Easiest Cars to Work On

A car is used for transporting people and luggage from one location to another. The basic structure of a car comes with a chassis and other components designed for comfort and functionality.

Automobiles have evolved significantly and are now equipped with advanced technology. However, there are a few aspects you need to consider before purchasing a car, such as maintenance and repair, spare parts accessibility, etc. Below is a list of the ten best cars that are easy to work on.

Easiest Modern Cars to Work On

1. Wrangler Jeep

This is an off-road automobile; it is powerful and can withstand sand, bad weather, mud, and much more. The Wrangler Jeep is taller than most vehicles, so visibility isn’t an issue. This car is also easy to work on, as you can fix it even with the most basic tools. Another big advantage that the Wrangler jeep has is that its parts and accessories are easily available.

2. Toyota Tacoma

The latest model of this car delivers high performance, and the engine is designed keeping accessibility in mind. You can easily access the engine, check its parts, and repair damaged components. Toyota has a global presence, which makes it easier to get spare parts, and the company offers fantastic technical support.

3. Honda CR-V

This is another car you can invest in, as it is easy to work on. The aspect that makes the Honda CR-V easy to work on is its engine. The engine is accessible, making it easy to check the components and fix them. The spare parts for this car are also easily available. Honda, like Toyota, offers superb technical support.

4. Toyota Corolla

Another high-quality car from Toyota, most corolla owners will agree that this is the easiest vehicle to work on. You can easily access the different components and engines of the car. Parts like a spark lead wire can be replaced by bare hands or a screwdriver. This car is easy to maintain and repair because its parts can be interchanged with different Toyota models.

5. Subaru Outback

This automobile is also one of the easiest cars to work on. It is easy to work on because the engine comes with cylinders that run horizontally from the ground rather than running vertically. This characteristic makes it easier to repair broken parts and inspect the car.

6. Nissan Altima

This car comes with an efficient and reliable engine, which enables the car to run smoothly on the road. You can easily maintain and repair this car as its parts are accessible. Instead of a timing belt, this vehicle uses a timing chain. If the chain has issues, a rattling noise will alert you. That noise will indicate that the chain needs to be replaced.

7. Subaru BRZ

The design of this car makes it easy to repair, upkeep, and modify. The bay setup makes the engine accessible, and the timing belt and chain are easy to access. The engine bolts of this car can also be inter exchanged. Subaru has sold many cars in the market, so you can easily buy spare cars of the vehicle.

8. Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5, a sports car, is easy to work on because it is lightweight. You can buy the spare parts for this car from the market, as they are easily available. Unlike most sports cars which are tough to maintain, this Mazda MX-5 is maintainable. The sparkplugs of this vehicle are accessible, which makes this car worth investing in.

9. Honda Accord

This automobile is designed for families; it is produced in mass and is highly promoted by Honda. The design of this car is clear, which makes it easy to work on. Spare parts of this car are easily available, so maintenance is easy and affordable.

10. Chevrolet Silverado

The design of this car will enable you to work on it easily. The components of the Chevrolet Silverado are easily accessible, which makes the car easy to maintain. The spare parts of this vehicle are available in the market.

Maintenance Tips for Cars

Maintaining a car is tough, as changing tires and the oil can be very annoying. However, if you can keep the major repair work at bay, it is worth it. A bit of extra effort on your part can go a long way and curb maintenance and repair costs. Here are some maintenance tips that prevent or delay major repairs:

1. Check the Spare Tire

It is important to keep the spare tire inflated at all times. The last thing you want is to end up on the road with a flat tire and with no spare tire around. You will need to call a tow truck, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. It is better to spend some money on an air pump and inflate the spare tire.

2. Change the Oil

How much can the oil affect your budget? A lot. Oil maintenance is expensive since oil affects the functions of the car. It is better to spend a little to change the car’s oil and protect your engine from wearing out. The normal cost for changing oil is 25 dollars.

3. Clean the Battery Frequently

The terminals of the battery can develop corrosion. If you don’t keep the battery clean, it develops cracks, which will hinder its performance. A new battery will cost more than 100 dollars. It is best to buy a wire brush and clean the terminals on a regular basis.

4. Change the Brake Pads

Hear that squeaking sound coming from the brakes? This means your brake pads are damaged. A new set of brake pads can cost more than 300 dollars for all the wheels. If a professional install the brake pads, he will charge extra. Every time you change the oil, check the brake fluid, and if it has a dark color, you will need to change it.

5. Replace the Air Filter

The air filter’s job is to keep the pollutants away from the vehicle. Since the air filter has such an important task, you should treat it well. Using an old filter can lead to problems in the air conditioning system. You don’t want to go there, since the air conditioning system can cost more than 4000 dollars.

6. Change the Windshield Wipers

Depending on the make and type of car you have, windshield wipers can cost up to 50 dollars a pair. While the price tag is hefty, you need to install the best and most efficient wipers in your car. If you cannot see the road properly, you won’t drive.

Also, if the windshield is not cleaned frequently, dirt will build up, leading to glass breaking. A windshield wiper is cheaper than a brand new windshield, so change the wipers frequently.

7. Check the Struts, springs, and Shocks

The suspension unit is an intricate part of cars that most people take for granted. In fact, most people rarely think about the suspension system until it stops working one day. If you think that one of the shocks needs replacement, replace all four shocks. You should check the suspension system every 15000 to 30000 miles.

Conclusion – Easiest Cars to Work On

This article discussed the ten cars that are the easiest to work on. We also discussed some crucial maintenance tips that will help you keep the car in tiptop shape all the time. Car maintenance is important, so try to do it as frequently as possible.

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