How Do Torque Sticks Work

With the Torque Stick, you can tighten the tire nut with the torque rods placed on the front of the impact wrench in a unique and innovative way. Most importantly, they can be manufactured and are available in a wide variety of sizes and costs.

Although most customers do not know the basic specifications of wheel nuts, those who have been satisfied with them are likely to inform their friends. Even though some people know about tightening bars, they don’t know how to use them to their fullest potential. Fear not, we will go through all the topics listed below in one post.

What Is A Torque Stick?

Torque bars, also known as “torque limiting extension bars,” are an extension for your impact wrench that allows it to work longer and more efficiently. They work on the principles of torque theory, which is a fancy way of saying that they flex at a certain rate and stop providing torque when they reach a specific threshold. Despite its simple appearance, this handy little gadget can have a significant effect on the lives of busy mechanics.

How To Use A Torque Stick?

To tighten them more quickly, most automotive technicians use a torque wrench. However, the mechanic in question needs a device that applies greater pressure while still meeting basic torque criteria. The torque wrench is very useful in this case, as it can begin to deflect beyond the required foot/pound even before the required foot/pound is reached. This is why it is referred to in certain circles as an impact torque rod. The torque stick is not closed or bent, even though it is an extension stick. Instead, the torsion stick is made of stranded steel wire and can be bent at any time throughout its service life.

The torque stick is a tool that is used in conjunction with an impact wrench or torque wrench. It has the potential to reduce the particular tightening torque by as much as 5-15 percent in most cases. It is even possible to bend the bolt instead of compressing it when the required torque is exceeded. In contrast, the torque wrench does not always conform to specifications. The RPM of the effect gun determines the importance of the gun.

How Do Torque Sticks Work?

Torque sticks work by flexing (like a torque bar) when a preset tightening limit is reached. When the bar flexes, it creates a barrier that prevents the bolt from being tightened any further. The greater the thickness of the tightening bars, the greater the torque applied to the bolt.


One easy-to-use tool that allows mechanics to dramatically speed up a job while maintaining quality and safety is the torque wrench. To make things even easier, almost all torque stick sets come with a simple color-coded chart that tells you which wrench to use for which job without having to look up torque requirements individually.


An excellent torque stick set is distinguished by an exceptionally high degree of quality and precision. An impact torque wrench should be used to verify torque settings before the technician gets in your car and starts driving it. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.


The convenience of having the right torque set eliminates the hassle of having to stop a hundred times throughout a job to get the right tool. With the right torque set, you can significantly tighten your vehicle and make the ride home more enjoyable.

Can You Use Torque Sticks With Electric Impact?

YES, you really can. For example, there is no excuse for not using an electric impact If you want to use a torque stick, choose one that produces a torque lower than the value you want to achieve, then tighten it with a torque wrench. To obtain correct torque readings, they should never be used in conjunction with electric impact wrenches.

Final Thoughts – How Do Torque Sticks Work

If you work with wheels on a daily basis, it’s important to invest in a decent pair of torque sticks. They’re simply easy to use, and you’ll be able to tighten wheel nuts faster without compromising quality or safety. However, they can be tricky to use correctly, so be sure to read the instructions below.

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