Best V Brakes – A Comprehensive Review

Do you like to have a better braking system for your mountain bikes? Then, it is better to invest in the V-brakes that let you develop the stopping skills. Also referred to as linear-pull brakes, these V-brakes are compatible with different commuting bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. V-brakes have longer brake arms, and thus, the rider gets better control. The easily installable V-brakes can transform the rim braking performance of your off-road bikes. Thus, to take your performance to a different level, you can buy V-brakes.

We have now reviewed the best V-brakes from reliable brands. You can compare them and make the right decision.

SHIMANO BR-T4000  Aluminum alloyIncludes mudguard, cassettes, and braking pads 
CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake  Aluminum alloyInclude a brake boot, brake noodle, and lock screw
JGbike Shimano MT200 for entry-level bikes  Aluminum alloyRotors, bleeding kits, and cassettes
RUJOI V-Brake Replacement Set–  Aluminum alloybolt screws and V-brake pads
Promax V-Brake Set   Aluminum alloyCantilever and adjustment screw

Best V-Brakes Review

1. SHIMANO BR-T4000 (Best for front brake)

SHIMANO is one of the leading brands manufacturing brakes for mountain bikes. Made of quality materials, this front V-brake has gathered the attention of several bicycle users. Its efficient and innovative design and flawless performance have persuaded us to include it in the first place on our list.


  • Design– Shimano has used alloy metal and aluminum to manufacture the braking system. You will not feel heavy while operating the bicycle, and thus, you can stop it easily. The matte finish on the design will surely last long. Moreover, the rubber grips add an ergonomic value to the brake.
  • Performance– Although the price rate is reasonable, Shimano BR-T4000 has amazing stopping power due to the high-quality calipers and brake pads. Simple use of a finger will help you in controlling the V-brake. To ensure risk-free operations, there is a mudguard.
  • Additional accessories- The package includes braking pads and other kits. By using these tools, you can install the brake without much effort.


  • High stopping power
  • Cost-effective V-brakes
  • Easy to maintain


When you are looking for the best alternatives to disc brakes, you can invest in Shimano BR- T4000. You can upgrade your bicycle bike with this product. Smooth stopping capability, mudguard, brake pad, and other features can please you.

2. CYSKY MTB Mountain Bike V-Brake (Best for front and rear brakes)

We have found it to be one of the high-quality V-brakes for MTB mountain bikes. When you have a thick tire, you can invest in this V-brake. In terms of construction and performance, this V-Brake is a perfect choice.


  • Design– Similar to Shimano BR-T4000, this V-brake has aluminum alloy in its design. Due to this aluminum model, you can mount the lightweight system very easily. The high durability is another reason for choosing this V-brake. There is no need to be concerned about the brake condition while you have a minor collision. The arch size of the brake is about 107mm.
  • Performance– There is an unquestionable stopping power of this brake. Moreover, it is easy to fit the brake pads against the wheels. That is why most mountain bike users have found it a perfect choice for their needs.
  • Additional tools– The package includes a pair of V-brakes with a brake boot, brake noodle, and lock screw.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easily installable
  • Perfect for bike modification


  • Not for all bike tires

CYSKY has designed the best replacement brake set for two wheels. You can use these brakes for your front and rear wheel. At a reasonable rate, you can find a pair of brakes.

3. JGbike Shimano MT200 for entry-level bikes (Best for low-budget buyers)

When you like to commute, race, and tour with a bicycle, you can invest in this V-brake. We have selected one of the entry-level disc brakes for novices. The mechanical disc brakes ensure safe performance while riding the bike.


  • Design– Manufacturers have paid special attention to the design. You can find rear brakes integrated with a steel caliper. The overall construction is highly durable, and it contains 2-pistons designed with resin. Due to the diverse design, you will find this brake model compatible with most bicycles.
  • Performance– You can find the amazing performance of this hydraulic brake. You can avoid accidents using this brake. Users are pleased with this V-brake for its low noise and good stopping power. Moreover, you can easily reach the lever while operating it.
  • Additional accessories– The package includes rotors, bleeding kits, and a cassette.

The MT200 is the perfect choice for small hands. It has a minimum reach of about 75 mm. Although it is an entry-level product, manufacturers have not compromised over quality.


  • Ease of maintenance
  • Good control while slowing down.
  • Fit most bike models


The MT200 is the perfect choice for small hands. It has a minimum reach of about 75 mm. Although it is an entry-level product, manufacturers have not compromised over quality.

4. RUJOI V-Brake Replacement Set (Best replacement brake)

RUJOI has designed a high-quality V-brake replacement set with an industry-standard design. The high-end brake set has state-of-the-art designs. To get the ultimate safety while riding the bike, you can invest in this model.


  • Design– Like most other brake manufacturers, RUJOI has usedaluminum alloy to design these brakes. The length of the aluminum alloy is about 110mm. Moreover, the rubber pads (of about 55mm) are EN14766 compliant. The brake arch of the model is easily adjustable. By positioning the fork rightly, you can control the tension of the arch.
  • Performance– We have found no flaw in performance. Due to the specially designed rubber pads, you can minimize the stopping distance easily. However, to ensure the best performance, you need to install brake pads properly. The front pad and rear pad must touch the rim at a time.
  • Additional accessories– The package includes two sets of bolt screws and four pieces of V-brake pads with the V-Brake Kit. You will get everything needed for a V-brake replacement.


  • Easy to mount
  • High-quality brake pads
  • The brake arch is adjustable.


  • The black tension screw’s paint peeling off

You can buy this V-brake for decent design and reliable performance. When you need to replace your old brakes, you can invest in this product.

5. Promax V-Brake Set (Best for durability)

Promax has manufactured a highly sturdy V-brake set for bikers. Buy this reliable set and install it easily due to the simple and minimalistic design. This tried-and-tested V-brake has become a useful tool for lots of bike riders.


  • Design- The strong aluminum construction has made this brake lightweight. You will not feel bulky while operating the brake. Moreover, the brake is integrated with 110mm arms that are easily accessible to riders. You will find a highly functional design with this V-brake.
  • Performance- The brake performs best with most of the bikes. You have to install it right to make it effective for your bike. You may replace your old brake with this innovatively designed brake.
  • Additional accessories- The package includes a cantilever with a screw for adjusting the system.


  • No noise
  • High stopping potential
  • Nice build


  • Plastic spacer- Not durable

Guide to Buying the Best V Brakes

V-brakes are advantageous over other brakes, as they are lighter and mechanically simple. You may repair, adjust, and maintain them easily. Thus, to buy the best V-brakes, you have to focus on some factors.

1. Compatibility

To install V-brakes in your bike, it is essential to check their compatibility with the wheel and frame. The folk and frame need bosses while fitting the brakes with them.

2. Brake pads and rims

Every package of V-brakes includes pads, as it works with the brake mechanism. It also helps you to have a safe and smooth ride. Its presence will add efficiency to your bikes. Thus, you have to look for V-brakes, which provide you with brake pads.

3. Materials

Check the durability of the material used for the V-brake. Aluminum alloy brakes are sturdy and endure weather conditions.


Will I get benefit from using V-brakes?

Yes, the installation of a V-brake is better than using several 1600 mm rotor sets. However, V-brakes may not endure mud and adverse weather elements, like rain.

Are V-brakes the best options to replace my cantilever brakes?

You can find a high-level modulation and more energy. It is better to combine a direct pull level with the 95mm arms. You will have a rim clearance with this combination.

What materials are used for V-Brakes?

You can find V-brakes available in a range of materials. However, it is better to prefer aluminum brakes, as they are highly resilient.

Do casual recreation bikes need V-brakes?

The most important factor for every rider is safety. Although you do not ride the bike regularly, you have to install these V-brakes. Ensure your safety all the time.

Is it essential to own V-brakes?

There is no rule that you must use these brakes. However, as mountain bikers have a high risk of accidents, they should use V-brakes.

Final Thoughts

Buy the best V-brakes that work properly with your bike. Before starting a racing cycling, it is better to purchase a V-brake. When you need a front brake, you may prefer SHIMANO BR-T4000. However, to get both the front and rear brakes, you can go for CYSKY mountain brakes. But, the most affordably priced model is JGbike Shimano MT200. You can check out other features of all products to make decisions.

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