.

What Is an HEI Distributor?

GMC’s HEI distributors were a type of ignition component used in their vehicles. They continue to be in high demand as replacement components for older cars being rebuilt or restored, particularly muscle cars.

The original HEI system was developed by General Motors to compensate for less powerful gasoline blends that became available to drivers as a result of stricter environmental laws and the energy crisis. Traditional ignitions were not able to take full advantage of the thinner fuel, which led to the development of HEI, which is short for High Energy Ignition.

The ignition distributor is a critical component of any internal combustion engine that uses spark ignition as the method of ignition. The best distributor for the Chevrolet 350 will ensure that your engine runs at peak performance. You are not forced to choose between them, so don’t worry. Our list of the best HEI distributor for 350 chevy is a great place to start your search.

Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy

I chose components that perfectly meet the OEM requirements for the Chevy 350 engine. You can order any of them with perfect confidence, with the exception of compatibility issues.

1. MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor

In situations where the engine load is excessive and the RPM is pushed to the maximum, the MSD 85551 Pro-Billet MSD Distributor is a mechanically complex device that intervenes to prevent the engine from overheating.

When the pedal is pressed all the way down, the rotor built inside the machine starts to accelerate. This means that when the red light turns green, your vehicle will be the first to leave the intersection.

2. MAS Ignition Distributor w/Cap & Rotor

MAS distributor parts manufacturers are well known among auto mechanics for their strength and durability. This HEI distributor has a unique appearance and will provide complete support for your 350 Chevy.

As a result of using this distributor, your engine will run smoother and faster. It provides the perfect blend of a beautiful design, an adjustable feed rate, and long-lasting housing at a competitive price.

3. MSD 8362 Street Fire HEI Distributor

MSD’s HEI distributors all come with a substantial one-year warranty, regardless of whether they are expensive or the aforementioned cheap ones.

MSD’s structure is one of the reasons it is so confident in the quality of its products. The entire distributor has an adjustable vacuum, allowing it to adapt to the needs of the engine.

4. Dragon Fire High-Performance HEI Distributor

Dragon Fire’s mechanical distributor is a high-end gadget that works in conjunction with your standard tachometer.

Also, its volt coil has the capacity to generate 65,000 volts, and the brass terminals are (almost) impervious to corrosion.

It is designed for easy installation and is available at a competitive price.

5. ACDelco 93440806 GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor

The reliability, longevity, and quality of the ACDelco 93440806 are comparable to the company’s original equipment. The HEI distributor will make every effort to acquire “GM Recommended” accreditation from General Motors Corporation.

The specifications and design of its products are similar to those of General Motors in terms of assembly, form, and function. The switching device is the most important of these because it sends a signal to the ignition coil, allowing it to turn on and off at exactly the same time each time the engine is started.

6. Performance HEI Ignition Distributor for Chevy GM 350

The HEI high-performance ignition distributor is used for two different applications. The model’s CNC-machined aluminum body is equipped with 75,000 high-voltage coil sparks, which will not ignite until the engine rotational speed exceeds 9,000 RPM.

Drivers on foot can also make use of the same technology. Those who live in your area or travel on roads where the speed limit is consistently lower than they would like will find this range more than sufficient.

7. MOSTPLUS Racing HEI Distributor

This HEI Racing distributor is limited in its use to only three different model types. It comes with everything you need to set it up in the kit that will be shipped to your door when you order this model.

There are no installation or assembly instructions included in the box with this product. You will have to do it all yourself or, if you want to avoid the irritation of the hits, you will have to hire someone.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy 

The main function of the HEI distributor is to improve the timing of the vehicle’s ignition circuit. With this method, we can ensure that the mixture is ignited at the proper time, resulting in the highest engine efficiency and performance.

Because timing is critical to your vehicle’s mileage, it is essential to ensure that your HEI system is in proper working order.

Principle of operation

The HEI manifold behaves differently than the spring and weight of the manifold, for example. The rotational response of the position sensor mounting plate is mediated by the manifold vacuum when the engine is subjected to high loads.

These devices allow the distributor to recover to its set point more quickly when the engine is subjected to higher loads.


When the engine is running at low RPM, the HEI distributor can provide an excellent timing advance.

When the engine is running at high RPM, the distributor rotates rapidly, allowing the drive mechanism to activate.


In high-speed circumstances, HEI’s mechanical distributors can provide additional benefits.

When operating at low speeds, vacuum units can improve engine performance while increasing fuel economy. In addition, they increase your car’s pick-up by a few tenths of an inch.


In general, HEI mechanical distributors should not be used on a daily basis. If you are a racer or luxury driver, they are a better choice.

The distributor performs no function in daily driving, as these distributors allow excellent fuel efficiency and better engine performance at low speeds, so the vacuum device is not necessary.

How to Install HEI Distributor on Chevy 350?

When it comes to the location and orientation of HEI Distributors, as long as the ignition timing is correct, there is no need to worry. The techniques described in the following section will show you how to properly install the HEI 350 Chevy Distributor.

  1. First, note that the power wire and tachometer wire are placed on the driver’s side. Go ahead and there will be a gap on the passenger side.
  2. Find the sequence of spark plugs and connect them to the correct cylinders. Start with the power wire and work clockwise; the second wire is for cylinder 1.


Are HEI distributors better than points?

The difference is that electrons do not degrade instantly. If you want reliability and simplicity of maintenance, invest in an HEI distributor. There is no need to specify the residence time or mark the gap on the HEI distributor.

What does HEI stand for on a distributor?

High-energy ignition, also known as H.E.I., is an electronic ignition system designed by General Motors’ Delco-Remy department.

Is an HEI distributor better?

Yes, HEI distributors with stand-alone designs are best suited for off-road cars and other vehicles. Their enormous appeal is due in part to their ease of installation and minimal wiring.

What happens if the ignition timing is too advanced?

Pre-ignition timing, in short, can lead to engine overheating. During the combustion process, an enormous amount of heat is created by prematurely igniting the peaks of the fuel-air mixture.

Final Thought – Best HEI Distributor For 350 Chevy

If you have identified the best HEI dealer for 350 Chevy on the market, you are surely aware of how difficult it is to discover the right product.

Most of the technology offered out there promises the moon but is powerless to deliver. The equipment of this model is trusted by our specialists and is the first choice for thousands of technicians and drivers just like you.

Plus, they offer longer warranty life and premium features to further support your selection.

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