Best Bendix Brakes Review

Do you need highly durable and reliable brake kits for your vehicle? The braking system plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. Noisy brakes and other braking issues indicate that it is the right time to replace the old kits. However, you can find brakes of different brands, and one of them is Bendix. Bendix has introduced a range of brake kits, and you can find the most compatible one for your needs. We have chosen the best quality brake kits from Bendix. You can compare the features of each of these products and make your purchase.

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Best Bendix Brakes – Comparison tables


Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914
Brake padsCopper-freeRear positionNoise-eliminating shim
Bendix Brakes 872Brake shoesCopper-freeConsistent performanceHighly durable
 Bendix Severe Duty Rotor SDR5932Brake rotorCopper-freeOE standardsCoated surface

BENDIX Brake Shoes 677
Brake shoesCopper-freeSturdy designIndustry-standard
Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC866 Brake PadsBrake padsCopper-freeRust-freeLong-lasting

Best Bendix Brakes Review

Each model mentioned has incredible service usage. However, some will be better than others due to their manufacturing type and quality. Here we will show you a review of Bendix Brakes, which might help you in choosing one.

Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC914 (Best for a durable design)

Bendix brake pads are something more than the conventional models. With attention to every detail, Bendix has designed its brake pads for your vehicle. We have found no flaw in the design, and you can choose it for different vehicles. Bendix rotors compatible with these pads are PRT1471, PRT5287, PRT5232, PRT5400, PRT5767, PRT5714, PRT6145, PRT6206, PRT6184, PRT6207, and PRT6222.


  • Design- Manufacturers have created a copper-free design to ensure that the brakes are resistant to rust. Thus, brakes will surely last long due to the innovative design. You can use the pads for the front brakes of your vehicle models, like Honda, 2012 – 18 Civic, 2003 – 11 Element, Acura 2013 – 15 ILX, and 2003 – 17 Accord.
  • Performance– In a low-quality braking system, noise is a prevalent issue. However, this reliable brand has eliminated this problem by adding a 4-layer premium shim to the braking pads. This brake pad package is best for those who are looking for OE standard braking system for their vehicles


  • Noise cancellation system
  • Lubricated design for smooth operations
  • Rust resistant


  • Brake dust problems

The overall design and performance standard have pleased us. Moreover, the braking pads are long-lasting and easily installable.

Bendix Brakes 872 (Best as a rust-resistant product)

Bendix is known for providing quality products at a very reasonable rate. Bendix brake 872 is one of the most popular kits among consumers. When you need to replace the original brakes, you can prefer this product for your automobile. The sturdy construction and impeccable performance have made this brake a perfect choice for vehicle owners. Check its price from


  • Design– Bendix knows that copper and some other materials can cause rust to the brake shoes. That is why it has designed a unique copper-free design for these brake shoes. You can install them in the rear position to ensure the best performance. 
  • Performance– The seamless design makes you feel confident about the performance level of these brake shoes. You can drive your vehicle and stop it instantly without risk. These brake shoes make you drive safely. Moreover, as these brake pads do not produce dust, and thus, your vehicle’s wheels will remain clean.


  • Compatible with different 
  • Minimal dust 
  • Copper-free design


  • It does not last long, according to a few users

Quality materials and affordable prices are the primary reasons for choosing these brakes.

Bendix Severe Duty Rotor SDR5932 (Best for consistency in performance)

Bendix has the best series of products for your braking system, and this brake rotor can be the perfect choice for different automobiles. The heavy-duty rotors give the ultimate value to your investment. Use these rotors for several years without any risk of damage. 


  • Design– The manufacturer has used the best formulation to design these rotors. The low-copper formulation has made this brand highly reputable in the brake manufacturing industry. There is a rule saying that the brakes’ copper content must not be more than 5%. Thus, you can find this striking design in these rotors. 
  • Performance– You can find industry-standard performance with these black coated rotors. Manufacturers have provided you with a thoroughly tested rotor that performs smoothly without any noise issue.


  • Includes hardware
  • Durable design
  • Consistent performance 


  • No complaint

The reputed brand has offered some items with these brake shoes.  You will get hardware parts and brake lubricant with this package. Also, you may use the lubricant to maintain the brake system’s performance.

BENDIX Brake Shoes 677 (Best as OEM-standard brake shoes)

We have chosen another package of quality brake shoes for your vehicles. You can drive your vehicles more safely by using these brake shoes. The reliable brand has a range of products for automobiles, and these brake shoes are one of them.


  • Design– As you are looking for OEM-standard brake shoes, you can invest in this product. Like any other brake kits, these brake shoes have no copper in their compositions. Thus, you will find no risk of corrosion with these brake shoes. 
  • Performance– We have chosen one of the premium brake components. You can easily install these brake shoes for your vehicles. The highly tested design ensures that there will be no issue with the performance.


  • OEM Driven Machining 
  • Painted model
  • Include lubricant


  • No negative comment 

These brake shoes from a reputable brand have perfected their design that maintains high stability and performance. You can drive your car confidently.

Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC866 Brake Pads (Best for noise cancellation technology)

CFC866 is one of the best sets of rear brake pads. Designed with quality materials, these brake pads can be of high value and long-lasting. The precision-machined pads ensure the best braking performance. Bendix has offered better brake pads than that its competitors.


  • Design– Manufacturers have given a high focus on quality while designing these brake pads. The copper-free products with innovative designs have a 4-Layer noise-eliminating shim. While using your braking system, you will have no issue with your 
  • Performance– You will find the best performance level with these copper-free brake pads. You can stop your vehicle instantly using these brake pads.


  • Copper-free formula
  • Reliable design
  • Best for the latest vehicle models


  • Not compatible with different vehicles

It is easy to install these brake pads, as the package includes the essential hardware. Moreover, you will get a handbag and brake lubricant. The brake system is compatible with vehicle models of Chrysler, Dodge, and Mitsubishi. 

Guide to Buying the Best Bendix brakes

Smooth driving is one of the most important factors while choosing your brakes. Without quality brakes, your ride may be risky. It is better to focus on some aspects to purchase high-quality brakes for your vehicle.

Compatibility of the brake kits

To ensure optimal performance standards, you have to buy a tool highly compatible with your automobile. For instance, when you purchase brake pads and brake shoes, they have to work with your brake rotors and other components. Quality brake systems are compatible with most vehicle models. 

Smooth stops

The best braking systems ensure that your vehicle can stop instantly at any speed. Thus, you have to invest in a set of quality brakes. With a high-end brake system, you can drive your automobile without having concerns about the speed.

Sturdy construction

You do not like to buy brakes several times. It is better to purchase brakes with a highly durable design. The reliable manufacturers make the right choice of materials that are rust-resistant and do not cause vibration. You can look for brake kits with a heavy-duty design.


Are Bendix brake pads eco-friendly products?

Bendix brake kits are copper-free products. You know that copper is one of the significant elements polluting the water bodies. Thus, as this reliable brand has not used copper in the product, it offers eco-friendly brake pads and brake shoes.  

Which rotors work best with Bendix brakes?

It is better to avoid using rotors of different brands. You can look for high-quality Bendix rotors that work perfectly with your brakes. You will have no issue with compatibility. 

Are these Bendix brakes easy to install? 

There is nothing complicated to install Bendix brakes. You need to follow instructions for installing your braking system. You may read the manufacturers’ guide to accomplish the installation process.

How will I ensure that Bendix brakes will fit my automobile?

You can read the label on your brake package. There is detailed information on the compatible vehicle models for your brakes.

Is there any dust issue with Bendix brakes?

No, it is one of the advantages available with these branded brakes. While other braking systems produce dust, Bendix brakes keep your wheels clean.

How long do your brakes last?

You may need to replace your brake pads after driving your vehicle every 75,000 km. But, some pads need replacement after 25,000 km.


Have you decided on purchasing the best Bendix brakes for your vehicles? Then, you can read our review and find the right model. Check the compatibility while choosing brakes for your vehicle.

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