Car Vibrates When Accelerating: Check These Things

Is your car shaking the moment you are trying to accelerate it? If you notice this, you should assume that there are some serious issues with your vehicle. These instances demand immediate attention, failing which your car health is likely to suffer manifold. There can be various reasons beyond these troubles, and all these signs are the wake-up call for the car owner. Please keep in mind that hiding the dust under the carpet is not the right approach to take in this regard. It is for the reason that as the troubles intensify, it will compel you to shoulder much more extravagant expenses. 

It gets said that the foundation of fixing any problem lies in identifying the crucial factors that trigger these issues. Once you identify the key factors that make the vehicle shake while the driver tries to accelerate it, it will help him/her to take suitable remedial measures. Most importantly, you can take appropriate steps to prevent the chances of these issues’ outbursts. Keep in mind that these issues suggest the below-expected care and maintenance of your car. Here come the key factors that are likely to make the car shake while put in the acceleration. 

Reasons for Car Shakes When Accelerating

car vibrates when accelerating at high speeds
Car vibrates when accelerating at high speeds

1. Damages to CV joint inside 

It is one of the most common factors to produce this outcome. The CV joints lay along with the axle terminals. In case the CV joint inside catches significant damages or it ceases to perform in the usual manner, the car will start vibrating the moment you try to accelerate it. Once the joints’ injuries intensify, the vibration will also get more intense, producing severe safety threats in driving. The problem strengthens further as you keep loading the vehicle to a greater extent. 

Wear and Tear in the joint boot is the primary factor for damages in the CV joint. It will compel the accumulation of dirt and water inside the car boot, eventually negatively affecting the grease that safeguards the internal splines. Inadequate lubrication is one of the major factors that trigger these issues. 

To fix these issues, you need to replace the CV joint immediately to ensure your safety in the course of driving. 

2. Worn And Broken Engine Mounts

The primary task of the motor mount is to keep the vehicle engine attached to the car frame. Besides, it is meant to reduce the engine vibration so that passengers never experience trouble for excessive shaking of the car, especially when the driver starts to enhance the driving speed. 

The construction of Motor Mounts usually involves rubber. The purpose of rubber construction is for its capacity to absorb excessive vibration. Once the motor mount gets worn and torn, it disturbs the normal engine alignment and results in outrageous car shaking. 

The only solution to escape the shaking car’s issues due to worn and torn motor mount is to replace it on a war footing basis. If you are not taking the appropriate remedial measures at the right time, you get compelled for more extensive repair involving hefty expenses. 

3. Unbalanced Tires 

The moment the tire balance gets disturbed, the vehicle will immediately start to shake as you try to accelerate the speed. Did you replaced the old tires recently, and are you noticing the car vibrate? If so, you should assume that the balance of the tires is not in the right state. Please note that the tire’s usual weight is likely to get disturbed if the tire gets mounted on the car wheels. 

To address this problem, you need to mount the tire on a tire installer. Consequently, you need to ensure the right balance at specific locations. Once the tire starts rolling, even the most subtle imbalance will trigger the car’s severe vibration when you start moving the car faster. 

When you keep driving at high speed, wherein the tires will keep rolling faster, you will feel the vibration more intensely. You will also notice the steering wheel has started to shake heavily in these instances. 

Suppose you find that the car is vibrating. In that case, even if you are driving at a consistent speed, while the vibration intensifies, as you accelerate the vehicle, it is the strongest indicator for the imbalanced tire. Another factor likely to produce the same outcome is a drop in the wheel weight. You inevitably need to seek professional repair services to fix these issues. 

4. Loosened Lug Nuts

Another factor that is likely to trigger the same problem is the loose Lug Nuts. In case this component does not have the right torque, the wheel tends to slip. It will give the driver an impression about the car vibrating, as he keeps enhancing the speed. 

In case you don’t tighten the component immediately, it will loosen completely. It will enhance the chances for the wheel to detach from the moving car. It triggers the events of devastating accidents in the course of driving. It will be especially relevant to state that you need to use the right size Lug Nut to ensure safe and hassle-free driving, even when you accelerate. 

Ideally, it would help if you utilized a Torque Wrench while working on solving these issues. You must refer to the car manual that will guide you to tighten the nuts as per the factory specifications. In case you don’t have a Torque Wrench handy, you can serve this purpose with a regular Lug nut Wrench. Thus, overcoming this issue is not a big deal. You need some essential tools, and you need to invest a little time and effort to solve these issues. 

You can escape these issues quickly with appropriate and regular care and maintenance of your car. It will help you to keep the vehicle in the right driving condition, ensuring your safety in the course of driving. 

5. Bent Driveshaft

Are you driving a Rear-wheel drive vehicle? If so, the engine power is transmitted to the rear Axle through the propeller shaft. Therefore, if this portion of the car catches the minimum damages, it will immediately result in the vehicle vibrating as the driver starts accelerating the car. The problem will start getting more intense as the driver keeps accelerating further. Usually, it is impossible to repair the Driveshaft that makes it a compulsion to replace the unit altogether. However, it is beneficial to incur this cost as the replacement will ensure foolproof safety during driving. 

6. Damaged Axle

Damages in the car axle make the car more vulnerable to catch severe vibration as the driver keeps driving faster. In case the car axle has seen a bent, these instances are likely to come up. In case you have caught some minor accidents, or it has stuck against the larger rock, these instances are likely to come up. Even if you have not noticed significant damages to the car, you cannot leave things unchecked. In such cases, the Axle is likely to get bent that produces the most severe consequence. It is another reason for which you should ensure timely and appropriate maintenance of your car. It will help you fix the issues early that will enable you to escape the threats of incurring extravagant expenses later. 

Please make a note that if you notice the car axle has caught a bent, you should replace it at its earliest. It is for the reason that, just like the Driveshaft, it is impossible to repair a bent in the Axle. 

7. Stuck Brake

The moment the Stuck Brake in your vehicle gets stuck up, and it will make the car shake. You will experience it even while driving at an even speed. The problem will keep growing more robust as you keep going faster. Typically, when you hit the extent of 50 Miles of hourly driving speed, these instances are likely to occur. It gets accompanied by s shaking stirring wheel. Besides, you are likely to get some burning smell as you bring the car to a standstill. You should not overlook this issue, as if left unattended, the situation will turn more vulnerable. It will compel you to take the burden of some extravagant expenses. 

In case you notice the stuck brake has stuck, you can identify the damaged wheel by taking a smell. Consequently, you should conduct a thorough inspection of the braking system, giving closer attention to the slides, caliper bolts, and piston. In most instances, you can solve these issues by cleaning and applying lubrication to the damaged parts. However, it becomes obvious to replace the brake system’s broken component to escape some unsolicited instances in the course of driving. 

8. Vacuum Hose Disconnected Or Broken.

While exploring the probable factors beyond excessive vibration in the course of driving, you cannot leave the vacuum hose unattended. In case it gets torn, or it gets disconnected, the car will start vibrating as you keep enhancing the speed. 

A disconnected vacuum hose creates air leaks due to little wear and tear. It will make the sensors behave in an unsolicited manner, eventually causing backfire, misfire, and it may result in power loss as the engine ceases to function in the right way. 

You need to check if the hoses are connected correctly, and no, it has caught no wear and tear. In case the hose got disconnected, you can join it back using a clamp to tighten the loose fittings. It will never take major effort and time to accomplish this task. 

It will be especially relevant to the state because Turbocharged vehicles stand more vulnerable to catch these issues. To find a permanent and root-cause solution to these issues, you can consider replacing the regular hose with the ones made with silicone. This simple trick will go a long way to produce the desired outcome. 

9. Worn out and Dirty Spark Plugs 

The spark plug is one of the most components of your vehicle. While checking the possible factors beyond the vibrating car while accelerating, it stands the problematic dirty or worn spark plug. As you keep driving the car, the spark par stands vulnerable to catch wear and tear. Likewise, it is likely to catch accumulating dust and dirt. If conditions get intense, it will make the car vibrate as you keep trying to accelerate the vehicle. The moment you explore such issues with the spark plug, you must replace the damaged unit on a war footing basis. 

Car owners often tend to ignore the spark plug, and this is where they commit a blunder. Ideally, it would help if you kept changing the spark plug in few months, at least twice a year, to ensure that the component stays in the right condition to facilitate smooth and safe driving. Consequently, you can escape the chances of catching fatal injuries and accidents in the course of driving. At the same time, it is important to ensure regular and appropriate maintenance of your car. Routine car inspection forms a regular part of this regime. 

10. Steering Wheel troubles 

In experts’ opinion, you are likely to experience strong vibration in the moving car when there are issues with the steering wheels. Usually, these issues are more vulnerable to appear in older cars. Likewise, if you are not adequate and regular in car maintenance, such problems are likely to affect the newer cars. It is a fact that when the vehicle is new, the steering wheel will be smoother and responsive. It is for this reason that you need to keep a closer eye on the older car. Likewise, these cars demand more frequent and extensive care and maintenance. 

11. Inappropriate and duplicate parts 

Another factor that is likely to trigger this issue is faulty and duplicate spares and parts. You will need to change the spares and pieces from time to time. However, it would be best if you did that in a careful and considerate manner. You should ensure that you are using genuine spares and parts to never experience troubles with your car in the course of driving. It is another reason that makes regular car inspections an inevitable task for all car owners. 

12. Engine Troubles 

Last but not least, engine troubles are another factor that enhances the car’s chances to vibrate while the driver starts accelerating the vehicle. Most commonly, you are likely to experience the car jerk while you try to enhance the speed. It will continue to happen so even if you start driving at a slower speed. The problem will go on escalating as you keep on driving faster. You should take regular care and maintenance of the car engine that will help you escape the car’s troubles vibrating when you try to accelerate the car. 

From the discussions made above that poor and irregular maintenance of the car makes the vehicle malfunction. It will make the driver and the passengers vulnerable to catch major accidents and injuries in such instances. On the other hand, when you keep the car in perfect working condition through regular maintenance and care, you can escape these issues. It will help you escape the instances to shoulder major expenses in repairing your car’s major problems or paying for major replacement bills. Thus, it makes sense to invest time and effort in these regards. 

Cost of Reparation

As cars age, their maintenance costs will increase. The secret to paying low maintenance costs is continuous service.

Waiting to replace the important engine and frame parts that have been used in the past few days to replace them is expensive.

The average annual cost of this service can be as low as $100. However, it depends on where you drive and how you use the car.

All the complexity and engine noise should be repaired immediately. The cost increases with neglect.

Final Thoughts

Preventive maintenance will always keep you ahead of car problems. Always maintain your car to make sure worn parts are replaced. Replace these parts before they cause engine damage.

Some problems require professional help, but some can be handled by individuals. Understanding the differences is critical. If you don’t know how to replace worn parts, you may end up causing additional damage to your vehicle.

If your vehicle shakes the next time you drive, you should diagnose the cause and take appropriate action immediately. Failure to do so can result in accidents or high costs of replacing parts or the entire engine.

Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle to replace worn parts.

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