Chevy 4l60e Neutral Safety Switch Diagram

Here I will show you a series of 4l60e Neutral Safety Switch Diagram diagrams that I have collected over time. I have found a Neutral Safety Switch Circuit Diagram.

I will also show you some signs and symptoms of a defective neutral safety switch so that you can keep them in mind in your daily life.

4L60E Neutral Safety Switch Wiring Diagram

Symptoms Of A Defective Neutral Safety Switch

When it comes to dealing with a faulty safety switch, there are certain warning signs you should be aware of and that is why right now we will review the most common symptoms and warning signs that could indicate some kind of problem with the switch.

1. The engine does not start in park, but in neutral mode.

If you put the key in the ignition and turn it (or press the starter button if you don’t have a key), while the transmission is in park mode, your vehicle’s starter motor should engage and the engine should start.

But if the engine won’t start, then the reason may be … you guessed it, a faulty neutral safety switch.

Keep in mind that this problem may also be associated with other elements of your car, such as a damaged starter motor, problems with the battery, or another faulty component of your car. That’s why consulting a mechanic may be a good idea.

2. The other way around: the engine does not start in neutral, but in park mode.

This is quite identical to the previous problem, but the difference here is that in this case, your car starts when your automatic gearbox is set in Park mode, but not in Neutral.

And the reason for this is probably a problem with the safety switch. There may be a problem with the internal components of the neutral safety switch, causing it to trip when it is only in a certain gear (Park).

Alternatively, another cause could be an electrical problem or even the safety switch itself may be loose and all it needs might be a reset.

Any good mechanic could fix it if the problem is detected early.

3. The engine won’t start, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter if your car is in a particular gear or not, the engine simply refuses to start.

Most likely the cause is a problem with the neutral safety switch and, in particular, an electrical malfunction.

If that is the case, then there will be no power from the switch to your car’s starter motor. So what happens when the starter motor runs out of power? Your engine cannot start.

This is a sign of an open electrical circuit in the safety switch and can come from a broken relay, blown fuse, or even an electrical problem with the actual neutral safety switch. The solution is quite simple: just replace the neutral safety switch.

4. You can start the engine in any gear

If you can start the engine even if it is in gear, it is very likely that the safety switch has an internal problem, such as a short circuit.

Note that when this happens, your car is left without the safety features related to the neutral safety switch. That’s why, to stay risk-free, your best option would be to replace the switch as quickly as possible.


In this article, we have shown you a series of diagrams for your 4l60e Neutral Safety Switch Diagram search, and a few tips that will help you with any issues you may have with your Chevy.

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