Best Valve Covers for Small Block Chevy

For more than ten years, Chevy’s small-block engines have been praised because of their tremendous performance in the engine of its cars. The small-block can improve Chevy’s performance for a long time.

Since you want to protect your Chevy small block engine, you will need to get a cover that is a perfect fit for your engine. You already know that getting a cover for your small-block engine will protect it from all sorts of elements, whether rain or dust, which is why you are seeking one.

There are many valve covers, and they come in different shapes and sizes to help fit the small block. Check the list below to know the one that will be perfect for your Chevy.

List of Best Valve Covers for Small Block Chevy

Speedway SBC Valve Cover

If you know you’ve got a small block Chevy brand from 1960 to 86, this valve cover is a perfect fit for your vehicle. The manufacturer designs the product with an OEM-based baffle and dippers. A plus to it is that it has internal baffles.

The good thing about this valve cover is that it is light in weight. You don’t have to bother too much about the weight of the material, and the cover comes with all the necessary tools needed to fix it on the small block. This cover comes with a Chevy logo in the center.

Considering the product’s durability, this valve cover is made with an impressive material that ensures the product lasts long. A plus to having this cover on your small-block Chevy is that it does not allow oil spillage. Such a feature helps keep the engine neat and prevents soiling of the engine parts.

Proform 141-899

One thing about this valve cover is that it is very attractive because of the Chevy logo that is plated on it. Aside from being attractive, it is made with a material that assures the product’s durability. It is known to be made of thick steel with chrome plating. This will be a good fit if you have a Chevy from 1958 to 86.

This product is good on one side because it is on an economical budget. This means that the price of the valve cover is affordable.

It is designed in such a way that it prevents oil spillage or leakage. The cover is raised so that it allows air in the small block, the weight is relatively light, and when you want to fix the product, it is easy to install.

Assault Racing Small Covers

The product is manufactured with a strong aluminum material, which will last a long time before considering another change. The color – chrome, prevents the product from rusting. Another thing is that the height makes it possible for air to circulate within it, so your small-block engine doesn’t get heated fast.

Installation of the assault racing small cover is straightforward. The product, when purchased, comes with stainless bolts for installing the cover. The stainless bolts also do not rust, so this is a good product.

It protects your engine from different kinds of damages that would have happened if open, and it also prevents oil spillage. It has this look that makes it look like something from the 90s. The product is a perfect fit for Chevys from 1958 to 86.

Specter Performance Covers

The covers of this product are one of a kind. They are coated with chrome color, making the product durable and preventing quick rusting. Chevy cars from 1958 to 86 perfectly fit this valve cover.

The product comes with the installation material, which means it has the bolts needed to fix the cover to the small block chevy. The product is designed in such a way that it allows air to prevent heating. If you’re looking for a valve cover with a refined design, the specter performance cover is good enough.

It is light in weight and provides users with space through which they can fill in oil into the engine of their Chevy.

Proform Stamped Covers

This product of Proform comes with good quality steel material, making it last a long time. The product comes in black, giving it a camouflage feel in the engine. The height and weight of the product are in proportion to make it perfect for Chevy.

Getting this cover will reduce the amount of oil spillage. Aside from that, it is designed with holes that allow you to pour oil easily without lifting the cover. The height is perfect for allowing air in and preventing heat.

How to Install Valve Covers on Small Block Chevy

It is simple to install valve covers on your small block Chevy. Just take the following steps.

  • Check and be sure that the gasket and screws are properly aligned. If they are, put the cover on it.
  • After that, you want to screw the valve cover properly. Make sure you do so to prevent any form of oil spillage.

Things to Consider when Buying Valve Covers

  1. You must consider the size of the valve cover you are buying. This is so because not all sizes are a perfect fit for some Chevy years. To prevent a wrong purchase, check the size of the cover you want to buy.
  2. Another thing you must put in mind is the material. You don’t want to buy a product that won’t last you for a long time. Aluminum products and steel covers are usually the best ones to buy.
  3. Neatness. Especially if it is not looking polished, do not buy it.


Valve covers are a great product or accessory to add to your Chevy engine. They help make your engine last longer and also perform well. Besides that, these covers help keep your engine compartment neat because it prevents oil spillage.

Before going ahead to choose the desired product, ensure you do your due diligence by checking the right information. Also, find out how durable the valve cover is before purchasing it.

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