Who Makes Napa Batteries

Probably the only time you thought about your car battery was when you tried to start it and didn’t, and if you ever experienced that moment of terror in the empty parking lot of your work or when you needed to take the kids to school, you’ll remember how important it is to choose a good battery.

Most batteries last about 2 to 4 years in hot climates and 4 to 6 years in warmer climates, but at some point, all car batteries reach the end of their useful life and have to be replaced.

The first step is to find out where to get a replacement, and NAPA auto parts always pop into our minds.

Our users have always wondered about choosing NAPA batteries, who sells Napa batteries, who makes Nappa batteries, etc.

In this article, we will give you all the answers about Napa auto parts!

Napa Batteries

NAPA batteries are some of the best automotive batteries on the market. NAPA manufactures a wide variety of batteries for different climates and vehicle models. ConsumerReports.org ranked NAPA’s 84 series as the best battery available.

Besides, a Funskins.com product review listed the NAPA Performance Select 8465 battery as the best battery.

The NAPA Legend 7535 was also considered among the best batteries and the NAPA Select 8434/78 was voted the good cold-weather battery.

Who Makes Napa Batteries?

Napa batteries have been made by DEKA since 2009. They are being manufactured by East Penn.

East Penn was founded in 1946 by DeLight Jr. and quickly became one of the most respected manufacturers in the United States.

In addition, the company is a producer of Deka batteries, which are another popular choice in the market.

The company’s commitment ensures that consumers receive the highest quality products, and the company is known for maintaining high environmental standards.

Are Napa Batteries Any Good?

Yes, all batteries offered by the company are manufactured with excellent quality, durable and corrosion-resistant materials.

The company offers you a wide selection of high-quality batteries. No matter what make or model of the car you drive, NAPA has the right battery for you.

I have found the Legend Premium AGM battery to be one of the best choices for several reasons, and I recommend it.

Where Are Napa Batteries Made?

Because East Penn and Johnson Controls are associated with this brand, Napa batteries are manufactured in the United States.

These companies supply batteries and other products to customers who are major manufacturers in the United States of America.

Napa Overview

East Penn Manufacturing, a NAPA battery supplier, received the 33rd annual “Spirit of NAPA” award, which was presented to the company.

Each year, the NAPA organization awards this honor to the manufacturer that has provided them with the most outstanding service.

One of the factors that went into East Penn Manufacturing’s selection was the company’s ability to effectively deliver products to the end customer, according to the nominations.

Founded in 1946, East Penn Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire and cable supplies.

North America’s largest battery manufacturer, East Penn is a forward-thinking, independent company that owns and operates the largest battery manufacturing plant in the world.

Napa Batteries Review

Napa has a wide variety of vehicle batteries. The type of battery will vary from car to car. There are different types, you should only find a NAPA battery model that fits your vehicle.

1. Napa Power Battery

This product is the most suitable battery for your vehicle’s needs. The low cost of this car battery belies its high starting capacity and the fact that it is maintenance-free.

The Napa Power battery has a flush cover, which minimizes the possibility of damaging cuts. In addition, ventilation helps prevent additional loosening.

It is equipped with packing handles, which make shipping and installation more convenient and efficient overall.

2. Napa Legend Battery

The Napa Legend battery has a dynamic starting power that can be adjusted. It is very reliable and will guarantee you a pleasant drive.

In manufacturing the Napa Legend battery, Napa International uses computer-aided production methods.

The manufacturing process makes use of advanced computer technology, resulting in a complex, durable, and well-finished battery.

The reserve capacity of the Napa Legend battery is substantial. The Napa Legend battery is designed to meet the demands of connected devices in cars that have a large number of electronic devices that must be connected while driving.

Carrying this battery is easy thanks to the handles located on each side.

3. Napa Legend Premium AGM Battery

When you use a battery that reduces recharge time, you save money and avoid stress. Like other Napa batteries, this one also has incredible cranking power.

However, there is more to it than that. For this battery, the manufacturer has installed an improved polypropylene material housing.

Overall, the Napa Legend Premium AGM battery recharges at a faster rate than other batteries of similar size. In addition, it is maintenance-free and spill-proof.


What type of battery is the Napa legend?

The NAPA Legend is a deep-cycle AGM battery that provides excellent reliability.

How long do napa batteries last?

If we talk about average duration, it would be 4 to 5 years

What is the warranty on a napa battery?

These batteries come with an 18-month warranty

Does Deka make Napa batteries?

Napa batteries have been made by Deka since early 2009.

Does Napa install batteries?

If you wish, you can take your car to a NAPA AutoCare Center and they will install your car’s battery.

Final Thoughts – Napa Batteries Review

I hope that this article has been helpful and that we have been able to answer the most frequent questions that users have about who makes napa batteries.

NAPA batteries are manufactured to high standards to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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