Best Seat Covers For Ford F150

A Ford F150 is a great pickup truck because of its many advantages, especially because it functions well regardless of the terrain. To complement the beauty of your truck from within, you should get the perfect seat cover for aesthetics and comfort.

There are various seat covers out there, making it difficult for owners to pick. This article will help narrow down your choice.

List of Best Seat Covers For Ford F150

Waterproof Airexuan seat cover

This particular seat cover is very stylish and comes in different colors, so you can be sure to see a cover that fits your taste. The edges of the seat are made in a fine style that looks like diamonds. When you get this cover, it should come with airbags in them.

The seat cover is made of fine leather that protects your seat from water. Meaning the seat cover is waterproof. Another good thing about the leather material is that it easily removes stains from the seat cover.

This seat cover is very comfortable because, within the leather material threading, there’s a soft pad, which makes sitting on your Ford chair very comfortable. The installation process is straightforward, and they come in back and front seats.

Carscover Custom Fit

This seat cover is made to be durable for the Ford F150 seats. The seat cover can withstand water, which means it is waterproof and protects your seats from damage that water can bring. The cover can also withstand all forms of stain because of the fine leather material used to make it.

Aside from the leather material, it is made with Neoprene fabric, making the seat comfortable during hot weather. The pad makes sitting comfortable. The leather is also made to withstand climate changes, especially during warm temperatures. This makes the cover durable.

Pockets are sewn to the seat covers so you can store items. The installation process is good enough, although the removal process, some might find hard. If you’re someone who likes something simple and beautiful, this cover is appropriate for you.

Covercraft Seat Covers

 The material of this particular seat cover is said to be very strong and durable. It is made with a material known as Carhartt. The cover is great because it comes custom-made. COVERCRAFT seat covers even come with arm and headrest covers.

It is made with special technology, and this seat cover can withstand any water spill. It is also stain-resistant, and cleaning up the cover is very simple. If you prefer to take it out and wash it with a washing machine, you can.

The cover seat has one of the easiest installation and removal. It has clear instructions or a manual that the owner should follow to set up the seat cover. The padding makes sitting on it very comfortable, and the fabric material is strong and therefore does not wear easily.

This seat cover is even designed with more than one pocket for the car owners to put items.

Totally Covers

This seat cover comes in amazing camouflage colors of different types, of which you will find the one that best fits your car’s interior. The package comes with a console cover, which is cool because you have the same blend of colors everywhere in your car.

The material used to design this seat cover is made from cotton. Cotton is a fabric material that is easy to wash. This means that you can wash seat covers easily and use a washing machine if you choose. The only thing is that you should sun dry it when done washing it with the washing machine.

If you usually go on long journeys, this cover is great because it has a soft padding that makes sitting on your seat for a long period comfortable. The installation process is simple, and so is the removal procedure.

EKR Custom Fit Covers

The package of this seat cover comes with airbags, and it comes in different colors. You can be sure to find a color that best fits the interior of your Ford F150. Regarding durability, you can trust the EKR Custom-fit cover because it is properly designed with fine leather and stitched.

The fabric material is also very strong, and the padding within the seat cover provides extra comfort while sitting on it. If you’re going for a long journey, you are good to go because the padding helps you feel comfortable for a long time while driving.

If you’re someone who likes to keep items in the car and wants to reach them easily, this seat cover comes with different pockets attached to it. When it comes to the installation process, the EKR cover is simple to install. While installing it, ensure you have studied the installation manual properly.

Rough country Cover Seat

This cover is grey and promises to fit your truck’s interior in no time. The material used to make the cover is very durable and can withstand cracking, which may be caused by sunlight.

Its neoprene fabric provides comfort to you during any weather. So whether it is cold or warm, you are assured of having comfort with this seat cover. The cover also has padding inside, which is soft. Sitting and driving for long hours is comfortable because of the product’s extra padding.

Installation of this cover is not so difficult. With a proper following of the manual, you will in no time fix the covers over your seats, and its removal is straightforward.


Seat covers are a great way to protect your car seats from different elements, including water, dust, and climate changes. Aside from protection, they add beauty to the interior of your Ford F150. After looking at the list provided above, it should be easier for you to make a quicker choice on the kind of seat cover to get for your Ford truck.

Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a seat cover for your Ford F150 include fit, quality and durability. Therefore, ensure it ticks all these boxes.

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