Car Vibrates When Braking [Causes and How Can I Fix It?]

Why does the car vibrate when braking? Surely this is a concern that haunts the minds of many drivers every day. Are these unpleasant vibrations indicative of a vehicle problem?

Before making any decisions, it is important to confirm that the vibrations only occur when the brakes are being used. If the vibrations occur when the car is in motion, it is possible that the problem is caused by another vehicle component. The following are factors that contribute to the generation of vibrations when braking.

Car Vibrates When Braking

As soon as the vehicle brakes, it shakes violently, causing the driver to lose control and become very nervous. Overheating of the brake discs is one of the possible causes. Long journeys over rough terrain, for example, or the presence of an immovable piston in the caliper can cause this to happen, among other things.

1. Vibration Due To Brake Discs

The brake disc is a rotating element, the curved part rubs more intensely against the pad at each turn. This can cause a vibration that can be reflected in the steering wheel, the brake pedal, or the car in general. The first thing to do to detect this fault is to remove the wheel to see if the disc is deformed. If it is a serious case, you may see it by looking at it from the side.

If indeed you see that your car vibrates when braking because the brake discs are deformed, the possible solutions are to change them together with the brake pads or repair them.

2. Vibrations Due To A Deteriorated Bushing

Deteriorated hubs are also a cause of vibrations when braking since this part is attached to the brake disc. It is possible that this component suffers from anomalies and does not rotate correctly due to rust, a rim, or even a faulty assembly. Unless this component is destroyed, it is likely that the disc is also damaged.

It is suggested that the rust or dirt be removed, but if the problem continues, it is preferable to replace the part. It will be necessary to replace both the right and left axle bushings.

3. Vibrations During Braking Due To Bearings

A defective bearing can cause vibrations, but not clearly and constantly. If your car vibrates when braking due to a damaged bearing, you will need to replace it with a new one.

The price varies greatly from one brand to another, but it can cost you about $100 per wheel. This item is not easy to replace, so we recommend you go to a shop to have it done right.

4. Other Unlikely Causes Of Vibrating Braking

  • Another possible cause of vibrations is worn ball joints and suspension mounts, defects that are easy to detect by yourself if you hear certain noises.
  • Worn shock absorbers: this problem does not cause vibrations by itself, the only thing that can happen is that they amplify them when they are caused by other defects.

Final Thoughts – Car Vibrates When Braking

When braking, you may experience vibrations as a sign of a problem that is not necessarily related to the brakes. If your vehicle vibrates when braking, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The tires and rims are not properly aligned. This is the least likely scenario, as the vehicle (particularly the steering wheel) would vibrate constantly, making it necessary to use the brakes in this situation. The vibrations reaching the car are simply “amplified” while the vehicle is stopped.
  • Shock absorbers. Again, this is unlikely, as extremely worn shock absorbers hardly generate oscillations and, consequently, simply… magnify those that already exist.
  • The condition of the brake discs has worsened. Due to sudden overheating or many sessions of intensive use, the discs have become deformed or “warped”, causing the whole vehicle to shake more or less intensely when braking.
  • The condition of the hub has worsened. Kilometers traveled, lack of lubrication, extreme stresses (e.g. a heavy blow on a wheel) or simply poor assembly (both during the manufacturing process and after a possible repair) can cause the hub to be out of tolerance and to rotate eccentrically or out of alignment.
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