Best Seat Covers For Honda CRV

It’sIt’s always great to cover your seat covers. It’sIt’s one thing to know that you should get a cover for your seat, but another to know the best seat cover to get since you want to offer your seats the best form of protection.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Honda CRV seat covers for this year.

5 Best Seat Covers for Honda CRV


This seat cover has fine stitches and thick leather that protects your car seat from scratches and stains. The seat cover is produced for both front and back CRV seats, giving your car a complete seat cover set. The leather seat will protect your car from water because it is waterproof.

The product comes with airbags which is a good thing. It comes with pockets to easily store belongings you wish to reach when you need them. The installation process is simple. It is a DIY process.

If you are looking for something with a seat cover that does a good job protecting your car seats and you are on a tight budget, this is a good choice for a seat cover.

EKR Seat Cover

This seat cover is best if you own a 2012 Honda CRV model. It is a perfect fit for this car model. The material used to design the product is durable. The leather material will surely give your car’s interior a fine touch. The seat comes in seven colors, meaning you can find a color that matches your vehicle’s interior.

The seat cover protects your seat from all sorts of scratches. Another good thing about this seat cover is that it is waterproof, stain, and dustproof.

The seat cover is provided with pockets. The pocket can easily store items you want to reach easily. The seat cover is made with soft pads that ensure you are comfortable during a long journey. They can be easily washed, plus they come with airbags.

The installation procedure is easy enough and does not take up to an hour. The seat cover is a perfect fit, so you do not need to worry about it sliding off.

AIERXUAN Seat Covers

If you own a 2007 Honda CRV model, this seat cover is just right for your car. The seat cover is produced for both the front and back seats. It has an incredibly beautiful logo in the center which makes it attractive. The seat cover comes in different colors, and you can find the one that fits your car’s interior.

The leather is designed to be durable and withstand scratches. Besides this, this seat cover has soft padding, which gives you comfort even though you sit for a long time. The material is good and holds back water from damaging your car seat.

The seat cover can be fitted into your seats easily. It comes with an instructional book that guides you in fixing the seat.

GORLA Seat Cover

GORLA seat covers are nice because they help to prevent water and seat from staining or damaging your car seats. The seat cover is made with a Neoprene material known to be durable. This seat cover gives the interior a different look because of the colors and style.

This seat cover matches almost all models of the Honda CRV. They are probably made to grab the car seat, which means that they will not slip off or slide out once worn. The seat cover is comfortable and allows you to enjoy the ride well, even if it is a long journey.

The installation procedure is straightforward and can be done in an hour. The product comes with a bonus cover for the seat belt. This seat cover is a good pick if you like a simple taste.

FREESO Seat Covers

This seat cover is perfect for any Honda CRV. It comes with pockets by the side where you can easily keep items you want to reach. The seat cover has airbags which makes it a plus on its side.

The seat covers are made so that they allow ventilation on your seats. The covers are also designed with a soft pad to help sit and drive for hours comfortably. It comes with neck pads which make it more comfortable, and a good seating posture while driving.

The installation procedure is straightforward and does not take too much time. The cover is made to withstand water from damaging the seat of your CRV. Another good thing about this seat cover is that it can easily be washed.

Things to Consider when Buying a Seat Cover

When you want to buy a seat cover, you must consider some things. Let us look at some of the things.


The design of the seat cover is important. If you like things to look orderly, the color it comes in will be an important thing to look at.


Whenever you want to purchase a seat cover, you must consider the price. Check if the quality of the seat cover works for its price. You will also need to ensure that it’s something you can afford.


There are different materials that the seat covers are made in. When getting a leather material, be sure to check that it does not crack and check the reviews of others on the quality of the product. Leather and Neoprene materials are usually the best quality material.


You need to consider the installation procedure. You don’t want to get something that will take your time to install or a seat cover that will require you to call a professional. It’s always best to go for seat covers that have a DIY procedure.

Universal or Custom Fit

When buying seat covers, you need to be sure if they are custom-fit or universal fit. The custom-fit covers are made for specific car models, but the universe will go for almost any car model.


After reading this article, your choice of seat cover for your Honda CRV should be narrowed down. You must consider things like the fit, quality, price e.t.c whenever you want to purchase seat covers.

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